Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Pathetic Return of the Con Zombie Stephen Harper

In October it will be five years since a pale, shell shocked Stephen Harper stumbled out into the night after being humiliated by Justin Trudeau, the leader he claimed wasn't ready.

Since that fateful night Harper hasn't had anything to say about why he lost the election.

But now in an interview with the right-wing talk show host Dennis Prager, Great Failed Leader is finally pointing the shaky finger of blame.

And believe it or not, he's blaming the Con media!!!

It's absolutely pathetic, and the Con media is going ballistic.

Which I find hilarious.

But then to be fair who can blame them? They did work so hard to get him elected.

Their news organizations had endorsed Harper and his Cons over and over again.

The American-owned Postmedia chain had made their bias only too obvious. 

The Ottawa Citizen, The Vancouver Sun, Fort McMurray Today, and other papers replaced their entire front pages with the flamboyant ads endorsing the Tories just days before the federal election. 

The spreads said either "Voting Liberal will cost you," or "Voting NDP or Liberal will cost you," followed by explanations of how those parties' platforms would affect voters. There was also a ballot-style checkbox marking a "Conservative" vote.

And the real reason Harper was bounced from power was because he was the worst prime minister in modern Canadian history, most of the people in this country were sick to death of him.

And they wanted a real Canadian prime minister...

And the even better news?

Andrew Scheer is proving to be a good student...

He's finishing what Harper started, and demolishing what's left of the Cons.

So one ghastly zombie....

Is now being followed by another...

The Cons are indeed the walking dead.

And after the next election there won't be many left...


Steve said...

Its bad for Canada but good for the world to expose fakes and Charleston.
For the panty wet bedwetter writters to write him off makes it all true.

Brian Dundas said...

Thank you, thank you, and thank you, Simon, for posting that endorsement graphic. That graphic needs to be posted with every blog post, every exhalation, every public opinion we living, caring beings in this fantastic country offer. Otherwise, the Con conspiracy fiction of "left wing media bias", the cowardly victim fantasy that has engulfed and doomed the Disunited States of America and cowered even the New York Times into bothsiderism will happen here, and then... the jig is up. The bias is Conservative. Always has been and always will be in corporate media. Because, dollars. Thank you for including that, and for making me laugh, in a sad way, for years now. We're avoiding a Trump, Putin, Modi, the dickheads in Turkey, Brazil, Scheer, others... but only barely so. You are an important voice of resistance, my man! I hope to read you until I'm dead, and then for a while after, at least until Stevie Nicks marries me in the afterlife and I don't really care anymore. Harper is a Cancer on Canada.

lagatta à montréal said...

Yes, I remember the Gazoo endorsing Scheer - think the edito is still up at their site.

Jackie Blue said...

Dennis Prager is a racist crank so Harper is really showing his true colors here (or white sheets). Reminds me of how the dotard is now attacking Fox for being deep state fake news LIBERAL media. Put Akin, Ivison, the entire lot of them right next to Cavuto and Coulter in the "you broke it you bought it" club. Stephen Trump, another pathetic right-wing narcissist and tinpot dick-tator who tried to move the Overton window so far he fell off a cliff. Nice hair though!