Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Ugly Cons and My Beautiful Quebec

At a time when I sometimes have trouble recognizing my Canada. Because although it is so beautiful so many things I see these days are so ugly.

Like a provincial government defending those who would discriminate and humiliate gay people.

Saskatchewan's top court has reserved decision on legislation that would allow marriage commissioners to say "I won't" to same-sex couples who want to say "I do."

Or a great organization like Planned Parenthood  waiting helplessly to become the latest victim of the Harper government's evil war on women.

In London, International Planned Parenthood Federation is waiting for a call from Canada that will preserve life-saving programs that help 31 million women and children.

But nearly a year after the U.K.-based organization tried to renew its $18 million grant – and on the eve of a G20 summit Harper has focused on maternal health — the line from Ottawa is silent.

Or so many in English Canada, including some progressives, still debating whether Stephen Harper is really a threat. Even though nobody can predict what he might do if he ever got a majority.

If a prime minister is to be judged by his deeds rather than by his words, one should not count on Harper to stand against the anti-abortion tide of his caucus.

At a time when all of this is going on, I can't tell you how crazy happy I was to read this.

In a concerted broadside against Ottawa, Quebec legislators have unanimously challenged the Harper government’s stance on abortion and asserted women’s right to choose.

“Abortion is an inalienable right and the consensus expressed in the National Assembly reflects the consensus on this issue in Quebec society...That battle is over and here there is no turning back.”

Or how proud I am to be a Quebecer.

They passed a gay rights law thirty years before the rest of Canada did. They honour the memory of women killed by guns. They provide a good but affordable daycare program. They are building  a whole bunch of new shelters for battered women. They have a government task force on homophobia. They reject harsh punishments and rehabilitate their juvenile delinquents better than anyone. 

And now they are telling the religious extremists and the Harper government where to get off.... 109 to ZERO.

My beautiful Quebec. The last bastion of Canadian values.

Stephen Harper knows that, that's why he's planning to campaign against Quebec in the next election, and his AmeriCons are already muttering about  a "separatist coalition."

As if Canadian progressives didn't have a right to join forces with a people who not only share their values they are keeping them ALIVE in the darkness. But then Harper knows what so many forget. That if Quebec ever left Canada this country would be Conservative. FOREVER.

Just like Britain would be Conservative if my beautiful Scotland ever seceded.

Yup. The Québécois. Understand them. Embrace them. Join with them to protect our precious Canadian values. Celebrate them like I do.

For they are truly SPECIAL...

And I gotta feeling that if they are ever forced to leave this country because they don't recognize it anymore.

I'll know that Canada has become Amerika.

And I'll be going with them...


  1. Me too! *high five*

  2. Boy this is a common and heartfelt them on the prog side of the board. I agree.
    Perhaps we should start a new federal political party with some principals and call it Canadian BLOC.

  3. "My beautiful Quebec. The last bastion of Canadian values"

    Sure and it’s the only province which has 41% support for a party who’s goal is to break up the country.

    Funny I didn’t think Canada was founded on ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME … Followed by ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME we have a distinct culture wake up call so does every other section of the country they just don’t think its more special then everyone else’s nor expect everyone else to pay for it.

    I support Quebec’s right to leave confederation, but shut up or put up. I would also have a little respect for the BLOC if they out right refused to accept more federal dollars then Quebec as a province puts in. Anything else is just accepting bribes from federal masters.

    The last bastion of freedom as long as your signage is in French and if you wear a hijab your not welcome either. Funny ideas on freedom Quebec has.

    Last time I checked Quebecers get to retire earlier and have near 100% funded day care and many other socialist programs that the rest of Canada foots the bill for as Quebec has been a have not province for quite some time. Which is all fine if you paid your own bills but you don’t and you act like a spoiled child treating to run away if you don’t get you way. The rest of Canada is sick of it the closest thing to someone else that support’s you is Ontario and they are now a have not province also.

    I love the monument to women killed by guns. The 2 Billion spent on gun control that has been a total flop without any measurable positive effects other then that of trends that existed since the 70’s. It’s not like 2,000,000,000 dollars could have retrofit every hospitable in Canada with a brand new MRI at 3,000,000 a piece and helped to put a roof over the heads of the thousands of women that wont find a shelter bed tonight. With millions more left over to combat at risk youth. Along with hundreds of other programs we know help at risk people. A monument doesn’t put a roof over ones head or food in there bellies. Though it sure does make a good sound bite.

    “Yup. The Québécois. Understand them. Embrace them. Join with them to protect our precious Canadian values. Celebrate them like I do.”

    Yes, you to can live on Dads (Western) money while proclaiming to being liberal and independent while putting down a small cultural group and telling them what they can and cant wear and when. Its okay though we accept homosexuals though and most other cultural groups unless they want to sign the store they own in the language they choose if it’s not in French get bent.

    Yup the Canada I want to live in can I get my subsidised life please.

    Quebec needs to grow up especially if it is going to go it on its own.

  4. hi prin...yes I could live in an independent Quebec if Stephen Harper ever gets a majority. But I'm hoping it won't come to that because I do love Canada with all my heart.
    I wrote this post after seeing that new poll, so I was a little blue because it shocked me to my core. How could Harper actually gain support after bashing women like he has? What are Canadians thinking ???? I just don't understand that and I never will. What I do understand is that I'm going to have to fight the Cons even harder than before because they will not steal my country that easily...

  5. hi Peter...I have noticed people right across the country saying nice things about the Bloc. And if I could vote for Gilles Duceppe for Prime Minister I probably would.
    But what truly bothers me is that many English Canadians, and not just Cons, hate Quebec with a passion. And as a person with one leg in each solitude I can honestly say that Quebecers don't feel that way about English Canadians.
    And the worst thing is that although the sovereignty option isn't going anywhere, and the Bloc can do NOTHING to make that happen, the separatist bogey man is being used to prevent a truly progressive coalition from developing.
    It's crazy and it's killing this country.
    As for your idea about another party I think it's a good one.
    I don't know if its the solution, but we need some new and bold ideas. We're still a young country for chrissakes. We can still be anything we want. But I fear we're just getting more and more Americanized, we're losing sight of what made us a very successful country, replacing compromise with confrontation, and I am sure it's taking us to a place, where when we wake up, we will not want to be...

  6. hi Paul...Golly...I thought I was the emotional person and you're the cool rational one. ;)
    Seriously though your comment is so full of wrongheaded thinking I don't know where to begin. Although it does prove my point that the hate for Quebec is completely irrational.
    Firstly let me just say that Quebec doesn't have to grow up. Those Frenchies have been here twice as long as the other white people. And the society they are building there is closer to an advanced European society than any other part of Canada. Or do they have to grow up too. But of course we try to model ourselves after the United States. What a great model. NOT.
    Secondly, the money Quebec receives is governed by the same rules as everybody else. And if Quebec chooses to spend their money on social services good for them.
    Thirdly, the language legislation is widely supported even by anglos in Quebec,and it took the wind out of the sails of the sovereignty movement by making Quebecers feel more secure that their culture could be preserved. And isn't it a good thing to have a province like that in our country? Something that makes us different from the Americans, and harder to totally absorb.
    Fourthly, I believe Quebec and Canada are born to be moody lovers. But as long as they stick together and they're still lovers, that's OK with me.
    You know I'm going to write more on this subject because I believe that like the frog in the pot, a lot of English Canadians don't really understand what creeping Americanization is doing to our culture, our politics, the way we deal with each other.
    We're still stuck in that old rut, whether to be more British than the British, whether to be more American than the Americans. Or whether to be true to ourselves Canadians.
    And you know which one I prefer.
    So you just tell those cranky old farts in Alberta that if they don't like it they can go vote for Sarah Palin...and take their province with them... ;)

  7. I will never forget that if it wasn't for Quebec the last election probably would have given that evil bunch of cons a majority. Why can't people see through Harper? Thanks so much for your blog-it is a lovely place to come to.

  8. Simon, you're not the first to want to come to a sovereign Quebec should Steve get his majority. Hell, I think even Shelley, one of your commenters here asked me in my comments section to my blog asked me if she could come and join me in Montreal, because of really kooky,ooky spooky Harpercons from her province.

    Shelley, you're always welcome, as are you Simon, and others like them and families/ life partners: I will be the first the to extend the welcome wagon.

    Yes, our MNAs who have been scrapping bitterly over the last while because of Charest and the QC Libs scandals, got together, declared a temporary truce for that unanymous vote. It's moments like these that make me proud to be a Quebecer.

  9. Oh Simon, about Paul's lamenting over our social programs. Google search for a Gazette article about QC finance minister, Raymond Bachand slamming Ex-lax Max Bernier over the head.

    Max, touting thee typical Alberta party line, saying they pay for our social programs.

    Bachand was right; something Paul and others ought to remember; we pay higher taxes to support our programs than say, a typical Albertan.

    If Albertans are that jealous of our social programs and want them there, then they would have to pay higher taxes; simple as that.

  10. I don’t hate Quebec just sick of its demands.

    Where did I say Quebec should not be able to spend its money as they wish I didn’t even say they should not get it. What I said was no self respecting separatist would accept money from federal masters. What I also said was I’m sick of Quebec acting like a spoiled child spending dads money and at every step poking him in the eye with a stick.

    The BLOC is all about QUEBEC it’s not about building a better Canada. This does not make for a good coalition for the rest of the country. Good for the spoiled child, but not good for a nation.

    “I can honestly say that Quebecers don't feel that way about English Canadians”

    That is generally the case by the group getting the better deal.

    Why would they francophone’s make up approx 21% of the population, but make up 31% of the federal service. English Canada pays the bills

    Oh I see its okay to quash the freedom of expression / speech of those that want to express themselves in languages other then French. As long as the majority is okay with that congratulations on picking and choosing which minorities get protected.

    “So you just tell those cranky old farts in Alberta that if they don't like it they can go vote for Sarah Palin...and take their province with them... ;)”

    Maybe then Quebec should not accept the money from cranky old dad Alberta provides. Maybe they would not be as cranky if Trudeau had not given them the finger.

  11. hi Shelley...yes people have short memories don't they? Quebec saved us from a Con majority, and may save us again. BTW I forgot to mention that in Montreal the Harperites are presently polling at ELEVEN percent.
    If this keeps up they're going to have to use a microscope to find their supporters.
    And thank you for your kind words. "A lovely place to come to."
    I like that a lot... :)

  12. hi CK...yes what with the National Assembly acting in a decent fashion, and the Canadiens winning, it's almost like the good old days.
    But that's a good point about paying higher taxes than people in Alberta do. I shall certainly certainly beat Paul over the head with that one... ;)

  13. hi Paul...why do you insist on infantilizing Quebecers, I told you they are much older than we are.
    In future please use that other stereotype of the ooh la la lady I like that one better. ;)
    Also remember the money doesn't go to the Bloc Quebecois, it goes to the provincial government, and we pay taxes.
    Which reminds me did you see what CK said? We pay higher taxes to pay for all those social programs.
    And BTW when you say "dad's money" does that mean Stephen Harper's money? Because you know he's been spending OUR tax dollars like water trying to buy votes, and as a fiscal conservative you should be annoyed. And hopefully the Auditor General will be OUTRAGED.
    But look c'mon you're better than that. I can understand you getting mad at me over the gun registry, but not for standing up for one of the groups that make up this vast country. There really is room enough for all of us, nobody's moving anywhere, and the more we celebrate our diversity the happier we'll be...

  14. Paul, if you stopped swallowing the kool-aid the Harpercon media keeps serving you and actually stopped and thought for yourself a moment...but then that is the probleme with most of you isn't it.

    Alberta only doesn't support us. We pay higher taxes than you do to support our programs.

    Another thing, much like Europeans, we know how to take to the streets to protest anytime the government tries anything.

    We got the proposed 25$/visit to health care system abolished.

    What I said was no self respecting separatist would accept money from federal masters.

    Paul, got a news flash for you; we pay federal taxes just like everybody else does. Until that changes, why shouldn't we have equalization payments?

  15. CK,

    I’m not a Conservative of the Harper brand. I am a Libertarian who is a fiscal conservative social liberal. I have not drunk the Harper kool-aid. Given my options I only have one party that is even remotely interested in my rights and that happens to be the Conservatives.

    I find it amusing how badly you have interpreted my statement of no self respecting separatist would accept money from federal masters. No where did I say Quebec did not deserve those equalization payments.

    I know you pay higher taxes and more liberal social programs it makes it more costly to do business. On your own those taxes would have to increase or be cut because without the free money from the rest of the country you would have to make up the difference.

    You do pay federal taxes, but you get back more then you pay in. Get it yet?

    Ah yes Europeans and protests the piper is going to have to be paid at some point Greece had a rich history of those kind of protests actually so does the other countries in the biggest danger of Greece’s fate.

    No matter what way you slice it or dice it the rest of Canada picks up the tab at the end of the day for Quebec.


    I am not overly outraged about the AG getting access to MP budgets. The spending is already audited and to a specific standard. That said it’s a stupid stand by all parties except the BLOC.