Thursday, August 12, 2021

The Election Bell and the Cowardly Opposition Chickens

Jagmeet Singh and Erin O'Toole like to describe themselves as "warriors." But as I pointed out the other day, they are both so afraid of an election, they have been running around squawking like chickens.

They are claiming that the Parliament they turned into a toxic clown circus was working just fine.

And they are also claiming that Justin Trudeau will pay for calling an election, because Canadians don't want one either. 

But sadly for them, they couldn't be more wrong.

Trudeau will be visiting the Governor General on Sunday, and the election should begin on Monday.

And according to the latest Abacus poll, the Liberals will begin the election campaign with a strong advantage.

The Liberal regional numbers, especially in Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic provinces, are so good they can legitimately hope for a majority.

And despite what the Con and NDP chickens are saying, most Canadians won't be losing any feathers over an election.

While only a minority prefer an election now, the vast majority (83%) won’t be upset at Mr. Trudeau if he asks the Governor General for an early election.

When asked, “If the Prime Minister asks for an election to be held this fall saying he would like to give Canadians a chance to select the government they want to take the country forward, how would you feel about this?” 38% say they would be happy to have a chance to cast a ballot and help choose the government to take us forward, 44% would prefer not to have an election but it isn’t something that would affect how they vote, while 17% say they would be upset at Mr. Trudeau because an election seems unnecessary.

And as for the prospect of a fourth Covid wave?

We asked how people would react if a fourth COVID wave happens during an election campaign. Two-thirds (66%) say it wouldn’t have any effect on how they vote, 20% would be angry enough not to vote Liberal while 14% say they would be more likely to vote Liberal because they feel they have done a reasonable job already managing the pandemic.

Which does not surprise me, not when so many Canadians are in such a good mood, and proud of Canada and its democracy.

If a campaign starts imminently, Canadians will be in a far better mood than they were at the start of the 2019 campaign – 46% think the country is headed in the right direction. This is near the highest it has been in over 5 years and 11-points higher than at the start of the 2019 campaign.

But what does surprise me is how many NDP and Con supporters are ready to vote for the Liberals when asked to choose Liberals and the Cons:

75% of current NDP supporters would prefer to see a Liberal government, including 26% who want a Liberal majority.

Most interesting, among those open to voting Conservative – 34% would prefer to see a Liberal government including 16% who want to see a Liberal majority.

But it does help explain why Singh and O'Toole are both losing their feathers.


Although to be fair, Singh was the one who was sounding hysterical this morning, after at least one member of the MSM finally called him out for acting like Mr Flip Flop. 

It was amusing to listen to federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to cancel any notion of a pandemic election.

“Calling an election is selfish,” Singh said.

After apparently having had an alarming brain fart.

It was just last fall that British Columbia, home to Singh’s federal riding of Burnaby South, was plunged into a needless, mid-pandemic snap election.

But none of that seemed to bother Singh, who enthusiastically hit the pandemic campaign trail in support of his provincial NDP colleagues.

And by so doing acted like a shameless hypocrite, who can't be trusted not to try to help the Cons win the election.

As for me, I look forward to taking on the cowardly smear mongers Singh and O'Toole, and going after the toxic Trudeau haters harder than I have ever done before.

And I'll be hoping for a Trudeau majority, as difficult as that might be in a country like this one.

Not only because I think he deserves it for leading Canada through the worst days days of a brutal pandemic, with dignity and class.

But also because I believe he is the only leader who can tackle the growing threat of climate change. And there is no greater challenge.

The bell has sounded at last.

Let the election begin...


Jackie Blue said...

You may appreciate this detail about how chickenshit the Dippers are:

"As a possible voter, I would ask ... if they can’t file their own party financial returns on time, what might they do with a national budget?”

Not to mention a fucking hypocrite who just this week went out to campaign in Nova Scotia. Pick a goddamn lane, Jagmeet. And get your own bank accounts in order before you go pointing fingers at the Liberals for being financially irresponsible. Did you see him delivering his platform this morning? He did nothing but bash Trudeau and talked about billionaires sending rockets into space. Um, which ones would those be again? I guess provincial vs. federal isn't the only jurisdiction he lies about -- he's in the wrong country! How the fuck are AMERICANS supposed to come under the umbrella of a CANADIAN taxation program? Invade the U.S.? Operation Canadian Bacon? I guess Jagmeet's slogan is going to be "Because It's 1812"? Populist idiot. Why doesn't he move south and run for Congress with the Squad.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Party of Canada just keeps rolling on doing their jobs and contributing credible policy work that isn't a) straight out of a Margaret Atwood dystopia (the Cons' delusions) or b) straight out of a first-year sociology paper at Berkeley (not even a Canadian university, because Singh is California dreaming). SK might be next on the childcare front. Guess Moe is abandoning his fellow stooges Curly and Kenney. Everyone else in Canada should abandon Jagmeet the Yankee, Frenchy McCokeface, and Dumbfuck O'Toole.

Gyor said...

We don't need an election right now in the middle of huge set of crisises.

Jackie Blue said...

If an election is painful for Wornout he should go see a doctor. Nobody gives a good goddamn what that embittered old hack thinks. Thinskinna's miserable, wretched life is a "huge set of crises" of his own making. Anybody know if he wrote the foreword to Jody's slam book? You know what, never mind. I don't care.

Anonymous said...

Gyor, Kinsella is a toxic Trudeau hater. He doesn't want an election because he knows JT is on the cusp of a majority. If the CPC were riding high in the polls he would be calling for an election from the roof-tops.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...Yes. Singh is putting on quite a show, of the wrong kind. He's starting to believe that he can get away with anything. So he blasts the Liberals for even thinking about campaigning during a pandemic. And doesn't seem to care that he was out there campaigning in Nova Scotia a few days ago. As if nobody would notice his blatant hypocrisy. As if he could get away with it. How low has the NDP fallen?

Simon said...

Hi Gyor...How could you even think of trying to get me to read an article by Warren Kinsella? I did read it and practically vomited. It was just another steamy rant from one of the many toxic Trudeau haters in this country. One with a massive chip on his shoulder, just because Justin Trudeau got rid of the old Liberal Guard, and he wants to make him PAY for that!!!! There's a lot of old geezers in this country who hate Trudeau for all kinds of weird reasons, that have nothing to do with his policies. And it's pathetic. So please don't do that again...

Anonymous said...

The opposition thinks that parliament was working fine? Seriously? I guess if you're into bowel obstructions then yes, it was awesome. As most are not, it wont take very many reminders via videos of the Con shenanigans in QP to remind people of who and what they are. Equally important are the videos of Dougy Doolittle praising JT as doing a phenomenal job in the early stages of the pandemic. Or at least until someone reminded him that JT is the enemy and he needed a scapegoat to mask his utter incompetence. It's all there for all to see.
Another monumental example of hypocrisy will be the Cons squawking about having an election during a pandemic while a good chunk of their caucus and base are anti-vax/anti-mask covidiots. Or a more fitting moniker I saw on Rick Wilson's Twitter feed, "Spreadnecks". The Spreadnecks will ultimately doom O'Chicken's sudden turn to the left as the Cons jockey for position to replace the tool with who knows what incarnation is festering in the bowels of the CPC.
I wonder if it's too late to institute a proof of vaccination requirement to vote in the election? I would feel safer knowing that Cletus or Brandeen were vaccinated while in line to vote. As well, the added benefit of Spreadneck heads exploding from coast to coast to coast would be undeniably sweet.

Leigh Shankland said...

The NDP has some ideas I have long supported ,such as a National Pharma plan, paid vacation and sick leave, better pensions. The only way this will happen is if we elect a Liberal majority as the CPC does not support these policies. I expect O’Toole will resign and the CPC will again select another leader, not realizing it is their policies, not personalities which defeats them.

jrkrideau said...

OT but does the author of this Reuters' article on the election call sound like they have never actually been to Canada?

Anonymous said...

History seldom repeats but often rhymes. After passing the fixed election date legislation in 2007 the Harper Cons dissolved parliament in September 2008 and called an early election for October 14. The issues at the time were the economy following the 2008 greed induced financial meltdown and middle east wars soon to be followed by mass exodus. Their solutions of course were austerity and punishment which sort of fit with the Canadian pysche at the time. They did not obtain the sought after majority and had to wait another 2 years before obtaining one and could start converting Canada into a warmongering petro state in earnest. It wasn't long after that most Canadians decided that austerity, punishment and war did not lead to a good place.
The back drop this time is the Covid crisis with its social and financial impacts, the climate war as well as soon to be mass migrations as parts of the globe become uninhabitable. The Liberal solutions are more team spirited and proactive but the gloom and doom punishment psyche is always lurking in the background especially if mass migration becomes a reality. Another Liberal minority followed by a 2023 cliff hanger as the decades of Con climate change obstruction bears fruit in the form of mass migration and social upheaval.


ottlib said...

Every election the NDP has to fight for relevance. The simple fact is there is only a very small proportion of the country that actually considers them to be a viable option to form government. Although they believe that the Liberals only win because there is massive strategic voting by NDP supporters to prevent a CPC government that is a delusion on their part.

You never know whether they will be relevant going into an election. You have to wait, sometimes for quite awhile, to find out.

The fact that Mr. Singh can be so hypocritical on the eve of an election is just an indication of that irrelevance. Really if either Justin Trudeau or Erin O'Toole were to pull the same stunt it would be noticed by more than just the chattering class and it would be talked about more.

There is a very good chance that their relevance in this election could be lower than the previous few elections. This could be shaping up into a contest between the big two. If that becomes the case expect Mr. Singh to double down on the silliness we have seen from him since the last election. It will be the only way he will be able to noticed.

The wild card, as usual, will be the Bloc.

Simon said...

Hi JD….I don’t mind having a bit of a rowdy Parliament, but only in normal times. The way the Cons and the NDP behaved during the worst days of the Covid pandemic is simply unforgivable. And as you point out, the Cons squealing about vaccinations when so many in their base are against them, is the height of hypocrisy. But I am glad to see that the government is going to require mandatory vaccine for federal government workers and government regulated businesses like Via Rail, so that could further divide the Cons. At the rate their fragmentation is proceeding we may soon have to sweep them up like crumbs on the floor. Excellent…😷

Simon said...

Hi Leigh…I support all those policies too, But only the Liberals can deliver those and other progressive programs. And what I fear is that the NDP could split the vote and deliver us into the hands of the Cons, who as you point out, are opposed to all of them…

ottlib said...

BTW, the media and the Opposition Parties have been talking about an election this Fall since the beginning of 2021. To say we are now going to have a "snap" election is just silly.

Simon said...

Hi jrkrideau…Reuters seems to have disappeared that story, so there must have been a problem. That will teach them not to use their correspondent in Outer Mongolia to cover Canadian stories…🤨

Simon said...

Hi RT….it’s always a bit of a gamble going from a minority and trying to get a majority. That’s even more of a gamble when the government has been so successful despite the Con and NDP obstruction. But that obstruction was real, and I think the Liberals need to focus on convincing people that the main reason they need a majority is to make the hard decisions that will have to be made to seriously tackle the climate change emergency. Because along with vaccines, climate change is a deadly wedge issue for the Cons. And we must use both issues to destroy them…

Simon said...
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Simon said...

Hi Ottlib….As a former NDP supporter I still hope they can be the idealistic party I once knew. But Singh has finally completed my disillusionment. Try as I might I don’t get the feeling that he truly believes the stuff he proposes. To me it all seems like a game designed to fool the young and the naive, when in fact it’s all about him. And his hypocrisy is so blatant it’s nauseating. He needs to do so much better or he will damage the NDP beyond repair. Finally, I also agree that the use of the words “snap election” is absurd, and is being used to try to make a very normal election seem like some kind of Liberal attempt to catch the opposition by surprise…🙄

Anonymous said...

I received Conservative election propaganda in my mail yesterday. The writ has not been dropped yet.


Jackie Blue said...

Dale Smith as per usual is the canary in the coal mine. Lifetime honoree for the Canadian division of the male Cassandra awards, a cursed gift that no one likes to have.

Archived in case it gets paywalled.

Smith: For a leader who criticizes Trudeau’s “pretty words,” those are all Singh has to offer

Finally: WTF?????

Jackie Blue said...

So I have some thoughts about that new Nanos that is freaking people out:

1) It's incredibly different from all the other pre-writ polls showing the Liberals on the cusp of majority (even ARI had the Liberals doing well) and a really sudden drop from their previous ones

2) Nanos indicated in an earlier article that "you may see the race tightening" -- Fife published the article about the poll, so CTV/Globe may be trying to create a horse race to keep things interesting/get ratings

3) It's the entire opposite of the polling that Abacus did about opinions on an election call

4) Nobody had any fluctuations besides LPC and CPC, another indicator CTV is trying to make fetch happen

5) Paradoxically, these are exactly the kind of numbers the Liberals like to see to encourage strategic voting, and which piss off the NDP

6) Read this from Greg Lyle at Maclean's to get a picture of what the Liberals may be seeing internally

7) These numbers may already be out of date considering O'Toole's latest gaffes from just today, that will be condemned throughout the campaign -- the Willy Wonka ad and the mandatory vaccine passports (Liberals have probably done polling on this)

8) Bruce Anderson vs. Bob Fife. I'll take Bruce Anderson here

"I think we are out of the phase where a four week 250 a week roll is the best way to understand what’s happening."

9) Liberals were underestimated in polling/projections in two elections and may be underestimated for a third

10) Ignore all polls and go knock doors and vote Liberal.

Steve said...

Cons third choice in Canada

Steve said...

ottlib said...

Jackie Blue...I believe most thinking Conservatives realize that winning this election is probably not in the cards. The so called winning conditions just do not exist and although campaigns matter they are not done in a vacuum where what occurred before the writ was dropped suddenly becomes unimportant.

Realistically, I believe they would be satisfied with another Liberal minority government although the really strategic Conservatives might be wishing for a Liberal majority so that the CPC can have fours years with which to get its shit together without another "snap" election hanging over their heads.

What is probably keeping Conservatives up at night though is some indicators seem to be pointing to some fragmentation of the Conservative base and with alternative conservative parties in the Prairie and Ontario/Quebec that could lead to a fracturing of the CPC itself. So I believe the overarching goal of Conservatives over the next few weeks will be to have a united CPC come out of the other side of the election. If that means another Liberal government I believe they could live with that as long as the CPC is the only conservative party facing it.

If the public polls are saying the Liberals have a high single digit, low double digit lead over the Conservatives then there is little incentive for disaffected Conservatives to stick with the CPC. The Party would lose and lose big regardless of how they voted so they could let the bigwigs in the Party really know how you feel by voting for Maverick or PPC. However, if the election looks much closer than that those disaffected Conservatives might return to the fold hoping that the Party can pull out the victory.

So Conservatives in this country, which includes most of the MSM, will be pushing this election is closer than we think narrative for the next six weeks and their paid pollsters will provide them with the "data" to "prove" it.

However, the real nightmare scenario for Conservatives is these disaffected Conservatives have decided to abandon the CPC and no amount of manipulation by the Conservative establishment will change that. If that is the case then we will have another 1993 election scenario.

This election is going to happen because the data analysis team of the Liberal Party has determined that they have a very good chance of winning a majority government. They are ignoring the public polls because they are useless in their decision making. The Liberals are also smart enough to realize that the MSM are biased for the Conservatives so they have baked that fact into their decision making as well and they still seemed have decided that the time is right.

Politics being what it is surprises happen but not often. I expect the Liberals to form another government this fall but I also expect that the election narrative for the next six weeks is that this election is more competitive than the pre-writ period seemed to indicate.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….When Bob Fire and Nik Nanos join forces to declare that the Liberals are losing their chance to win a majority, before the election campaign begins, My contempt for them couldn’t be greater. The Liberals need to explain to Canadians why they are calling an election now. But with half the world on fire that won’t be hard. From what I hear the Cons are collapsing and Jagmeet Singh, despite his hot air, isn’t going anywhere either. I suppose that anything can happen during an election but I’m predicting that the Cons and their bought media are going to be brutally disappointed…

Simon said...

hi Ottlib…..I welcome any tightening of the polls real or imagined, for it will eventually result in a stampede of NDP supporters to the Liberals. Vote splitting is the only thing I really fear due to the hyped up media coverage of Singh. Take the air out of that poseur and he’ll take the Cons down with him….