Friday, September 24, 2021

How The Con Media Is Trying To Steal The Election. Again.

It's hard to believe, but days after Justin Trudeau crushed the Cons and the NDP, some of those losers are still claiming that they didn't lose.

They won.

It was Justin Trudeau who is the real loser.

And our grubby Con media is going along with that farce, warning darkly that Trudeau's third term will be short and end badly.

With the Con fluffer John Ivison trying to please his Postmedia bosses, by claiming that Trudeau shall reap the whirlwind.

Trudeau fomented division for political advantage and now he owns it. He heads a minority government that will rely on the Bloc Québécois and/or NDP to pass its agenda and will likely face another election within two years. Will his party want to risk heading into another election with such a polarizing figure at the helm? Will he want to risk the ignominy of rejection? A re-elected Liberal candidate in Nova Scotia told one voter on the doorstep that another Liberal minority would likely see Trudeau forced out, so this is a live issue.

While the ghastly little Con dwarf Don Martin predicts that sooner or later Trudeau is going to take a walk in the snow.

It might take a year or longer before it becomes clear to him, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will eventually realize he’s finished.

The freeze-framed results of last night’s pandemic election are just too much of a stain on his mediocre record to allow him to fight the next one.

All of which is complete nonsense. Nothing more than desperate Con excrement.

Trudeau won a thunderous minority, that left his opponents so far behind you need binoculars to see them.

He saved a national childcare program, he saved our medicare system, he saved the rights of women from being butchered by the filthy misogynistic Cons, he saved the CBC from destruction, he saved the best plan to fight climate change this country has ever produced.

He stuck a fork in the side of these bigots who would torture LGBT kids...

With six of them losing their seats, including the monstrous SoCon Tamara Jensen who called gay Canadians "unclean."

Who will from now on be seen standing on some street corner preaching her unclean garbage.

Which is yet another reason Justin Trudeau is the Liberal Party's biggest asset, who powered his team to victory.

While Erin O'Toole and Jagmeet Singh are the biggest losers.

And as I said on Twitter, so is the Con media.

All of which has made Trudeau, with his three election victories, one of the greatest Prime Ministers this country has ever known.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on Justin Trudeau, many of them unnecessarily extreme, but his record is a progressive tour de force.  Though only in power for six years, he has refined the NAFTA agreement, developed a somewhat credible plan on carbon reduction, welcomed a successful share of global refugees, centred indigenous reconciliation in national policy, at least in words and sometimes in deeds.  Essential to people working in the anti-poverty movement, Trudeau has reduced child poverty to levels unseen in many years.

Six years ago, opposition parties, especially the Conservatives, delighted in publishing claims that the young Liberal leader just wasn’t up for the job.  They aren’t saying that anymore, as Trudeau has displayed a certain savviness that gains global respect.

Toxic Trudeau hate has infected this country like syphilis, and it threatens our country and its values.

I'm proud that I was one of the first to recognize that threat, unlike most of the others at Progressive Bloggers who didn't lift a finger to stop it.  

And now I've never been more confident that we will destroy them, and that decency will prevail.

Hey all you Con kooks out there, I  know you are suffering. I feel your pain. 

So repeat after me: Four more years, four more years.

And let's party some more...


Anonymous said...

It won’t be four more years. Justin will be out in less than two.

Jackie Blue said...

Minorities have never lasted four years, dumbanon. That's what made the "unnecessary election" meme all that more stupid. But do continue drinking the fact-averse kool-aid.

As for Trudeau, I dunno, Simon. I feared the possibility of a "Pearson rule" being invoked; ironically there is no PET on the other end this time who could deliver any better. Thing is it's not just Cons who seem to think this is JT's "legacy phase." Chantal Hebert and Dale Smith say the same thing, although Chantal issued a caveat today (in an article nudging Cons to keep Tool around, probably written at the behest of the Star's new propagandist owners). Her assessment is that the Liberals won't have it any better without him, and might in fact have it worse.

For all the wear and tear accumulated over two terms in office, [Trudeau] remains a major political force.

Last Monday, the Liberals finished first in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. They secured representation in every region of the country including Alberta.

Any Liberal who feels the grass could be greener on the other side of the leadership fence should ponder whether any of Trudeau’s prospective successors could have delivered a victory as national in scope.

She goes on to say that someone like Freeland (or any non-Quebecer Anglophone) wouldn't do as well in Quebec, which seems obvious. After that Bloc seat flipped last night, he won the most seats there, and it was really only thanks to Shachi Kurl that he didn't get the majority. I mean by god, he broke through Fortress Alberta, while Tool lost seats and vote share compared to Andrew fucking Scheer. Yet everyone is calling to dump Trudeau? He'll leave when he wants to. Pablo says the caucus is fully behind him, and I can imagine there'd be repercussions for anyone who saw to it to ignite another civil war.

But I can still see him bowing out if only due to personal exhaustion and how nasty the attacks have gotten on his family. Although now I'm even seeing disapproval over Singh's lousy showing (see Lawrence Martin, Max Fawcett, Sandy Garossino, Evan Scrimshaw) so it's clear to me at least who ought to get turfed. Not Trudeau but the other yahoos.

That being said, if the Grit backrooms want to go ahead and shoot themselves in the foot, Freeland is Frenchy McCokeface's favoured candidate and she'll win the Bloc 50 seats. Recall how he wanted to see her at the helm during the peak of WeGhazi? They won't win in Quebec with an Anglophone from Alberta, and Canada is extremely hostile to female leadership. The Grit faithful would crucify anyone who attempts another kudatah over Trudeau fils. Trudeau won't set her up to fail, while Freeland is not going to be the next JWR, and attempts to sow discord in the ranks will only cause Liberals to circle the wagons.

BTW, who the fuck is that Liberal backstabber in NS complaining to the likes of John fucking Ivison? I want names. It can't be Sean Fraser, he's loyal to the PM. Whoever leads the Liberals next time around should decline to sign their nomination papers. Shame on them, whoever they are.

Steve said...

Not once will you hear the Tool lost two seats

Anonymous said...

The Liberals biggest problem is that they do not seem to be able to promote what they have accomplished.


Jackie Blue said...

So apparently he isn't going anywhere. Unless he decides to, for the reasons I outlined in my previous comment.

The reason: Fortress Toronto seems to still be his for the taking. The urban/rural divide benefits Liberals.

From TVO

Matt Gurney: Speaking of leaders, the Conservatives are already convening a circular firing squad to review O’Toole’s leadership, but there’s speculation about your guy, too. Trudeau has shed votes every election. Some of that is inevitable for any leader, of course, but do you get the sense that he’s a spent force politically? Does he hurt more than help? Would you have done better under Chrystia Freeland or Mark Carney?

Liberal campaigner: I don’t think so. I honestly don’t. Obviously, I’m biased, but in Toronto, at least, there’s still a positive Trudeau Effect. It’s tarnished, yeah. But it still helps. And, in Toronto, we can also play up local candidates. You know this person. They’re around. And they’re going to be in government. They might even be a parliamentary secretary or minister. Do you want to trade that for someone new, unknown, who won’t be in the government? I don’t see any rejection of Trudeau here. He held back a wave. He’s the prime minister. We’re still in power. Maybe in a few years, he’ll have to make some decisions about his own future. If we’d lost 30 or 40 seats, it’s a different conversation, but I don’t rule out him taking another kick at the can in ’23. I imagine there might have been some leadership campaigns that were ready to ramp up that might have to go back into storage now and wait a few more years.

Carney's a smart enough fellow but he's Iggy 2.0. Not gonna poach NDP votes by running a banker.

Freeland is great but she won't win Quebec. Neither will Carney for that matter.

Trudeau is Trudeau and he just got the Michaels back. (Another JWR clusterfuck now in the rear view mirror.)

If the Liberals are smart they will put away the Festivus airing of grievances. It's ride or die with J.T.

Simon said...

Hi anon@2:06PM... Only in your dreams. The Cons will soon be fighting themselves to decide who should lead them. And Jagmeet Singh will be making even a greater fool out of himself by threatening Trudeau with an election, even though his party is broke. I can't wait to see that, it should be really entertaining !!

Steve said...

Headline in National Disgrace. Majority of Canadians say Trudeau should resign.

Anonymous said...

Kenney's Alberta is open for the summer, locked down for the fall. Ford comes out of hiding and agrees to $10 day care. Zombie Post ups the anti Trudeau propaganda in the hopes it will get to suck the monetary life blood out of the CBC as reward. Meng signs a DPA of the type JWR staked her career on and presto the two Michael are back in Canada. The Con universe is unfolding as destined.


Simon said...

Hi Jackie....I really don't care what any on our so-called pundits have to say about anything anymore. Dale Smith is the only Ottawa journalist who survived the election with his integrity still intact. Chantal Hebert who blocked me on Twitter for no reason is just an aging windbag who is trying to cozy up to the Star's new right wing owners. The fact is Justin Trudeau is the best politician in the country, and the Liberals would not have held off the Cons and the DipperCons if he wasn't their leader. There are still quite a few old male Liberals from the old regime who are bitter because Trudeau gave them their marching papers, but this election should shut most of them up. Trudeau will quit when he wants to quit and not a moment sooner...

Simon said...

Hi Steve....Try to ignore the Con media. Despite their best efforts they failed to defeat the Liberals, and are now just throwing fecal pellets in every direction and to no avail. You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing, and the fact is the Cons and the NDP are the ones who are in big trouble, with two leaders who failed miserably, and the future belongs to the Liberals...

Simon said...

Hi UU...I agree that the Liberals need to do a better job of promoting themselves. I was not impressed by their TV ads, although I'm told they were much better on Facebook. But they have the best leader and the best policies, so fixing this problem shouldn't be too hard....

Pierre D. said...

This was never in doubt, about JT's tenure. He would literally have had to be thumped for it to come up, and as Scrimshaw (again!) ably points out on Twitter, there is no path for a CPC win...they are essentially a Prairies-ALberta Grievance Association (PAGA?) and no one in QC or urban Ontario wants to hear from them.
Thanks for posting that Hébert article, J.T. is far from done any imagine if he decides to fight dirty...

LOL! I love those zombie scribe interitles, they are a hoot! And they represent the rancid CON media so, so well...

Now, does that mean the LPC can be complacent? Hell no. But it does mean they have enough smart people to get it done. And, if the improbably happens and Justin Trudeau does not run, then Freeland would just crush the Cons. She won't play nice and she'll lose a few seats in QC (not many) but she can play to the Alberta crowd as well as anyone.

Meanwhile, we have some GOOD TIMES to celebrate, and I'm starting tonight with 5-cheese mac & cheese and some root beer! Woohoo!

Steve said...

I used to believe we could make a better society a just society. I don't believe that anymore and I explain here.

Jackie Blue said...

Steve, ignore that National Compost poll. It's junk. It's by DART/Maru, which leans so far to the right they make Nick Kouvalis look like a bleeding-heart Liberal. It carries as much validity as a Twitter poll or a personality quiz in the back of Cosmopolitan.

If Trudeau took the advice of John Wright (aka John Wrong) and John Ivison he never would have made it as far as he has today.

BTW, ToryStar this morning has another peek behind the blue curtain. Even they can't pretend anymore. Apt metaphor of Tool navigating the wrong path and sinking his helicopter into a swamp. Ironically there's no Chopper MacKay to play co-pilot this time.

Steve said...

Airshow is the proper name