Saturday, September 04, 2021

The Day A Con Stooge Exposed Erin O'Toole As A Serial Liar

Erin O'Toole lied to become Con leader, and has been lying ever since like pokey-nosed Pinocchio.

He lies about everything, from his vow to destroy the CBC, to his vow to privatize much of medicare.

So I was really glad to see that during the first French debate he tried to lie about removing restrictions on assault style weapons.

Only to have Justin Trudeau make him look like a filthy liar, and an absolute idiot.

Did you enjoy the way O'Toole was publicly humiliated. I sure did.

But if that wasn't bad enough, the next day there was this.

The ban on guns used in some of Canada’s most deadly mass shootings would be repealed if the Conservatives form government, the party confirmed Friday, after a day that saw Liberals and gun-control advocates accuse Erin O’Toole of misleading voters over his plans.

A Conservative spokesperson said the party would repeal the ban on about 1,500 military-style assault rifles that the Liberals introduced in a May, 2020, order in council.

Can you believe that?

Those ghastly AmeriCons love guns so much they would unban the weapons that killed so many Canadians. 

Among the guns banned by the Liberals in 2020 are the Ruger Mini-14 (used at the ร‰cole Polytechnique shooting and in possession of the Nova Scotia gunman last year), the Beretta CX4 Storm (used at Dawson College), the M14 (used in Moncton), and the VZ58 (used in the Quebec mosque shooting).

They just can't get enough of them.

But if that can only horrify the decent people of Canada, this must have horrified the loser Erin O'Toole. 

The Con stooge John Ivison admitting that Captain Outhouse is a serial liar. 

Rachel Bendayan, who is running for the Liberals in the Montreal riding of Outremont, called the Conservative plan to repeal the Liberal ban on assault weapons “outrageous.”

But it is no surprise. O’Toole has form when it comes to saying the most politically expedient thing at any given time.

When he was running as a “true blue” Conservative in the leadership against Peter MacKay, he promised to cut funding for CBC English television, with the goal of privatizing it. Now he is positioning the party as one of moderate, compassionate conservatism, the election platform softens that policy stance to a review of CBC’s operations.

As for O'Toole's claim that when companies go bankrupt he would put 'workers first not corporate elites," don't believe that one either.

O’Toole, a former corporate lawyer, has a long history of opposing changes to bankruptcy laws that would give workers a “super-priority” when it comes to payment.

For when he says that he knows workers because his father worked at GM, what he doesn't tell you is that his daddy was a manager, who liked to lock out workers, and give them the finger.

Just like Erin O'Toole would do to us, if he ever became Prime Minister. And Ivison is right to warn us.

As a man who might be prime minister in 17 days, Canadians should know precisely how expedient the Conservative leader can be.

He's a serial liar, he's a faker, he can't be trusted as far as one can spit.

And if he's not exposed, and taken down hard.

He will destroy our precious country and its values...


Patricia said...

Simon, how about doing one on the NDP and Conservatives taking credit for Liberal competence, while also claiming that they're incompetent? For months, Singh has claimed that his party forced the government to provide all that pandemic aid to Canadians, as if the Liberals would have done almost nothing. Now O'Toole is saying that he would procure booster shots, while implying that Anita Anand has not done so, even though it's widely known that she has supply coming in until 2024. A rational person could only conclude that both opposition parties actually think the Liberals have done an excellent job.

Steve said...

Not since Count Iggy has footwear been such a judge of character.

Jackie Blue said...

@Patricia -- O'Toole tweeted he wanted to "work together" with Singh to fix Trudeau's alleged failures (which only exist in the diseased minds of ConDippers). That right there should indicate a dirty-rat backroom collusion and fully explain Singh's vitriolic negativity towards Trudeau and the Liberals.

I've been warning about pincer warfare and how Trump used Bernie to take down Hillary, and how Bernie was more than happy to help. This is US 2016 Canadian Edition in the making, and there's only two weeks left to stop it.

On that account: Simon, I don't know what kind of hopium/copium Evan Scrimshaw is peddling/smoking, but I'll take it.

Fournier and Grenier both underestimated the Liberal seat count in 2019 while Lean Tossup got it correct. Evan is not with Lean Tossup anymore but I'm guessing his model is similar? I sure hope he's right. I'm so, so scared.

Jackie Blue said...

BTW: Personal anecdote from the Altered States of Amerikkka

I injured myself this weekend, falling down in the driveway on my way to run errands with my mother. I had to get checked out with an X-ray at the local city hospital. (It's fine, nothing is broken but I did sprain my knee and will have to rest up, wasting Labour Day weekend.)

En route to the hospital, you pass by a store in my neighbourhood that sells Trump memorabilia. There was a mob of anti-vaxxers there, blocking traffic at the intersection of a busy thoroughfare that has lots of shopping, restaurants, gas station/convenience market, etc. Big signs and flags and nutcases on megaphones shouting FIRE FAUCI and MY BODY MY CHOICE while at the same time hollering that abortion kills and vaccines contain fetus blood. Not that anyone should expect cogent reasoning from any of these people, but there you go.

On my way to the hospital those same nutcases were interrupting thru traffic into the medical centre. My mother texted my brother who lives the next state over. He sent a text message saying the anti-vaxers were being arrested for rocking ambulances. Yes, you read that right. Blocking and rocking. There were several shootings in the city near to where he lives (hot town, summer in the city). Anti-vaxxers were getting in the way of people being treated after suffering GUN VIOLENCE. Again, these are the "pro-life" people, self-declared.

A few things to take away here, Canadians: My family is probably going to get a whopping bill for this visit and the X-ray, even though the only "treatment" prescribed was to take OTC pain medication, rest up and ice the affected area, and tie an Ace wrap around my knee. The anti-vaxxers pushing emergency vehicles and shouting about Fauci being a cannibal pedophile are all CONSERVATIVES. The pro-gun people are all CONSERVATIVES. The anti-abortion hypocrites are all CONSERVATIVES and the people in favour of private, for-profit healthcare are all CONSERVATIVES.

CONSERVATIVES will inflict the same pain upon Canadians as Republicans have here in the U.S. CONSERVATIVES are the ones who will put guns in people's hands sending innocents to the hospital, turn a blind eye/subtly encourage anti-vaxxers to disrupt their treatment, and then hit you with sticker shock from private healthcare that only the very well-off can afford.

Please, Canada. Don't follow in the U.S. footsteps. Take it from an American. You don't want it to happen up there. NEVER VOTE CONSERVATIVE. Conservative ideology is an "abortion" of a philosophy that literally KILLS.

Anonymous said...

It was never legal to put guns in people's hands since 1979 under both Liberal and Conservative governments. We have strict regulations, licensing, classification etc, unlike the US.

Restricted weapons are just that. Despite the talking points to the contrary they were never allowed to be "in the streets" to begin with.

ottlib said...

Feel better Jackie.

Mr. Scrimshaw works independently while Mr. Fournier and Mr. Grenier are under contract to media organizations.

Mr. Scrimshaw only has his own biases to contend with, which he has been a pains to acknowledge and account for, while the other two have to worry about keeping their corporate bosses happy, along with any other personal biases they may have.

I am not buying all of the doom and gloom. Even the public polls are saying that the election is now a tie, which coincidentally is exactly how our MSM likes it.

We will find out in two weeks whether this is a change election or not. My gut still says it is not.

Simon said...

Hi Patricia….I’ will try to write something about the way the Cons and the NDP are claiming credit for Liberal ideas, while somehow still managing to criticize them for doing nothing. I shouldn’t have to do that, but the total failure of our Con media leaves us all with no choice. Or we try to bring it to the attention of as many Canadians, or nobody will…

Simon said...

Hi Steve….OK I give up. What does that mean? I’ve never been good at riddles but that’s a hard one.๐Ÿ™„

Simon said...

Hi Jackie…I was sorry to hear about your accident, and I hope you are feeling better. But what a portrait you paint of your community, where just like here the Covidiots are out of control. I don’t know what to say. The other day I watched those Con crazies blocking hospitals on the street where I work, and although I wanted to rush out and confront them I just didn’t have the energy. The Covidiots are always screaming about how tired they are and how they can’t stand more restrictions, but never stop to think how exhausted healthcare workers are. Or how many are thinking of walking or crawling away from their jobs.
And needless to say if Seb goes, I’m going with him.
On a happier note, I got a huge number of new Twitter followers yesterday after a big name on Twitter recommended they follow me. And after checking out my feed, and my blog, all many of them wanted to know is “Who is Jackie Blue?” I was of course crushed, but so proud of you…๐Ÿ˜ณ

Cathie from Canada said...

This morning O'Toole is saying he WON'T get rid of rifle bans after all!
Well, well, who ever would have expected.....
We've officially reached the "just lie about it, Erin!" part of the Conservative get-elected strategy, with two weeks to go.
Thanks so much Simon for continuing to keep me sane as these endless days go by!

Simon said...

Hi anon @11:30 am…please don’t waste your time trying to confuse the situation like your Con masters are doing. We’re talking about assault-style weapons that appeal to many of the most depraved gun nuts in Canada, and can only be used to kill people. If it was up to me I’d ban all of those weapons or restrict them to gun clubs like they do in Britain. Farmers who need guns could keep them, but only if they can prove that they are not mentally disturbed because the number of them who kill themselves and others is simply appalling. The gun movement in this country would turn us all into Americans, and we simply can’t allow that. Sorry….

Simon said...

Hi Ottlib…I share your gut feeling. Being tied at this point, with two debates and two weeks to go, is not a bad place to be. The Liberal campaign has its work cut out for it, but if they sharpen their focus they can do it…

Simon said...

Hi Cathie…This election campaign is starting to resemble a Marx brothers movie, where the Cons get to say anything, and the clown media think everything is fine. I have always been able to keep my sense of humour, but I admit that it has never been harder. The fact that a loser like O’Toole could be our next prime minister is beyond belief. However, if we all work hard to get out the vote, I still think a Liberal minority is possible. It’s not what I was hoping for, but in a crazy time like this one it will do….๐Ÿคจ

ottlib said...

I am following Mr. O'Toole's problems with the gun control issue with interest. It was kind of funny watching his impersonation of a freshly caught Bass today.

I have to say I do like firearms and I have liked them since I was a kid. I have used them for hunting and target shooting and I have had opportunities to shoot one of the weapons on list that were banned in 2020. The friend that allowed me to shoot that weapon is rather displeased with them being banned but I have pointed out such events as the shootings in Nova Scotia were facilitated by these weapons and that mass shooting focus the minds of politicians in Canada.

I like shooting as an activity. It does not define me. I have also been known to enjoy a round of golf. I know the two are not the same but done properly and safely shooting is no more dangerous than golf. (And having a golf ball miss your head by less than a metre can be rather frightening)

I completely agree with the ban on these weapons but it is also hard to ignore the upset of my friend so I am always wondering if there is some middle ground between an outright ban or freely allowing these weapons to be available. I am not smart enough to find it and it is currently an either or proposition so I completely agree with the ban but there is still some part of me that wonders if there is another way.

Steve said...

Simon look at the shoes of Mr Iggy red Keds and now Tool takes grey ones. I mean they are to the running shoe what the DC 10 is to jet travel.

You know a thousand foucus groups dress the tool everyday. I can not confirm but expect he has Stephen Harpers personal fluffer at his beck and call. But to wear shoes Count Iggy would not be caught dead in is a sin against fashion that proves he can never win over this country with poor choice in footwear feet, and a record of pretending to support something today and then not explaining what happened yesterday or tomorrow. Liberal Majority the house of card supporting the tool is falling due to poor and perhaps illegal's construction.

Anonymous said...

The tool is a flip flopping, lying study in CONtradiction. His beloved policy book with the beefcake photo of him(eww) in a black t-shirt with his gut sucked in is nothing more than recycled bullshit. Suffering from altitude sickness as he hoists it in the air, over and over again. It is now shattered and tattered by his own CONtradictions. He's CONtradicting it on the fly for whatever is politically expedient at the moment which only opens himself up to many questions and critiques. Picture Moses coming down the mountain with his ten commandments while proclaiming "thou shalt steal" and you have Moses O'Toole. He'd have as much luck parting the Red Sea as he would have parting his hair down the middle. Sad.
So we finally have the tool's feet being put to the fire over the gun issue. With any luck, it will continue for the vast myriad of lies he's been spewing for so long. With two weeks to go before the election, it's perfect timing to get out the big guns, so to speak, that will have the tool flip flopping all over the place. His polling, along with his hairline, should start receding again and who knows, maybe a Liberal majority is attainable.

Jackie Blue said...

Folks on this board -- you need to watch this video. Social scientist and Guardian UK columnist, George Monbiot, on how the elite oligarchs have weaponized an unprecedented campaign of LYING to steal elections and bamboozle the public with buffoonery and bullshit. Social media is key but so is MSM manipulation.

He says don't blame Hillary or Albo or even Corbyn (or Trudeau....?) -- "What we are witnessing is a global phenomenon. Something big has changed."

Pay particular attention to the part where he says that they're all sharing the same advisors and strategists. Topham-Guerin/Bannon/IDU.

Jackie Blue said...

They threw ROCKS at him. This feels like a passion play.

And the NDP/Con alliance whistles past the graveyard as pundits pooh-pooh it as a tactic for sympathy votes from a "flailing campaign." Brad Lavigne was snickering on P&P this afternoon. If he gets shot the response will be framed through the lens of how it affects Liberal polling. The banality of evil, as Hannah Arendt wrote.

I can't believe the dehumanization of this poor man that politics in Canada has devolved to. Someone tried to kill him last summer but the bubble was all consumed with manufacturing a fake scandal that involved destroying a charity and persecuting his ill mother.

This is absolutely disgusting. These people are sick. Not just the anti-vaxers but the political sociopaths who enable them.

I'm so heartbroken for him and for what's happened to Canada. ๐Ÿ’” ๐Ÿ˜ข

Jackie Blue said...

And Tool wouldn't even condemn the harms to Trudeau. "The media must be free from intimidation" but not his opponent? Disgusting POS.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusting is an understatement, Jackie. Given the threats JT's already received, you'd think his "protection" team and/or local "law enforcement" would be videotaping and arresting those hurling stones and death threats at him. WTF are they waiting for?! For shots to ring out before they move in on these assholes?! It's stunning incompetence on their part to allow this to happen without repercussions so JT better wake the fuck up and realize that if he wants to survive this election campaign he has to either move his rally's into controlled indoor settings or keep risking having his kids grow up without a father. Meanwhile, the tool is giving these assholes more reason to vote Con by saying he respects their vaccination decisions and by promising not to mandate vaccines if elected.
I too am sick of what's happening to this country, Jackie and as usual, you hit the nail on the head as to why it's happening. The question now is what do we do about it before it's too late?

Jackie Blue said...

JD, some of the anti-vaxers were telling reporters that the cops support their position. BIPOC on social are all commenting about how they're treating these very white Karens and Chads with kid gloves, even as they went gangbusters on Indigenous land defenders, Black Lives Matter demonstrators, and people sleeping rough in homeless encampments in Toronto. When Trudeau attended the BLM protest last year, the Nazi Post got "anonymous sources" from the force on record saying they felt humiliated by him. Some were his bodyguards when he was a boy and apparently thought of him as a brat. They have their orders but suffice it to say it appears that for some of them, it might be a responsibility they're performing reluctantly.

I recall during the railway protests it was pointed out that the pipeline project stood to contribute a windfall to RCMP pensions, and that there were rumours of backroom discussions pushing PMJT not to side with the protestors lest he risk pissing off his Praetorian Guard. Indira Gandhi the PM of India was killed by one of her security detail. The Mounties have a good PR operation but it's becoming a lot clearer that they were never Dudley Do-Right. Individually I'm sure there are good cops but as an organization they have a checkered record to say the least.

As a Yankee I'm shocked and horrified to see this happening in Canada. You guys were supposed to be the "nice apartment over the meth lab" as Robin Williams (PBUH) once said. When RFK was assassinated in 1968 Americans started looking north to find the sunny ways of "Trudeau-mania" and asylum from Nixon's tin soldiers. Americans wore Canadian apparel when Chretien stood up to Bush and refused to play along with the Iraq gambit. Then of course Trudeau the younger being a hopeful contrast to the orange menace as the tide ebbed on the Obama "bromance." As I always say, it was "Canalot."

To see the cancer that has cannibalized the USA metastasize into Canada is especially terrifying for an American, because if Canada falls, if Trudeau falls, what hope is left? It would be a tragedy of Kennedyesque proportions. Shame on those pundits and the "progressive" cynics like Tom Parkin and Brad Lavigne from the Nihilist Destruction Party, victim-blaming PMJT saying it's all about winning votes. The mob is calling to rape Chrystia Freeland too, do these "progressives" think it's her fault for wearing a short dress?

If this shit isn't straightened out there'll have to be a new release of an old protest song: "Anybody here, seen my old friend Justin?"

Jackie Blue said...

Tool victim-blamed PMJT again when pressed for why he believed the mob was ONLY attacking Trudeau and no one else. He said it was because Trudeau was running a "negative" campaign out in hostile crowds, while he is running a "positive" one from the Ottawa studio. In other words, "you deserved to get raped for going out to that nightclub while I stayed home and watched TV."

Needless to say he won't criticize Max either, and he was pressed on that. I seriously doubt those chuds are solely PPC. With what we know about Kyle Seeback's crew it's not out of the realm of possibility they're blue meanies in purple shirts.

Singh, meanwhile, wouldn't even say Trudeau's name in his mealy mouthed pseudo-condemnation of the attacks. Instead he condemned Trudeau for not delivering on mental healthcare. They're willing to turn a blind eye to violence against Trudeau, just to "secure the future" for their own political careers. Sociopathic fucking hacks.

I know Trudeau believes in positive politics, but I don't think it's possible anymore. I've actually grown to hate Tool and Singh as much as they clearly hate Trudeau.

Jackie Blue said...

Sorry to keep chiming back in, but I'm feeling both despondent and confused, again about polls. Abacus has the LPC tied nationally but with good regionals still showing a 2019 race. Mainstreet has them ever so slightly leading in the seat count despite being down in the national numbers, while Frank claims he's seeing a wide LPC lead in Quebec and Ontario. Fungus Reid has the Cons up nationally by 3 but the LPC leading in Ontario and Quebec, and the Cons running up the score out west inflating the toplines. Adjust as necessary for Fungus Reid house effect, I guess... I hope.

Atlantic is all over the place and so is BC. Nanos jumped up with an unexpected LPC lead but it's probably going to deflate by tomorrow. Leger comes out tomorrow, where presumably they'll have Bloc Majoritaire. Mon dieu.

Despite a better than desired showing for the Cons, Scrimshaw is still incredibly bullish on the LPC and calling bullshit on Fournier's shot call, while Too Close to Call is remaining neutral so far. I'm skeptical of Scrimshaw's math as he doesn't work for Lean Tossup anymore, and they (not he) were the ones who nailed 2019, unless he's using a similar model? I just don't know what to believe anymore, but I still don't think it looks good. Honestly, I'll be happy at this point if PMJT can walk out of here the night of September 20th winning by even one seat. ๐Ÿ˜ž