Tuesday, September 07, 2021

What The Toxic Trudeau Haters Are Doing to Canada

I've been warning for a long time that the toxic Trudeau haters were becoming louder and more violent.

I've been warning that normalizing their behaviour would be the death of this country.

Well, now we can all see what those ugly Cons are doing to our Canada.

Can you believe it?

Now they're trying to hurt or kill Justin Trudeau.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was hit by some gravel Monday while boarding a campaign bus in London, Ont.

As Trudeau went to get on the bus, which was surrounded by angry protesters, small objects could be seen thrown in his direction. A masked Trudeau looked startled before he went into the vehicle.

And my questions are why are the police allowing those Con zombies to get so close to Trudeau's bus.

Why are they allowing them to get so close to our country's leader?

And why aren't they arresting them?

Because let's be clear, if any of those stones had hit Trudeau in the eye, he might have been blinded. And if any of those zombies was armed they were close enough to kill him.

So while I was glad that Trudeau made it clear that he won't intimidated by those would be Con terrorists.

Saying he's inspired by frontline workers facing harassment on the job, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said today he won't let "the mob" control his campaign after he was sprayed with gravel during a raucous protest in London, Ont. yesterday.

"There are health care workers across the country who are getting hassled and intimidated and bullied as they are going in to work to keep people safe and alive. There are store clerks, waitresses, people going about their daily lives getting yelled at and pushed around for wearing masks, for being vaccinated. That's not how we do things in Canada."

I was absolutely disgusted by the way our shabby Con media has been trying to play down the attack. Even suggesting that Trudeau is to blame for attracting those kind of people to his rallies.

When if it was Erin O'Toole who had been attacked, they would have been cueing up to lick his shiny bald head, and blaming Justin Trudeau for saying bad things about him. 

And of course I cannot forgive those who lit the fires of toxic Trudeau hate.

From the dirty duo of Erin O'Toole and Jagmeet Singh who have whipped up those who want to hurt our decent Prime Minister.

And are now crying crocodile tears, boo hoo hoo hoo.

To all those who think it's OK to call for Trudeau to be hanged...

To Warren Kinsella, The Disaffected Lib, and his sad stooge at Politics and Its Discontents, who have turned Progressive Bloggers into something really ugly.

It's horrifying, the poison is everywhere, and sometimes I even have trouble recognizing the country I'm living in.

But I want all those toxic Trudeau haters to know, that like Justin Trudeau, I too will not be intimidated...

And that I'm still confident that the best Prime Minister I have ever known.

Will rise above the haters, and win the election......


Anonymous said...

Do you think any security detail would have allowed a violent mob to get close enough to stone a US president or British PM? What the hell is wrong with the cops?!

Police routinely film protestors, infiltrate their groups, and arrest them on the flimsiest of pretexts - if they're on the left. Judging by the record of zero arrests despite the escalation in violence over the course of this campaign, those rules don't apply to those on the right. Why aren't the media holding police to account? Why are they so hesitant to name the Con groups orchestrating these riots? Look at what's happened in Hungary, Poland, India, the UK and the US - we know where right- wing violence leads. The police need to step up and do their jobs, now, before it's too late.

Jackie Blue said...

If he pulls off an underdog miracle I will eat my hat. He's the only one who can stop the populist madness before it gets out of control.

The caveat being, if he does manage to squeak this one out defying the odds, how will the mob react? Already the Cons and Dippers alike were pushing conspiracy theories about "voter suppression" and a "rigged election" so if Trudeau does manage to win in spite of all the headwinds against him, will they pull a January 6th attack?

I don't think Canada's institutional apparatus is built to investigate such a widespread momentum of chaos. Those foreign digital psy-op goons like the Cons hired need to be banned from infiltrating Canada's elections. It would require an Act of Parliament and then... the main beneficiaries would tie it up in the courts whining about their freedom of $$$peech.

After what's happened on the trail the CPC needs to be investigated. Fumigated, even. Who the hell is coordinating this and who's funding their trips across country to stalk the PM? The Capitol insurrectionists were six-figure suburbanites who went to D.C. in private planes. The idiot in the buffalo outfit was a trust fund brat. You can't tell me there isn't a similar pattern of demographics among these Karens and Chads. Follow the money, who put out a hit on Justin Trudeau? Who put a fatwa on our man in Ott'wa?

Steve said...

When the first stone hit or as the media calls it a pebble hit he should have turned around and marched towards them.
You cant throw a pebble but a stone will travel
If he had of been bloodied it would be a coup de cras for the right.

Simon said...

Hi anon....I can't see any other security detail in the world allowing a group of dangerous fanatics to get anywhere near their leader. It's beyond belief, and it honestly makes me wonder whose side the police are on. Many police forces have been infiltrated by right wingers so that should concern anyone, especially since on some days I can't help but feel that there is a right wing plot to try to steal the election. And if they feel they can't steal it, the last few days before the election will be fraught with danger....

Pierre D. said...

A little off topic but it looks like the Tool is at last losing momentum.
Almost telling is that MSM Con fluffers like David Akin, John Ivision et al. are all asking pointed questions and calling him out on a daily basis.

With the polls tightening (Ekos is...out in crazy land, most have CPC-LPC in a dead-heat) I expect that the fix is in for O'Toole, and that Pierre Poilievre is shopping for a new suit for his inauguration...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....I hope you are feeling better, and that you don't have to eat your hat. But I believe the next two days will determine the winner, with the English debate on Thursday being the big event. If Trudeau can nail that one, I think he will have an excellent chance of winning another minority or even a narrow majority. The problem is the Con media seems to have made it their sacred mission to try to bring the Liberals down, so they need to be discredited and exposed as Con stooges. The Cons are not sheltering O'Toole from public scrutiny for nothing, and Canadians need to understand what they are doing...

Simon said...

Hi Steve....I like your Charge of the Light Brigade idea, and it's the sort of thing I might try if I was angry enough. But the media is already blaming Trudeau for the mob attacks, so I don't think that would work. Besides, as I mentioned in my post, some of those rocks were big enough to blind someone. So the howl of the Con mob will have to do...

ottlib said...

If these protesters are organized they have been told not to do anything too drastic. That would create a great amount of sympathy for the PM. So I do not believe that Mr. Trudeau is in any real danger.

What they are looking for is a reaction and better yet an over reaction. If the police start busting heads that will be the story and it will remain the story for the remainder of the campaign.

The Conservative campaign has been showing signs of imploding. All of a sudden it is Mr. O'Toole that has to nail the next two debates or he is finished. He is probably finished regardless but if he does not perform well over the next two days the margin of loss will be that much worse.

All of that would disappear if there is a crackdown on the protesters because you know our media will focus on the crackdown, blaming Mr. Trudeau all the way, and give Mr. O'Toole the reprieve he is looking for.

So by all means take whatever measures are necessary to protect Mr. Trudeau but let the protesters do their thing. They are not helping the Conservative cause and they are a great foil for the PM.

Jackie Blue said...

So according to the polls, the Cons haven't really gone anywhere. The greater threat to Trudeau and to Canada is the lying SOB champagne brocialist bully Singh, splitting the vote and driving down the Liberal seat counts. He's running a "positive" campaign according to the M$M, as he attacks Trudeau relentlessly and lies with impunity and victim blames him for sending his campaign into hostile territory. Or for calling an election at all.

Just have a look at the latest Hill Times op-ed blaming Trudeau himself for the ire on the trail and a potential loss because he misgauged Canada's "COVID mental health crisis." So basically the progressive mantra is that he deserves what's coming to him because he wouldn't just wait out this toxic parliament and let the NDP roll over him while Canadians nursed their emotional wounds. I gather that if Trudeau becomes despondent after the election Singh won't give a damn what happens to his mental health. He "asked for it."

I swear to god, that shitstain is going to dance on the goddamn stage again doing what Layton did in 2006. Asshole isn't a student of history apparently; look at what happened in Germany when the left attacked the centrists, thinking that the country should have to suffer under the right wing in order to have a come-to-Jesus moment and support only the radical left. It led to disaster then and it will again. Don't believe me? Just look at how Bernie's "positive campaign" (cough) against Hillary did wonders for "progressive policies" down here. She was being threatened and attacked too and all he could do was fault her over and over again.

At this point I might hate the delusional purity left more than I do the cons, because at least the latter admit to being deplorable. The Dippers, Bernie Bros etc. have a smug sense of moral superiority even as they're just as guilty of causing destruction as the chuds of the right. I'm not the only one who keeps warning about horseshoe politics, but nobody seems willing to listen. All I can say is please don't victim-blame Trudeau when he comes out with his own version of "What Happened." This beatdown he got, and what's coming to Canada, wasn't his fault. Populism is a cancer and no one apparently is immune.

Simon said...

Hi Pierre….I hope that O’Toole is finally starting to lose some steam, but we won’t know which way this election is going until after the two debates are over. But I had a good laugh at the idea of Poilievre getting dressed up for his inauguration, and no doubt being told that he can’t wear his jackboots. But I doubt that he will ever get the call, because from what a little pigeon told me, there are some senior civil servants in Ottawa who are ready to denounce him as an evil bully who should never allowed to govern anyone again….

Simon said...

Hi Ottlib….You are always so admirably calm and rational, but in this case I think you are wrong. The Covidiots who are attacking Trudeau are not capable of acting rationally so great is their hatred for him. The toxic Trudeau haters have lit a fire that will not easily be put out, and until it is Trudeau will be in great danger. And I would be very surprised if somebody doesn’t try to kill him. The hate mongers in this country have taken us to a terrible place, and I’m afraid that nothing will ever be the same again…

ottlib said...

Simon...I do not believe that Justin Trudeau is in any immediate danger. I agree that long term that could be different because Canada has its own share of Maga idiots so it was only a matter of time before they rose up here. We should not be surprised by it and it is something we are going to have to live with unfortunately.

For now, all they want to do is provoke an over reaction from the authorities because then they can play the martyr and our media will eat it up, effectively changing the channel on a Conservative campaign that showing increasing signs of imploding. The last thing these people want to do is put Justin Trudeau in the position of gaining sympathy, and any real violence directed at him would do just that. We have a very small, vocal minority who hate Mr. Trudeau with a passion but the rest of us are kind, decent people who would feel bad if he were to be harmed in any way.

It is obvious that these protesters are being organized and those doing the organizing are telling them what to do and what not to do. One of the things they are telling them not to do is hurt the PM.