Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Con Assault on Marci McDonald

Oh. My.Goddess. I see Great Wolf Leader's theocratic hordes are baying for the blood soul of Marci McDonald, for ripping the mask off their sinister little conspiracy.

They are desperately trying to discredit her book, yapping and yowling about how she's a paranoid nut job... just like them...just worse. Or accusing her of being an anti-religious bigot, when in fact she is religious herself.

But if this pathetic gibberish is the best they can spout.

They're in deep doo doo. 

Although I see Paul Wells joins the palpatine pulpit by accusing McDonald of exaggerating the threat.

I think she overstates the influence of Christian conservatives in Stephen Harper’s Ottawa in a way that saps her book of too much of its credibility.

But admits that he himself has written about the subject:

In one of the most-read and most-remarked pieces I’ve written this year, I went on at some length about the influence of social conservatives, including what she calls Christian nationalists, in Harper’s Ottawa. I myself have argued that there’s a real presence with real clout. So what’s got up my nose this week?

So I humbly suggest that what's stuck in his nasal passage is this sour grape pickle.

The Armageddon Factor is a fascinating account of the growing sophistication, diverse agendas and increasing political clout of a reinvigorated, well-organized Christian right in Stephen Harper's Ottawa -- a movement that has blossomed, almost un remarked, under the noses of the secular mainstream media.

Yup. Right under their big noses. Forget the grapes and give me some tomatoes. Because that's the story isn't it?

A powerful group of theocons comes together in the very heart of our government, starts an American style culture war, uses Old Testament prophesy to shape  policy, and give themselves the right to discriminate against groups of Canadians just because of who they are. 

And the mainstream media MISSED it. Blew it. Couldn't connect the dots. Or were too chicken  to even look. So Canadians had no idea what was going on, and this unholy mix of religion and policy, this assault on our secular values,  just went on and on.

Even though it was an affront to our democracy, and the way the Cons have governed should have provided them with more than enough clues.

Strikingly, the new right's rhetoric rings with Old Testament vengeance and is conspicuously missing Christian charity. That punitive, disapproving tone -- whether it springs from religious wrath, or cultural alienation -- seems embedded in the Harper government's DNA.

Should have alerted them that something screwy was going on, and that Stephen Harper was more than just a sinister control freak.

Or just a failed fiscal Conservative...

But the old Con wolf managed to draw the wool over their eyes. Those dumb little scribblers. Baaaaaaaaaah.

Oh well, at least the story is out now. And everywhere I go I hear people talking about it. Did you hear about the religious cult in the Prime Minister's Office eh? Do you think Stephen Harper knew about it ? And when I tell them he's the ringleader, they are even MORE shocked.

And of course now even the Con rabble will be OUTRAGED.

Outraged I tell you. I can hear them now. Can you believe that eh? They spent almost a million bucks on Bibles !!!!!! Instead of fixing up the hockey arena, and buying us a new Zamboni. !!!!! If they want Bibles they should pray pay for them themselves !!!!!!

It's the perfect TRIFECTA.  The timing is indeed divine. First came the attack on women and gay people and groups like Rights and Democracy. Then came the book. Then came the Bible Scandal. Now only an idiot can't connect the dots. So even our blobby media can hope for redemption. 

Yup. These ReformCons can attack The Armageddon Factor all they want. But the more they attack it, the more people will hear about it, and the more they will believe it's true. Because these Cons are so secretive, and lie about EVERYTHING, almost nobody believes anything they say anymore. They are impaled on their own petard cross  monstrosity so to speak.

And now we are going to hit them where it HURTS.

Which reminds me....does anyone know where I can get some video of some sinister monks chanting desperately, and some human skulls...with Christmas lights in their sockets.?

Because I'm making this new attack video eh?

And the video I got today of the theocons in the PMO trying to pray Marci McDonald away, and get The Rapture to come TOMORROW.

Isn't really scary enough...

Or is it?

Was that Jason Kenney in a diaper? The naughty boy.

Hallelujah. We have the Cons where we want them. 

And Marci McDonald is a Canadian hero...


  1. Yep, the Blogging tories are in emergency shrieking mode now. I think their blood pressures have collectively hit new highs.

    It's like climate change. They do their damndest to fight feverishly to ram down our throats that climate change is a hoax rather than admit they can't give up their wasteful and selfish ways.

    Same for the Armageddon Factor, instead of admitting this exactly what they want for Canada, they deflect and dismiss as rantings of the looney left

    And it keeps going, and going.

  2. Ezra Levant screaming today on CBC, calling McDonald a bigot, was typical of the lies and misdirection these wingnuts pull out every time they are confronted with the truth of their own 'secret' plans. He did not address the actual facts he said were wrong in the book; he just blasted the author. I just finished the book. It is finely-balanced and lets Harper off easy, giving him the 'moderate' term, something the wingnuts have not acknowledged. The transportation of the Catholic kids at the recent Ottawa rally was paid for by Canadian citizens gives even more credence to McDonald's point.

  3. Anonymous5:48 AM

    Thank you for the link.


    Blog on!

    Bene D

  4. Nick Van der Graaf7:22 AM

    THANK YOU for your comment re the real story is how the media missed it. They are cowed by the Tories. So are the Opposition, who I haven't heard a peep from.

  5. Let's imagine that Harper ran a majority government. What laws would He enact? On the issue of abortion, I don't think His government would enact an outright ban on abortion. That would be too easy. Instead, I think the Conservatives would enact some convoluted laws that could effectively ban abortions. I don't think the Conservatives would enact laws with fines and imprisonment against women. Instead, they would go after those who provide abortions--the doctors and pharmaceutical companies. The government may limit the time that doctors can provide abortions, e.g. first trimester. The may provide for prosecution if a woman receives complications due to an abortion. They may cut health funding to provinces that provide abortions--a de-facto de-listing from Medicare. A woman would still be able to receive an abortion in the second (and possibly third) trimester, but it would be on her own dime. The government could impose a minimum age-of-consent for abortions such as age 16 or 18. Anyone under-aged could required parental approval. All of these laws could be legislated under a euphemistic "Providing Enhanced Safe Abortions for Women Act."

  6. hi ck...the Blogging Tories are about to blow a gasket? EXCELLENT.
    Please tell me when the final eruption is about to happen eh?
    Because I want to watch it on TV... :)

  7. hi Jymn...Ezra Levant on the CBC? Whew. I'm glad I missed that one.
    There's far too much of Porky Boy in the MSM these days as far as I'm concerned.
    Can't we swap him for David Frum? He's sounding almost reasonable these days.
    I'm looking forward to reading the book, although it's probably very expensive so I might have to steal it from the library. ;)
    Seriously though...whatever the Levantines say about the Armageddon Factor, Marci is a respected journalist, in 400 pages you can disagree about this or that, or you can hate her dramatic flair, (I don't)or whatever, but the weight of the evidence she presents is overwhelming. Especially, as I mention in the post, when the actions of the Harper regime speak for themselves.
    I am sorry to see that no journalist in this country has managed to pin the tail for this state of affairs on the rabid donkey Harper...even though he runs a one-man government and NOTHING happens if he doesn't approve. But don't worry Jymn I'll take care of that one... ;)

  8. hi Bene D....your welcome and thank you for doing such a good job of rounding up the reaction. I'm sorry I didn't have the time to take Stackhouse's ridiculous post apart.
    Especially the bit about the secularity of Quebec, and how McVety was right. I mean REALLY. McVety is never right about anything. And if Quebec is secular it's because it endured about three-hundred years of Catholic dictatorship, and enough is enough eh? Could somebody please explain the Quiet Revolution to that idiot, because I don't have the time or the patience... ;)

  9. hi know I didn't realize how pissed off I was about the pathetic way the MSM has ignored or dismissed this story, until I started to write this post. Nobody is asking for a witch hunt against Christians. I mean some of them are my best friends eh? ;)
    What we need to expose is the way a small group of powerful Cons are using their extremist American-style religious beliefs to shape government policy. Because in a democracy that's INTOLERABLE...
    And yes like the media the opposition doesn't dare say anything either lest they be accused of being anti-religious, which is both irresponsible and cowardly.
    Sometimes it makes me want to give up, but of course we can't....

  10. hi Skinny Dipper...yes I completely agree with you. I have also heard some talk about a committee of doctors that would be required to approve every abortion. Although Harper is a great manipulator he shrinks from personal confrontation.
    But if he gets a majority a stream of order will be pouring out of the bunker, and he will change Canada beyond recognition. As far as I'm concerned he already has, but it can and will get worse.I'm quite sure I'll e proven right on that one, but of course I'd be only too happy to be wrong... for once. :0