Monday, May 03, 2010

James Moore and the Con Plan to Divide Canada

Tabarnac. I see that James Moore has created quite a flap by showing his true colours.

Not just the colours of a Vancouver Canuck's fan. The colours of the Harper ReformCons who would divide this country.

It is the same old thing of splitting apart into an us or them. Us doesn't include the CBC, artistic elites, union people, city dwellers -- and Quebec. In a fractious, minority parliament situation, divide & conquer, shore up your base & cherry pick some ridings here and there might be the only way toward stability. But it's killing the country. Killing it.

Which is why Moore's comment -- coming on the heels of one of the most stunning comebacks by a team that a whole lot of "Canadiens" think of as "Canada's team" goes beyond tone deafness, into a very much darker corner of the current political climate.

A dark corner where these hideous Cons are preparing to play wedge politics with our country's future, by pitting English Canadians against the Separatist Menace i.e. Quebec.

Just like they did during the Coalition Crisis.

Consider the evidence: A big polling firm asks a very strange question.

...Whether I would support an election being called because the Bloc Quebecois should not be permitted to sign a confidentiality oath and therefore should not be permitted to see the documents.

And in the the House of Commons the other day, a question from Gilles Duceppe about transparency in government, elicits this bizarre response from an angry Stephen Harper

Mr. Speaker, the Bloc leader talked about what Quebec wants. Quebeckers have voted on this issue twice, and they have chosen to stay and to respect the vital role played by a united Canada. That makes the Bloc the only party to reject what the people of Quebec want.

The exchange was in French so most people didn't pick up on it. But I did because I live with one foot in each solitude. I'm a proud Québécois as well as a proud Anglo Montrealer who lives with a French guy from the Saguenay. And I can't tell you how much this kind of talk bothers me.

Because I can never forget how well it worked for Harper last time, and how UGLY it was.

And because I truly believe that if  the Québécois ever conclude that Canada doesn't want them they WILL separate. And that would be a monumental tragedy because this amazing French nation in Canada helps make us unique and wonderful.

The Cons are playing with fire. James Moore should know that. If he doesn't he's an idiot,  if he does he's worse. And in either case he doesn't deserve to be Heritage Minister of a complicated country like Canada.

And oh yeah...for the record. Although I'm a die-hard Canadien's fan, I would go for ANY Canadian team who could bring the Stanley Cup home to where it belongs.

So I'll be cheering for Vancouver, but hoping against hope that these guys win...

The good news? If these humble Habs can beat the mighty Washington Capitals. And take a game from the Penguins in Pittsburgh.

And we skate work as hard as they do.

We can defeat these hideous Cons before they kill our country....


  1. James Moore does not speak for the Canucks or BC. I'm a huge Canucks fan but I say with all my heart - Go Habs Go! What a great series that would be - Canucks vs. Canadiens.

  2. hi Jymn...I'm a bit surprised by Moore because he's not too bad...for a Con. And maybe he just tweeted without thinking.Because he wouldn't be the first one eh?
    But the timing is really bad. Because you don't have to work for Environment Canada to know which way the wind is blowing. This country was carefully put together by the genius of compromise. And confrontation could tear it apart. It's an American value, the Cons have poisoned this country with it, and if we're not very careful they could destroy it.
    As for a Canucks-Canadiens series... that would be totally AWESOME. Although, of course, if that happened, I'd have to hate Vancouver eh? ;)

  3. I'm not even really a hockey fan and his comments bothered me too. It's not that he chose Vancouver but that he generalized that his opinion was how Canadians felt, and living in the land of Les Canadiens, even if I'm an anglo too, it made me feel apart from Canada for a half-second till I remembered that this guy is the least Canadian among us.

  4. hi Prin... good point. He had no right to assume that. And as Minister of Heritage he should know better.
    But the Cons are always playing wedge games, I think they can't help themselves, it's practically compulsive.And the last time they pitted themselves against Quebec they soared into majority territory.
    Oh well... at least Gilles Duceppe made me smile when he was asked about Moore's comments.
    He said he's right.Vancouver is Canada's team. And the Canadiens are Quebec's team...

    I think I'm going to go down to the embassy of Tahiti tomorrow and inquire about political asylum... :)