Friday, May 21, 2010

Stephen Harper Tries to Fool Canadians Again

Have you ever noticed that whenever Stephen Harper has been a naughty dirty little monster, he puts on his Mr Nice Guy mask, starts playing the piano.

And launches a charm offensive.

For the last few months he's been loading women into cattle cars and preparing to ship them back to the 1950s. Or condemning poor women in developing countries to death.

But now he says WHO? ME? a MISOGYNIST MONSTER? There must be some mistake.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he opposes any new abortion law for Canada and will vote against any of his backbenchers' attempts to bring in such legislation.

"My position is quite clear: I will oppose any attempt to create a new abortion law."

And look he's for gay Malawi.

So who says he's a homophobe?

And no doubt some will believe him. Even though as Lawrence Martin points out it's all part of his small tent politics of division.

Nowadays, even more than before, they’re into small-tent politics, the kind of thing that makes base supporters comfortable. That base is barely a third of the electorate, but owing to fractionalization on the left, a vote haul of this range is good enough to win.

So while a big majority of Canadian women might be pro-choice, there are probably enough anti-abortion advocates to cover off the one-third number the party needs. Conservative policy-making or shading in other areas such as gun ownership, climate change, gay rights and the Middle East can be done in a similar cynical optic. The biases of a one-third minority become triumphant. Small-tenters carry the day. Wedge politics – the politics of polarization – is the way.

The latest polls show that 30 percent of Canadians support his war on abortion. And that 34 percent would vote for him if an election were held tomorrow.

Which means that he's already done enough to convince his SoCon base that he's one of them. He has them in the bag. And all he needs to do is get another five percent from another group, to get the majority he craves to restrict abortion rights, eliminate gay rights, stack the Supreme Court with religious extremists, and change Canada beyond RECOGNITION.

All he needs to do is convince those who say don't trust him with abortion, but hate the gun registry, that he's not as bad as others say he is.

That he's just a good hockey dad...with pancake makeup.

And a harmless Beatle's LOVER...

But who can blame him eh? Because it worked for him last time. When he played the piano at the National Arts Centre a lot of Canadians, including women voters, swooned over him. And propelled him into majority territory almost overnight.

So will it work for him again this time? Who knows? All I know is that he won't fool me.

Because I judge a Prime Minister by his deeds not by his words. His record stinks of misogyny and homophobia. And I wouldn't trust ANYTHING this monster says.

And besides I've seen this movie heard this song before and it's always the same old thing.

First he does something really disgusting. Then he puts on his Mr Nice Guy mask.

Then he plays the piano.

And then the mask falls off...

Yup. I hope Canadians aren't fooled by Harper's new/old charm offensive...or his pathetic rock star groupie act.

Because he is still the most dangerous political leader in Canadian history.

And no decent person in this country will be safe.

Until the day he is DEFEATED...


  1. Harper says that he opposes a new abortion law for Canada. I would not be surprised if he got his majority, his government would bring in a new euphemistic law such as "The Women's Enhanced Reproductive Choice and Childcare Act." This act would ensure that women could be provided with "safe" abortions and maternal support. Imagine a new law requiring under-aged girls requiring parental permission to get an abortion. This would be so that "girls could get a 'safe' abortion." It's real purpose would be to prevent abortions.

    I think I mentioned before that Harper would not be stupid enough to enact laws with fines and imprisonment against women. Instead, his government could go after the abortion providers.

    Finally, governments of all political stripes usually don't support private members bills from their own parties. There is a lack of control over the content of these bills. Also, governments like to get credit for any actions they take. Stephen Harper may oppose private member abortion bills; he hasn't mentioned anything about government abortion bills yet.

  2. I've been too discouraged the past few days.

    I have an idea. Let's push for the seperation of Quebec; we'll turn it into something much like Sweden or Norway and invite all those normal folk who really have a distaste for a Harpercon totalitarian theocracy.