Thursday, August 12, 2021

Exposing The Monstrous Face Of Erin O'Toole's Ugly Cons.

Erin O'Toole's foreign advisors have apparently told him that his only chance of winning the next election is to try to fool Canadians into believing that the Cons are now moderates, and not right-wing kooks.

So the desperate O'Toole has finally agreed to encourage Canadians to get vaccinated.

Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole said today that all Canadians should get vaccinated so that the country can turn the page on COVID-19 — but at least one member of his caucus is spoiling for a fight against efforts to make vaccines mandatory for federal public servants.

Only to have one of his own Cons expose the extremism of his kooky party.

In a statement released late Tuesday, Conservative MP David Yurdiga, who represents Fort McMurray, Alta. in the Commons, said a government plan to study the value of making vaccination mandatory for federal bureaucrats was "another example of the Liberals using severe government overreach for political gain."

Yurdiga said forcing these workers to get a vaccine is a "tyrannical" idea that should give all Canadians pause.

And when I say extremism, I mean EXTREMISM.

Because not only is David Yurdiga, like so many other Cons, an anti-vaxxer,

He's also a climate change denier.

As well as a gun nut who is peddling a petition to stop MPs from using the words "assault rifles."

And if that isn't bad enough he also one of the many SoCon MPs who refused to vote for an end to the torture of gay kids.

Even if it kills them...

And because of that and all the other kooky things, the Cons can no longer even pretend to be a moderate Canadian party.

And as even the faithful Con fluffer John Ibbitson pointed out recently, they're cruising for a bruising.

With an election call expected in the coming days, the Conservative Party’s prospects appear dire.

The party is at risk of being swept in Atlantic Canada and of losing seats in Quebec and Ontario. Ridings in the Prairies and in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland are in play. The Liberals could even make gains in the B.C. Interior, traditionally a Tory stronghold.

And the biggest mistake O'Toole ever made was using the religious fanatics to win the Con leadership and then betraying them.

Having won the leadership by attracting “true blue” Conservatives, Mr. O’Toole then pivoted, announcing his solidarity with the LGBTQ community, taking climate change seriously and seeking the votes of unionized workers, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson successfully did in Britain.

Social conservatives rebelled. Delegates at the party’s policy convention in March voted down a resolution affirming “climate change is real.” Backbench MPs filibustered Liberal legislation that would have banned the practice of conversion therapy on LGBTQ minors. Mr. O’Toole seemed unable to control either his party or his caucus.

Now, he appears to be on the brink of heading into an election that could secure Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau a second majority government, which would place Mr. O’Toole’s political future very much in doubt.

O'Toole's future may be in doubt, but so is our future.

Because now the Con zombies are out of control, and are a clear and present threat to the rest of us. with their racism, their misogyny, their homophobia, and their kooky views on vaccines and climate change.

They are evil, they are cruel, no decent Canadian who truly loves this country could ever support them.

But now at least they have exposed themselves, they have shown us who they are. The election will finally give us a chance to save our country, by destroying them.

And it can't happen soon enough...  


Jsb said...

Fluffer. Is that what you mean?

Anonymous said...

Is September 20th soon enough, Simon? So says reports out today. I would have preferred the opposition triggering it but that could take awhile with Erin O'Chicken's sudden aversion to elections. Same with Jaggy who only a year ago said they were okay.
The facts are that the opposition parties can't seem to muster up anymore fake scandals to attack JT with and as for helping us out of the pandemic, they've been pretty much useless. Jaggy and O'Chicken should form a boy band called No Direction as that is where they are. The dog's breakfast of a CPC is in dire need of wholesale changes and a major retooling to rid themselves of the rot and lies that permeate its ranks.
I and I hope the majority of Canadians will agree that they need to be decimated at the polls and hopefully what rises from the ashes is a more inclusive, compassionate party that believes in science and doing what's best for Canada, not them.

Anonymous said...

The likes of yurdiga, rempel , poilievre, Bergen etc, are part of what I like to call: The Canadian "God, Guns and Gays" caucus. Lacking any originality of their own, this batch of conservative charlatans, naively regurgitates whatever nonsense comes out of the rear-end of their Republican brethren. To wit, Jason Kenney current Covid idiocy is really the Canadian version of Desantis in Florida, "Take Back Canada" meet "Make America Great Again" , a triple e-senate so Calgary Republicans can bring the disfunction of the American Senate with their very own Josh Hawley and Mitch Mcconnell. See for example: Lynn beyak and Don Plett.

But the political sensibilities of Canadians are different and in many ways are diametrically in opposition to our southern neighbours. Yapping about your imaginary guns rights and encouraging vaccine hesitancy will only frighten the very people you need to convince in Ontario, Quebec and Vancouver.

Conservatives in this country would do well to remember this. Mandating vaccine passports is responsible government, not tyranny !Our Country's motto is "Peace Order and Good Government". Put away your cowboy hats and leave terrorist attacks on capital buildings to your Republican cousins.


Unknown said...

You call them SoCons, I call them ReformaCONs. Same animals - sterile donkeys. Party of the Regressives. Climate Change and Glogal Warming means we have no time for their limp, watered down version of getting the economy back to 'normal'. We will never again be 'normal' in the consumer based, capitalist way of the ReformaCONs and Republicans. Humanity, if we are to survive, has got to work together for ALL of humanity and every living thing on this planet.

Jackie Blue said...

Welcome back JD, we were just asking about you!

I wholeheartedly agree the opposition are in shambles and have run the well dry of fake scandals to smear JT and the Tru Grits with, and they need to be completely thumped at the ballot box on September 20th. (Mark your calendars and start your engines.)

With the latest announcement of pharmacare being kickstarted via a pilot in P.E.I., Singh has no more "broken promises" to whine about besides the dead horse of election reform that's been beaten into dust. Plus, he now has to face up to the fact that collaborating with the provinces, rather than the unconstitutional central planning approach he demands, is how things get done in Canada. I suspect the Liberals may remind folks of the NDP's complicity in demolishing the childcare program once before. If he doesn't like facts, he can feel free to take his amateur Tik Tok act to a country with a unitary system of government like, oh, I dunno, Tik Tok HQ in Beijing.

Although that doesn't seem to be a good place for Canadians right now, which Jagmeet would know if he could actually remember the diplomatic hostages' names besides "Michael" (he struggled with that on P&P the other day, total embarrassment that he is). Note also however, that at the end of the article, Ibbitson still hangs onto the Con hope of the NDP splitting the vote enough to hold the Liberals to a minority. Anything could happen of course, but Jagmeet has nothing new on offer (seriously, his platform came out today and is just recycled from the last election). He got demolished over his phony song and dance about an election call, so hopefully the useless media will have no choice but to fact check his empty BS this time.

Frenchy McCokeface remains a wild card, but there are rumors of dissension in the ranks and of course plenty of skeletons in Eric Lapointe's closet. The Bloc seems to be a protest vote when relations are strained between QC and Ottawa, which they're not -- and Trudeau's detente with Legault gives him a better chance in la belle province this time around. So we'll see how things go out there.

The Greens -- LMFAO. Save the Rhinos! They might end up getting more vote share than "Annamie who".

Finally, last but certainly least, as for O'Toole and his big blue circus tent... yeah, um, as Ariana Grande once said, thank you, next.

Let's get out there and elect a strong, stable Liberal Majority!

Anonymous said...

Kenney is doing a great job here in Alberta—to help decimate the conservatives. His harmful and destructive UCP government has lost him tremendous support. May all conservatives go down in flames.

Visitor - Pierre D. said...

You guys are great today and Simon, the fluffer line killed me!

So let's say the Sept. 20 date is accurate. That is a month's worth of campaigning. We can expect four televised debates, two in English and two in French, so one per week. This is where O'Toole and Singh will throw much and obfuscation at the prime minister. Thankfully, neither of them is an exceptionally good speaker. Blanchet is a much better speaker, but since he is just: "Quebec, Quebec, Quebec" he will be as inconsequential as his party.

So where do potential pitfalls lie? Any undesirable incidents in Trudeau's past should be clear by now. The media will attack everything from his family to his wife to his job, but J.T. has one thing that the others do not, and that's humanity and decency. I think (strongly hope!) that he gets a majority so he can put the fossil fuel industry on its deathbed and finally can tax the super rich.

Oh, and seeing Pierre Poilievre or Michelle Rempel at the head of CPC?

Simon said...

Hi JD….Welcome back !!!! I was worried about you. I hoped you were in a comfy hammock in some nice place, but because of the times we live in I was afraid something might have happened to you. So anyway, I am hugely relieved that you are OK. You are an popular member of our little blogging community, and I’m sure others feel that way. As for the election I’m just glad it’s finally going to happen because I’m so sick of the opposition’s cheap political games. If Trudeau is going to be able to deal with the climate emergency he is going to need a majority, so he can take the drastic steps necessary. So we are going to have to go after his foul enemies harder than we ever have before…

Simon said...

Hi BX….I totally agree. The last thing we need at a time when the pandemic is still claiming Canadians, and the climate emergency is coming down on us like a ton of bricks, is a group of would be RepubliCons playing their ghastly games. I was planning to check out all the Con sites this evening, but I am too exhausted, so I will have to wait until tomorrow. But one thing is for sure, the stakes are too high to give the Cons and the Con media any chances to steal the election…

Simon said...

Hi Unknown@6 PM…..Whatever we call the Cons, the truth is we cannot let them govern us at a time like this one. Planet Earth is in trouble and progressives need to unite to meet the challenge. The main reason I started supporting Justin Trudeau was that I believed that he had the ability to think out of the box, and had the necessary humanity to reassure and comfort people during a time of wrenching change. If I’m right you may congratulate me for my brilliant insight. If I’m wrong you can laugh me out of town…😉

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….After hoping for an election for so long, I’m finding it hard to believe it’s actually going to happen. It’s a big gamble but at this point in history it’s the only way to go. Justin Trudeau will have to make it clear why we need an election so badly, but I’m pretty confident he can do that. Despite the pathetic efforts of people like John Ibbitson I don’t see Erin O’Toole as much of a threat. But I am worried that the hapless Jagmeet Singh could split the vote and return us all to the fascist circus we are trying to get away from. But after about 48 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I should be ready to take on the world again…😎

Simon said...

Hi anon@6:57 PM….although Inhaven’t written much about them, I have been following the adventures of Jason Kenney, and enjoying every minute of his slow descent into Con hell. He is a murderous religious fanatics, and I feel sorry for the good people of Alberta. But if they rid Canada of the monstrous Kenney they will be fondly remembered by the rest of us….🌻🌻

Simon said...

Hi Pierre….Calling some members of our shabby biased media Con fluffers always makes me blush a bit, because I try to avoid vulgar words. But when else can you call them? As for the election, I admit I’m a bit nervous because I’m not quite sure what to expect. But like you I will put my faith in Justin Trudeau’s humanity and decency, and also like you I will fervently hope for a Liberal majority. So Trudeau can focus all his fire on the fossil fuel industry that is killing our precious planet….🌎

Simon said...

Hi Jsb….Yes that’s what a fluffer is. Although after reading the definitions I confess I didn’t really know what exactly fluffers did. So now I’m shocked….😳

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon/Jackie, thank you so much for the kind words. Its been an extremely busy summer and I hadn't realized how long its been since I've last commented. Rest assured, Simon, I am well and I'm still following you when I can. So, now with an impending election on the horizon, I hope to provide more ballast to the listing side of the Con ship of 'Tool's fools until it flips on its side and slowly sinks into the abyss. Taking with it the rat pack of misery, fear and loathing otherwise known as the CPC.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon...A good article in The Guardian this morning on how Canada handled getting Covid-19 vaccine. Canada now has the world’s highest global vaccination rate.

Simon said...

Hi JD…We’re just glad you’re back. And just in the nick of time. I fear the Con media is going to go all out to try to help the Vons steal the election. So those of us in social media will have to do all we can to counteract their propaganda. I don’t believe most Canadians realize how much money the international far right has invested in the Con cause. So it won’t be easy, but I still believe that decency will prevail…

Simon said...

Hi anon@12:01 PM…Thank you for directing me to that Guardian article. It’s an achievement we should all be proud of, but sadly the Cons and their stooge media have buried it in cheap politics. But long after this nightmare is over we will remember people like Anita Anand and all the others, and sitting here double vaxed I will be forever grateful