Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pierre Poutine and the Heart of Darkness

He's still out there hiding in the shadows. His foul breath still hangs heavy in the air. But it seems the trail of the demon dialer Pierre Poutine has come to a dead end.

Elections Canada investigators tracking “Pierre Poutine” hit a dead end when the Internet address behind misleading robocalls in the last election led them to an open Wi-Fi connection in a private residence near Guelph.

So we may never know who tried to steal an election.

Court documents made public Friday show that investigators now consider the IP address “inconclusive,” raising doubt about when, if ever, they will wrap up the politically-charged probe that began more than 14 months ago.

Just like we may never know who attacked the NDP convention.

"The behaviour of the attack suggests that the attack organizers were reacting in real time to information from media — slowing down the attack in between voting rounds, and even temporarily pausing the attack when the NDP announced that the attack had been detected and IP addresses had been identified..."

But at least now there can be no doubt that both were sophisticated criminal operations, and that the police must be called in immediately to track down and arrest those responsible.

Because Susan Delacourt is right. This is no frat boy prank.

Somebody needs to answer questions like this one:

It seems unlikely anyone in the Burke campaign headquarters, which was located northeast of Guelph’s downtown, could have connected to a Wi-Fi signal on the opposite side of the city.

But in court documents, Mathews offers no possible explanation for how or why five campaign workers all signed on from the same IP address used by Poutine — and over a Wi-Fi signal nowhere close to their office.

And although I have a lot of respect for Al Mathews and his investigators, I really have to wonder whether they are equipped to deal with this kind of sophisticated cyber criminality. For why would they not say whether it was a static or a dynamic I.P. address?

Requesting DHCP computers receive a dynamic IP address (think temporary phone number) for the duration of that Internet session or for some other specified amount of time. Once the user disconnects from the Internet, their dynamic IP address goes back into the IP address pool so it can be assigned to another user.

Can they explain why if it was a randomly generated number did so many other campaign workers sign on to it? How deep is that address pool? And why did Poutine also use a proxy server in Saskatchewan to anonymize himself further?

But of course, what I really fear that this investigation won't be able to answer the larger and more frightening question. Is this cyber terrorism the product of one sick fanatic and his basement buddy? Or are a group of Con operatives running a cyber-warfare operation? 

And if so, who are those monsters who would stick a dagger into our democracy?

And what are they trying do to our beautiful country?

But I do know something eh? From what heart of darkness monsters like Pierre Poutine emerged.

From the diseased mind of a man who would treat his opponents as The Enemy and seek to destroy them by whatever means necessary.

From the man who brought Republican-style politics to Canada, and was prepared to do ANYTHING to win his precious majority. And is now prepared to do anything to build that pipeline to British Columbia. 

Yup. Never stop looking for those Con criminals. Jail them when you catch them.

Stand up for our democracy. Make Canada safe again.

Defeat this ghastly leader....

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Anonymous said...

Harper hired a many times convicted felon, Bruce Carson. Harper's exact words. I don't know why I didn't know Carson was a criminal. Harper did know and hired him anyway. And, we know exactly why, Harper needed a criminal to work for him.

Carson played the push for Canadian Petrol products, on behalf of Premier Redford and Harper. He was their godfather, so they say.

Go to,

Hold your nose, while you read their article.

Anonymous said...

You are no better. You see your political enemies in the same light, so don't be so high and mighty now.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...thanks for the link. You know I think someone is gong to turn the Carson story into an operetta some day. It's got everything, the old fixer, the former escort, The Big Oil quartet, Betty Crocker, and of course The Godfather himself.
Hmmm...if nobody with talent thinks of this I'll write it myself... ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I'm aware of the danger of becoming what you hate, and I'm no saint, but I assure you I'm not as bad as Harper. For starters, I'm not a liar, while his government has turned the Big Lie into an art. Also his world view is very cold and dark, mine is exactly the opposite. And he has always been vindictive, and I'm not. I just believe that progressives should not allow themselves to be bullied as they have been right from the beginning by the Harper government.
And that when they are, they should fight back rather than roll over....

Beijing York said...

So EC has hit a cyber wall and can get no further in this investigation? Why can't they call in cyber experts from the RCMP to help with such a crucial investigation? I am sure that had this been a case of tracing the IP addresses and those who set up a free wi-fi connection with respect to a child porn ring, they would be able to find all the culprits involved.

Simon said...

hi Beijing...I hope that the EC investigators are just checking their enthusiasm, because when I stand back and look down on that little scene,I see a lot of questions that need to be answered before they even think of giving up. And the RCMP should definitely get involved. If trying to steal an election isn't a serious crime what on earth is?

Anonymous said...

Criminals investigating criminals?

Read "Dissident Mounties threaten to expose force’s ‘orchards of Bad Apples’"


Pierre Poutine is never to be found. The head criminal Harper controls Vic Toews every action who over sees the newly Harper appointed RCMP commissioner/puppet. No Pierre, sorry, it was a just and fair election as seen from the con's criminal point of view.

The righteous outcome of the election fraud is a shut down of the Conservative Party of Canada for numerous and flagrant illegal activities as well as trying to subvert democracy, which is treason. Also this party was born as an illegal entity by Harper and McKay. It never intended to uphold the law in the first place.

"So! Mr. Orchard’s condition or conditions for supporting any other candidate then himself were written in stone, so to speak, there were no if ands or buts and Peter McKay bought the package and in essence David Orchard’s support.

[McKay lied to Orchard to gain his support]

In his acceptance speech he thanked David Orchard and reiterated his absolute acceptance of the decrees that garnered David’s support and the votes to capture the leadership over other aspiring candidates, The Condition that there would be NO merger with the Reform Party as heralded by the likes of Mike Harris and the Fraser Institute."


Then he stole his money...

Canada a criminal cabal and no longer a country for the people. Harper/McKay wasteland...