Saturday, August 21, 2021

Erin O'Toole And The Con War On Women

It had to be one of the weirdest videos Erin O'Toole has ever made, and that's saying something. 

For there he was looking like a late night TV salesman, flogging his absurd plan for a month-long GST holiday, that would reward Canadians for making him Prime Minister.

While standing next to a pile of toys to make him look family friendly.

And still somehow managing to channel Stephen Harper. 

For while his foreign advisers are trying to soften his image, you can't put lipstick on a pig.

And O'Toole's promise to scrap the Liberal Child Care plan is exactly the same as what Harper did back in 2006. 

The Conservative government would scrap the $30-billion Liberal child care program — which the government has said would reduce child-minding costs within five years to just $10 a day per child, nationwide — and instead convert the existing child care expense deduction into a refundable tax credit to cover up to 75 per cent of the cost of child care for lower income families.

And for exactly the same reason. 

To pleasure the many SoCons in his caucus and his base who believe that women should stay at home, preferably barefoot and pregnant.

The ones who don't want governments to build desperately needed daycare spaces like the Trudeau government is trying to do...

It's a brutal assault on children and their parents, and the lack of affordable daycare is particularly hard on young women who are looking to enter the workforce.

But the SoCons don't care, and O'Toole is so scared of them it's also the reason he's against vaccination mandates.

Even if that means the pandemic could go on and on and more Canadians could get sick and die.

His fear of all those SoCons is also the reason O'Toole is putting up barriers to abortion by declaring that although he's pro-choice, he will also fight to protect the rights of health-care professionals who refuse to perform a medical procedure for moral or religious reasons.

Which is outrageous, since no health professional has ever been forced to perform an abortion or a medical assistance in dying procedure.    

And giving them the right not to even refer those who seek one, amounts to denying women and sick people their rights in the name of ugly religion.

But then the Cons are so full of religious fanatics, they are more like a cult than a political party, and those smelly fanatics are out of control.

Several candidates for Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives used money from their MP’s office budgets to place self-promotional advertisements with Canada’s biggest anti-abortion lobby group last summer.

They are misogynists, they are homophobes.

The group opposes same-sex marriage, Gay-Straight Alliances and comprehensive sex-ed in schools. On its website, the group claims the existence of a “gay agenda” and attributes HIV/AIDS to the “gay lifestyle.”

They are bestial racists who are more American than Canadian.

A Conservative candidate running on Vancouver Island is apologizing today after videos surfaced in which he criticized protests following the murder of George Floyd.

"The criminals who were using this as an excuse, this tragic event, to loot and to burn, they need to be brought to justice every bit as much as the four thugs who ended Mr. Floyd's life," said David Busch, who is running in the Saanich–Gulf Islands riding.

Who would flood our cities with guns until blood runs like rivers through the streets.

So anybody who believes that O'Toole's grubby gang are the new and improved Cons needs a brain transplant.

For they are more like the Canadian Taliban...

Or the dirty old Harper Party.

They haven't changed a bit.

And until they are defeated.

Nobody will be safe...


Anonymous said...

Maybe women experience it differently. Oh wait that was Justin.

ottlib said...

The Conservative Candidate came through my neighbourhood yesterday. Having canvassed door-to-door in the past I am always polite to people who do it because it can be tough and these people are human after all. Also, if I do say so myself I am actually a nice guy. :)

Anyway when her helper came to my house his first question was to the effect "Are you ready to throw out the current government?" Then when I spoke briefly with the candidate I asked why I should support her and her response was an attack on Justin Trudeau. I then said, "That is all fine and good but I asked if you could give me a reason to vote for you and not a reason to vote against Justin Trudeau?" I think I might have flabbergasted her for a second but she did eventually spout party talking points, points I had already heard from Mr. O'Toole. I was going to press her more to see if I could get an original thought out of her but her helper guided her away to the next house.

That is the Achilles Heel of both the Conservatives and the NDP. Everything about that encounter was negative. It started out negative and only me pressing had the candidate actually talk about what the Conservatives would do and then all I received was canned talking points and platitudes. I am certain if I could have actually engaged her I could have schooled her on her party's platform.

Sorry Simon, this is off topic from your post but I thought it was an eye opening encounter as I have never heard such negativity from a candidate and their helpers at the door before and I just thought I would share.

With regard to the topic of your post it should surprise no one that the Conservatives are trying to finesse their anti-abortion views. They have held those views for quite some time and everybody knows that they still do. That is one of the reasons why they have been unable to secure the votes of enough women, particularly in the cities and suburbs, to win more than a little over 100 seats for the past two elections. They are going to have to convince Canadian women that they have truly changed their ways before they come back and they are not going to do it by talking about conscience rights.

The party is firmly under the heel of the social conservatives and that much is obvious. I know that the Conservatives and the media are trying to hide it but you cannot hide that in a world with Facebook, Twitter and all sorts of other social media. It is going to get out.

Anonymous said...

Yep its a manly man's world the scriptures say its true. The only difference between the Cons and the Taliban is the latter simply use force,guns and punishment to ensure conformance while the Cons have to rely on deceit and distraction as the route to power so they can legalise the use of force and guns to ensure conformance all in the name of security.
SECURE the future is another classic example of Con double speak. The future they are out to secure is theirs not ours, they just cannot seem to avoid putting their true agenda out there for everyone to see.


Anonymous said...

you had another article about O'tooles deputy chief of staff Mr. Outhouse working to nominate as many social conservatives as possible. but hes pro choice. the end game will come down to "states rights" errr. I mean its provincial jurisdiction. Then free votes in parliament. professionals should be screened out in the beginning if they have a conscientious objection to do their jobs.