Sunday, November 05, 2017

The Sad Rise and Fall of the Con Dickhead Pierre Poilievre

For weeks Pierre Poilievre has been enjoying his moment in the spotlight again, attacking the Liberals as only the man known as Pee Wee or Dickhead can.

While our shabby Con media licked and sucked him like a lollipop.

And he must have felt like he was back in the good old days...

But then on Friday the conflict of interest commissioner finally clarified matters. 

Conflict of interest commissioner Mary Dawson says Finance Minister Bill Morneau is the only Liberal cabinet minister who currently holds indirect assets without a blind trust in place. 

And let the air out of his balloon.

Leaving Poilievre to gasp like a fish out of water, and his depraved leader Andrew Scheer to claim that God was on his side, and that Justin Trudeau was leading the economy to disaster.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary. 

"Let's talk about Justin," began a caustic Canadian campaign commercial supporting the Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper during the run-up to the 2015 election. That would be Justin Trudeau, whose Liberals were running last in a three-way race behind a confident New Democratic Party, and who'd been battered by a Conservative Party offensive that portrayed the modestly experienced 43-year-old as a callow lightweight who was "just not ready" for national power. 

Two years later, we've learned that actually, he was. First, Trudeau surprised his country of 36 million that October by leading a Liberal Party surge that gained 148 seats in parliament, the most in any national election. Then he became the second-youngest prime minister in Canadian history on Nov. 4, and Canada has led the developed world ever since in combined economic and population growth, currency gains, stock and bond performance, and robust corporate earnings.

And although the grubby Con media is doing their best to help Scheer with pathetic articles like this one. 

I mean is that journanimalism or what?

Or grotesque violent cartoons like this one...

It seems that although the race has tightened a bit, no doubt due to the Con media's avalanche of so called "fake news," public opinion remains firmly on the side of the Liberals. 

Two years after being sworn in with a majority government, the Liberals under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would have less than even odds in retaining that majority if an election were held today. 

But despite the reduced lead they hold over the Conservatives in the polls, the Liberals are still in a strong position thanks in large part to Quebec, where the New Democrats' falling support gives Trudeau the opportunity to make up for losses in the rest of the country.

Who are still, thanks to their overwhelming support in Quebec, in position to win another majority.

The average projection awards the Liberals 180 seats, well above the 169 needed to form a majority government. That's down just four seats from their performance in 2015.

So how can the Liberals still be in a position to win a majority government — even at coin-flip odds — with just a 5.8-point lead over the Conservatives? 

The reason is Quebec.

And as far as Justin Trudeau is concerned, I find this poll even more interesting.

Especially that result, which shows how popular Justin Trudeau is with millennials, who as the largest voting bloc will almost certainly determine the result of the next election.

Which suggests to me that the monstrous Andrew Scheer should spend even more time praying...

Because we are going to destroy him and his ghastly Cons.

Also, instead of running violent cartoons suggesting that Justin Trudeau should be hanged, the Con media should probably concentrate on hanging themselves.

Before we do it for them.

And as for Pee Wee Poilievre, now that he's had his fifteen minutes days of fame.

He can ride off again, and head back to the obscurity he so richly deserves...


  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    I've seen how some journos like David Akin and some CBC types, were praising Poilievre for what was essentially a fake scandal, and it was sickening. Have they forgotten what he did during the last part of Harper's mandate, and what a swaggering bully he was? Thank goodness most Canadians seem to know better, or we'd be in trouble.

    1. hi anon...I can't believe what a cheerleader for the Cons Akin has become, although I sometimes forget that he worked happily with Ezra Levant at Sun TV News. And as for CBC people praising Poilievre for what amounted to the worst kind of bullying, it is as you say sickening. I'm not one to believe in conspiracy theories, and I think we're just witnessing a pack mentality, but I do wonder if the Con media is just trying to make the Liberals pay for not giving them money to bailout their sinking organizations. And yes, let's hope Canadians know better, or we will be in trouble...

  2. Harpers friends are having a bad day. I hope we got cash for those striker vehicles.

    1. hi Steve...your post seems a little esoteric, but what is happening in Saudi Arabia is quite fascinating. Let's hope that reforming Prince has loyal bodyguards because I suspect he may need them...

  3. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Pathetic Pierre will have to return to attacking JT's socks or his hair or with the help of the Con MSM, make another mountain out of a mole-hill "scandal".
    Those that matter ie the majority of Canadians haven't forgotten what a douche Pierre Poifoismerde is so he and his irrelevant Con media can attack all they want because we have simply tuned them out.
    I've got to say Simon that the hangman cartoon is quite offensive. I wonder how the Cons and their media would have reacted to a cartoon depicting Harper about to get his head lopped off by an ISIS supporter? I'm guessing complete utter outrage.

    1. hi JD...yes, Poilievre's golden carriage seems to have turned into a pumpkin, but I fear he will be back. The Con media have made him the Con "star" of Question Period, and I can barely watch it anymore. As for that cartoon which was published in the Star it reflects the naked hostility so many members of the Con media seen to feel for Justin Trudeau. And considering the number of death threats he receives from Levant's crowd and others I think it's simply appalling, and a sign of how low political discourse in this country has fallen. It's tempting to simply turn off the TV and disengage from the internet, but that's what those Co hogs would want us to do, so there's no chance of that. As I like to say, if we don't destroy them, they will destroy us...

  4. Since I do not read the conservative press, Simon, can you please tell me where that offensive editorial cartoon appeared?

    1. hi UU4077...sure but brace yourself. It's a cartoon by Theo Moudakis, and was published in the Toronto Star. Once the Star was known as a a liberal paper, but not anymore....

  5. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Well, if Peabrain Poilivere got deflated like a loud whoopee cushion full of hot air, then I'm guessing so too did anyone who jumped aboard his squeaky-wheel bandwagon. That means Cullen, aka No-Hair Mulcair. Singh comes across as petty, vague, and clueless, while the fist-pumping brocialists setting the agenda for his party look no different from the drunken, pugilistic cons. He's just not ready! Nice beard, though.

    Nice to see, then, that the top quality millennials attribute to Trudeau -- and which causes them to favor him by a margin of almost 40 points over the obnoxious bigot Scheer -- is his compassionate nature and friendly personality. The world is full of a*holes, including and especially the bigly a*hole-in-chief below the 49th. Good to know there are still some people out there who appreciate a leader who has a good head on his shoulders (nice hair notwithstanding) and most of all, a kind heart. Plenty of courage too, Toto. Courage to do the right thing.

    Au revoir, Parti de Merde de Conservateur. The sunny ways rise in the north even as darkness continues to shroud the skies below the 49th. May these trends hold steady (and hopefully improve even better) onward to 2019 and beyond, and may Trudeaumania reign for a bigly yuge number of years.

    1. hi anon...I was encouraged by that poll on how Millennials feel about Justin Trudeau. And I know my province marches to a different drum so I am hopeful they will continue their support for the Liberals. But there is a lot to worry about in the rest of Canada, where a lot of people seem to have forgotten what the Cons are like in power, and the precious left spends more time fighting the Liberals than they do fighting the Cons. But they would have to kill me for me to ever give up hope in our ultimate victory on both sides of the 49th parallel. November is always the darkest month, but the lights of December I'm sure will cheer me up. And of course Trump's arrest will have me dancing in the street... ;)

  6. Anonymous9:15 PM

    The circus has really come to town in the form of the Panama papers and offshore trusts placing staunch Liberal party supporters and fundraisers right in the middle of the you are automatically guilty scandal. Fortunately 2019 is still a ways off but the wee prick and the holy man must be wetting themselves with glee.

    1. hi RT...yes, I needed another tax scandal like a hole in the head, and the thought of writing a post about the Paradise Papers was enough to make me want to call in sick and stay in bed all day. But I did write a post about it, if only to try to demonstrate the abominable hypocrisy of the Cons. They can try to sound as sanctimonious as Scheer can be, but their past will condemn them...

  7. John B.1:36 AM

    Never mind the Paradise Papers. Leo Kolber and the Bonfmans had as much influence with the old federal PCs (when they were led by one particularly notable former Prime Minister of Canada) as they have always had with the Liberals. Let's end this pillow fight so we can move on and accomplish something that all of us, including two particularly notable former and one current Prime Minister, can agree to. That would be our free trade deal with China.

    1. hi John...the Paradise Papers will be another distraction, just like the insensate bullying of Morneau was day after day after day. We are at critical time in this country's history, tens of thousands of jobs are at stake, but the Cons and unfortunately also the NDP just want to play political games. Let's hope we can move on, but I have to admit I'm not optimistic...

  8. e.a.f.7:49 PM

    poor pierre p. no scandals oh, what oh what will he do now? perhaps he can try to create some scandals. perhaps he can talk about that free trade agreement his old boss signed with Communist China or their lack of action on First Nations' issues. Oh, right his old boss got rid of the Long Gun registry. go away P.p.