Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Jagmeet Singh Fails The Truth Test

I wish I could like Jagmeet Singh like I once did, when he was a fresh face on the political scene.

But I can't. He's not the man I thought he was, and I just can't trust him.

He's always claiming credit for the ideas of others, and he lies like a Con.

And this was his latest fib.

Pretending that he was shocked by the election call, after smearing Justin Trudeau day in and day out for months. And obstructing the business of government just like Erin O'Toole.

It's so outrageous.

And so hypocritical.

But at least now that the campaign has begun, Jagmeet Singh is finally being given a Truth Test.

Singh kicked off the NDP’s election campaign Sunday taking credit for improvements to various emergency aid programs introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic to cushion the impact of lockdowns on workers and businesses.

By contrast, Singh asserted, other opposition parties did “absolutely nothing” to push the government to do more for people.

And surprise, surprise, he's not doing too well.

His claim that he alone was responsible for boosting the Covid wage subsidy turned out to be just hot air.

When the Liberals introduced a 10 per cent wage subsidy in March 2020, it was roundly criticized by business groups as nowhere near enough.

“It needs to be 75 per cent or more as is the case in Europe,” Canadian Federation of Independent Business president Dan Kelly said immediately. 

Other business and labour groups echoed that view and all three of the main opposition parties took up the call.  

When, several weeks later, the government bumped the subsidy up to 75 per cent, the opposition parties took credit. 

And even Singh's claim that he pushed harder than any of the others for paid sick leave turned out to be a dud.

When the Liberals agreed to his demand last fall, Singh proclaimed it a historic achievement, marking “the first step in achieving the first-ever, in the history of our country, federal paid sick leave for Canadian workers.”

However, four months later when COVID-19 cases were spiking among essential workers, Singh was less enthusiastic about claiming ownership of the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit. 

The $500 benefit, available in weekly increments for up to two weeks, was criticized as inadequate since workers had to apply for it only after taking unpaid time off for illness and it did nothing to help those who needed a day or two off to get tested or vaccinated.

So now Singh doesn't want to talk about his "historic victory" anymore.

And who can blame him?

Or be surprised that he failed the Truth Test so miserably. 

CONCLUSION While the NDP can claim its share of the credit for pushing for improvements to pandemic relief programs, it is certainly not the only opposition party to do so. None of the opposition parties’ claims takes into account the pressure the Liberal government came under from business, labour, the public and others to expand, enhance and adjust the programs as the economic fallout from the pandemic worsened. 

Singh’s assertion is, therefore, false.

As I said at the beginning, I wish that I could like Jagmeet Singh. He seems like a fun guy. But I cannot abide a serial liar.

One who smears the decent Justin Trudeau on a daily basis, lies like Andrew Scheer and Erin O'Toole.

And like them deserves a Pinocchio nose..
It really is sad, he could have been so much better. 

But at least we have been warned. He has no moral compass. He only thinks of himself.

So a vote for the NDP could very easily be a vote for the Cons...


jrkrideau said...

I have to admit that Singh looked rather good when he first became NDP leader. Since then he has really disappointed me. If nothing else his "inability" to distinguish between Federal and Provincial responsibilities make me wonder if he is clueless or just lies all the time.

Jackie Blue said...

His lies (and lack of regular media fact-checking) are causing him to do well in the polls and eat into the Liberal vote, however. He really needs bad press to tamp him down in the polls. It unfortunately won't come from the garbage media looking to split the vote in hopes of a repeat of what happened in Nova Scotia last night, so at some point it'll have to come from the Liberals. It's possible they're keeping their powder dry for later in the election, because otherwise I don't know why Trudeau doesn't slam him like he does O'Toole. Singh even mentioned the NS election at his announcement today. He's angling for a Layton gambit. I can feel it in my gut.

The one salve that I can take away is the low turnout percentage likely to occur in this election anyway, on top of the low turnout percentage for the Tik Tok demographic he courts with his fact-averse bullshit. I wrote about it this morning on my blog. Elections Canada isn't doing their pilot program on campus this year either, so the kids might just have to stay home and play Among Us while the adults with skin in the game decide on Canada's future. This election is too important not to wait until the Peter Pan NDP has grown up (which is never).

Jagmeet Sanders is a liar and the NDP are a useless waste of a vote.

rumleyfips said...

I think he knows enough constitutional law but thinks I don't and you don't and Canadians don't. Thanks for thinking you're smart and I'm stupid Jasmeed. My old rule is that if someone thinks they're smarter than you are they, usually, are not.

Gyor said...

What lies? it's absolutely true the NDP got concessions out of the Libs in exchange for support back in 2020.

You can't even admit the like in previous minorities NDP made major policy contributions, buy you'll happily blame the NDP for his broken promise on electoral reform when the Liberals had a MAJORITY government. Like usual the Liberals steal all the credit for good things, and dump blame and responsibility for their mistakes on others.

And yes Jagmeet is being hypocritical on the election call now, but it doesn't mean he's wrong. It was wrong to call unscheduled election during an emergency when John Horgan did it and it was wrong when Trudeau did it.

Anonymous said...

hey, gyor, there are ways to delay and impede legislation even against a majority government.


ottlib said...

I find Liberal supporters spend way too much time talking about Mr. Singh and the NDP. For most of their history they have been irrelevant during elections.

On average, they receive between 15 and 20% of the vote. That is true whether the Liberals or Conservatives win government. The 2011 election was an exception but that was only because Quebec nationalists decided to vote for some guy from Toronto for some reason. In the ROC the NDP only reached its historical average.

Both the Liberals and the Conservatives have foundations of around 30% of the electorate. It is the non-aligned voters who decide elections and the vast majority of them believe only the Liberals and the Conservatives are fit to govern this country. They have no loyalty to either party and they will switch between them in an unpredictable fashion.

How they break will be the deciding factor in the election as it has been for virtually every election in the last 50+ years. One of the advantages for the Liberals is most of those non-aligned voters are in the cities and their suburbs, which have been showing a global tendency to vote for progressive parties. If that tendency holds and the Liberals can hang on to their base the Liberals will be fine.

On the other hand, if the Conservatives hang on to their base and the non-aligned voters break for them the Liberals will lose and the NDP with its 15 to 20% will have little to no impact on the final outcome.

That is why you rarely see the Conservative and Liberal leaders talk about the NDP. They realize that they are not a great threat. Hell, even in 2011 when it became obvious that the NDP were overtaking the Liberals for second place Stephen Harper kept up his relentless attacks on the Liberals. He had already written off Quebec, saw that the NDP rise was only in that province and not elsewhere, so he ignored them and continue attacking the Liberals, who could have still be a threat in Ontario.

Jackie Blue said...

Gyor, he lies that Trudeau "doesn't care" about XYZ issue or disenfranchised group of people when in fact there are usually procedural or jurisdictional factors as to why XYZ issue isn't being solved with a magic wand like he wants it to. He paints Trudeau as a cold, uncaring, hypocritical sociopath who pisses on the graves of dead Indigenous children. He makes Trudeau out to be a monster. His supporters were mobbing social media with grotesque imagery of the Holocaust, lying about Bill C7 as though it was the Nazis' Action T4. He lies that Trudeau only cares about "the rich" when the Child Benefit lifted a million kids out of poverty. He lies that the Liberals never brought in childcare, when it was his party that teamed up with Harper to kill the deal that Martin had ready to go. I'm not going to relitigate the electoral reform fracas, but he lies about the circumstances of that too. Every word out of his mouth is a lie including "a" and "the".

He's a silver-tongued liar with absolutely no morals or -- hear me out -- ETHICS, but I'm sure you're happy that he's been an effective liar so far and has chipped away at some of Trudeau's polling points. You can't wait to have him forced out after getting another useless, humiliating minority, just so the NDP can have power and fundraise off of Trudeau hatred until the cows come home. I honestly would not be surprised if he did end up quitting in protest rather than "work with" the vulgar NDP, after all the vile abuse the "conscience of parliament" put his poor ailing mother through for an entire year.

You want to weaken the Liberals and ultimately kill the party, to bring about the polarization that Layton and Harper salivated for so badly where there is no choice for the anti-conservative vote but the fascist Cons and the communist NDP. You're even content with outright electing O'Toole and then blaming Trudeau for Canada suffering under a con government, absolving yourself and other Dippers of any culpability in the matter because so-called "Tru-Anons" didn't go all in for the vapid, empty, LYING NDP.

Elections have consequences, but Jagmeet and his cult want those consequences to be punitive suffering. Beatings will continue until morale improves. No. If anyone is a cold, uncaring, hypocritical sociopath, it's Sir-Talks-a-Lot, the bespoke empty suit.

ottlib said...

Another thought. The NDP has been a) taking credit for Liberals policies and b) accusing the Liberals of stealing NDP policies for decades. All it has every gotten them is third or fourth party status.

What Mr. Singh in doing is not new and it will have the same impact on the election as it has in the past.

Anonymous said...

Gyor, under FPTP the Libs held power for almost 70 years in the 20th century and 11 years in the 21st. Why would they give up a system that makes them Canada's "natural governing party?" The 2015 promise was a canny ploy to swing over NDP voters. The NDP got pwned!

Jackie Blue said...

Dear God I just looked at this. We are all going to die.

Worst. Summer. Ever. 😢 😥 😓

Anonymous said...

Jesus, get over yourself.

Simon said...

Hi jrkrideau....I thought Singh was great, a cool guy who could work with Trudeau to help construct a modern Canada. But eventually I realized that for him it was all performative. He was the narcissistic star of an old NDP troupe, who like the Cons believed that the way to win power is to totally destroy Justin Trudeau. He has no time for policy and details, but prefers instead to cheerfully steal the ideas of others. When he finally realizes he'll never be Prime Minister, I don't expect him to stick around for long....

ottlib said...

Mainstreet is doing its polls for iPolitics, which is an online publication. The only way it generates revenue is to have traffic go to its site. All of Mainstreet's twitter posts about their polls link to the publication. Having an actual horse race to report on is one way to do that. It also provides plenty of fodder for their pundits, which further drives traffic to the website.

Maybe Mainstreet is seeing something real or maybe not. Regardless, I will reiterate my caution in believing public polls. As well, let's not forget that the election has just completed the fourth day of a 36 day campaign period. This thing is not over by any sense of the imagination.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....I read your blog and I had a good chuckle at the headline. But I'm not feeling as worried as you are. The Nova Scotia election was a strange one where the PCs were more Liberal than the Liberals. And although Jagmeet and O'Toole may seek inspiration from it. it may actually end up helping the federal Liberals. Now we really know that a vote for the NDP is a vote for the Cons. As for that Mainstreet poll I wouldn't worry about it either, it will also drive people to vote for the Liberals. Unless of course, O'Toole's foreign advisors have hypnotized Canadians by the repetition of the world SECURE which is one of their trademarks. But I doubt it. It is after all only the first week of the campaign, and everything is still in flux. And I'm sure the future will look a lot brighter soon....

Simon said...

Hi rumleyfips....I still can't decide whether Singh is just ignorant or totally corrupted. He is a narcissist so he may simply be blind to his own faults, and like Trump think he can get away with anything. But if he thinks he is smarter than real progressives, he is in for a rude awakening....,

Simon said...

Hi Gyor....Jagmeet Singh has been lying for months. He claims credit for the work of others, he ignored the different jurisdictions that make Canada the country it is. In my opinion he is not all there. Remember how wildly he celebrated on election night 2019, even though he had LOST 14 seats, and reduced the NDP to one seat n Quebec. I know the NDP desperately wants a winner after one loss after the other, but when Singh is exposed, he'll go down like a lead balloon....

Simon said...

Hi Ottlib...I agree that the NDP has been playing the same loser game for years, but despite that I wouldn't underestimate them. Singh might be a Con artist, but thanks to our shabby useless media he has been able to get away with murder. And he has fooled a lot of younger Canadians. But the good news is that because of the election he is starting to come under a slightly greater degree of scrutiny and he is not dealing well with that, his Con artistry is showing. The Liberals have lost some points in the last week or so, and it's not clear why. But my explanation is that there are too many minor issues cluttering up the picture, and once the Liberals focus on things like the vaccination debate, the childcare issue, and climate change, real the choices facing Canadians will become more apparent and that can only favour the Liberals....

chuckstraight said...

just a thought-was the statement that 2015 will be the last election under FPTP a lie?

Jackie Blue said...

LPC has started attacking the NDP. Herle Berly gave a head shake to the early campaign. Lindsay Tedds the economist behind the childcare program said "this election will resemble 2006." Frank Graves said the Liberals would win but has deleted his tweet. Something is happening out there and it doesn't look good.

It may be only day 5 but it has been very rocky for the Grits and I really, really hope they can turn this around before it's too late.

I'm scared.

Anonymous said...

Ok, as entertaining as your love for Trudeau is let me give you some free advice.

Never, ever become emotionally attached to politicians. You don’t know Justin, you have never actually met him. What you adore is a crafted image they want you to see. The same for all of them. Every party everywhere.

They will break your heart in the end and believe me they don’t know or care about you.

Jackie Blue said...

Shut up Dipperkind and let me lick my wounds.

No I have never met Justin but I have no reason to believe he doesn't care about people. Did you not see the LTC announcement? Also his mother's story is incredibly sad and relatable to me.

I'll continue to defend him in the face of cynical, narcissistic liars like Singh with pretty words rolling off their acid tongues.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:25PM, Jackie may never have met JT but I did in 2007 before he entered politics. I didn't know who he was but after 2 hours of conversing with him while he waited patiently to pass through my workplace, I was impressed by his genuine love of this country, his sense of humour and most of all, his not acting like some big shot expecting preferential treatment wherever he went. In short, he's much like my circle of friends, funny, kind, caring and genuine. So, sorry to burst your bubble anon. Everything you described JT as simply does not apply.

ottlib said...

Many Liberal supporters fell into the trap of believing the pre-writ polls and thinking this election was going to be a cakewalk. I always chuckled that some Liberals were saying the apparent lead might discourage some Liberals from voting. Now that the campaign is not unfolding that way some are getting worried. It is a classic case of unrealistically high expectations not being met.

Justin Trudeau is on Vancouver Island today, an NDP stronghold, so they should be focusing in the NDP. As well, the Liberals have to spend some time calling out the NDP on some of their more outrageous claims.

Oh yes, I would point out that none of the pollsters that have published have told us how many of their respondents were undecided. Unless, that number is below 5% the party support estimates are not really that useful.

There are many whose interests include a close race and there are many who can push that narrative, particularly this early in the campaign when nothing is really happening. We have seen it for every election since 1997.

Herly Berly is 1 and 3 as chair of Liberal election campaigns. Hardly a stellar track record. So I would take anything he says about the Liberal campaign with a grain of salt. He is right to a certain extent though. The Liberal campaign has not been as inspiring as it could have been but the same can be said of the Conservatives and the NDP. The first week of any election usually finds the parties getting their feet under them and beginning the process of engaging with voters. It is usually a hard slog at the best of times but with the events unfolding in Afghanistan it has been even harder.

Lindsay Tedds could be right but that is a bold statement to be making this early in the campaign. I always thought that this campaign would resemble 2008, with the roles reversed. I would point out for that election Stephane Dion was written off before the writ was dropped. When the election started the second week saw the Liberals leading the Conservatives by a small margin and people began talking about a Liberal minority. Then the Conservatives focused their campaign, voters actually started paying attention and when the votes were counted the Conservatives had won 20 more seats than they had at dissolution.

See my statement about Dr. Tedds' bold statements with regard to Frank Graves. He started out by saying that the first week of an election campaign is rarely a predictor of the final result and then he went further. I can understand why he would pull back from his rather categorical statement. His first statement is absolutely true. His second statement is very premature.

I will reiterate what I said in an earlier comment. The Liberal base is solid. It is not going anywhere. So they just need to convince about half of the swing voters to vote for them and they will win. Any more than half and their margin of victory increases. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to predict which way these voters will jump. My gut tells me that these voters do not want change so when the time comes they will stick with the status quo. I could be wrong but my gut has been right for every election since the 1993 election. (It missed the Wynne victory in 2014 but otherwise it has pretty much been bang on.)

Jsb said...

Simon, will you finally admit that it was a bad decision to call the election... I do want the liberals to win, but most Canadians obviously don't... and let's face it, Trudeau is really disliked by a lot of people... I don't know why, but it is the anyway, I now think that the liberals will loose seats, and the conservatives and NDP win some...🤔

Jsb said...

So what I am saying is that people like you live in a bubble, and think this is how the majority thinks, but it's not... polls underestimate the conservative parties, not just in Canada, but also elsewhere, and overestimate the greens for example... anyway, I do want the liberals to win, be it a majority or minority, but it's quite realistic it won't yeah, I feel bad about the election call, he should have waited until the Nova Scotia election was done..
Or the German election, since this could give a hint as to how incumbents are doing currently in this time of uncertainty (spoiler: not good at all...) ...

Simon said...

Hi Jsb...You keep repeating the same nonsense, I'm finally tired of having to answer in the same way. You are clearly a Con who wants people to believe that the Liberals should give up after only five days, which is absurd and tells me exactly who you are working for. I don't know what bubble you live in but I'm going to pop it. You're banned, and any future comment from you will be deleted on arrival. Have a nice life...

Visitor - Pierre D. said...

No one is underestimating the Conservative base. It's 30%.
They will sweep the Prairies and oil patch and get some seats in Ontario as well.
It is too early to worry about the Liberals' fortunes.
The debates will tick parties up/down and PMJT will have more cats in his bag to push the electorate toward the red side.

This will be a close race. Sadly, the LPC needs a majority to justify this election, as only that will rid us of O'Toole and his band of zombies. I hope LPC toughens up to face the hideous Tonda McCharles and her slavering thirst for Conservative rule.

What has happened to the Toronto Star, unbelievable...

Simon said...

Hi Pierre....You're right, there is no reason to worry about the final election result. By the time voting day arrives both Erin O'Toole and Jagmeet Singh will be walking on their stumps. We have enough dirt to bury them both. Unfortunately it will be a tighter race than I had hoped for thanks to the disgraceful bias of the Con media. But they too will get their reward, and yes Tonda McCharles is one of the worst. But I guess the new owners of the now rightwing Star expect nothing less. And you know how I feel. Decency counts and it will prevail...