Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Should the Gay Pride Parade be Cancelled?

OMG. Pass me a towel. I see that the hideous Con nerd Tony Clement is still spitting out the Big Lie that his decision to cut funding to Toronto's Gay Pride Festival is not buh buh buh bigotry.

The Conservative government defended its decision not to grant money to Toronto’s Gay Pride festival this year, saying the event is a victim of its own success, not social conservative ideology.

And that the fags can puh puh puh pay for it themselves. Because you know gays are loaded eh?

Even though it is bigotry. Even though many gays are poor. Even though as the homophobic haggis Barbara Kay points out, the festival stands to lose even more funding.

Under pressure from voluble anti-QAIA city councillors, taxpayers' associations and activist Jewish gays rightfully offended and discomfited by QAIA's hateful messaging, Toronto may cut its funding to Pride - we'll know in a few days - and it's unclear whether the Ontario provincial government will contribute the same $350,000 this year that they gave in 2009. Apparently several sponsors already have quietly dropped their endorsement over the QAIA issue, as the Pride Toronto website as of May 9 shows only two corporate sponsors, TD Bank and Labatt Breweries. Proctor and Gamble and Pepsi Cola were there a month ago, but seem to have decamped, along with others.

And the Cons gave more than one-million dollars to the Calgary Stampede for the second year in a row. Even though it charges admission and has a list of sponsors as tall as an oil rig.

While the Gay Festival has almost none.

And it's expensive to hold a free party for a million people...most of them straight.

When you don't get any money, but the city does.

“(The) Pride (festival) leaves a $100 million economic footprint, creates 650 jobs and generates $18 million in tax revenue.

But here's the thing eh? For me the Gay Festival is about more than a parade. It's a week-long gathering to celebrate our very survival in the face of the brutish bigotry that seeks to diminish or kill us. A chance to showoff our artists, and show closeted seniors or kids that they are not alone.

So maybe we should cancel the parade. Or hold it in a closed stadium and charge admission.

Or maybe this is enough.

A  week-long private party just for OURSELVES.

And if the city doesn't like it tell them to blame the Cons or THEMSELVES.

I'd be sorry not to be able to entertain all those straight people in Toronto. Or soak them with my water gun.

But since so few of them have come to our defence. No editorials, almost no blog posts from those who should know that this not just a parade. Just a torrent of hateful comments in all the Toronto newspapers. About how  it's so PERVERTED. 

Maybe they don't deserve it.

Maybe it's time to let everybody know that we are fighting for our survival.

We can only count on ourselves.

And we are not a PARADE...


  1. Based on Conservative ideology, why would the Conservatives be funding events that are not very successful? Shouldn't only the fittest survive?

    If QuAIA is a problem, why aren't the Conservatives funding other Pride events across the country where there is QuAIA is not present?

    Why are the Conservatives funding "white" or "rural" events such as the Burlington Ribfest and different country music festivals? Why no funding for the (South Asian) Desifests? The Ribfest is just a way for vendors to sell their overpriced ribs and sauces. Yes, there's lots of country music. I guess the vendors' fees can't pay for the musicians. The government needs to help.

    The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto must really suck if it needs funding from the government. Personally, the group that I think really deserved funding, but didn't get it, is the Toronto Maple Leafs. They really sucked this year!

  2. Without Federal Government Funding how has Toronto's Caribana survived throughout all these years? And their parade costumes and music are elaborate.

  3. I'd cut the government's funding, but then I'd be arrested for tax evasion. (Plus I like bike paths that are actually paved, come to think of it.) But while I'm paying for tourism packages that contribute to events like Ribfest and two (count 'em) balloon festivals, I would hope that at least one gay festival would be represented.

  4. As a fiscal conservative I don't see why any festival is federally funded. Except maybe in the first few years or for something that is part of a visit for heads of states.

    If they have such a great impact economically those that profit from the festival should foot the bill its not the tax payers responsibility to subsidize the costs of of doing businesses.

  5. hi Skinny Dipper... the important thing to remember is that the funding program is supposed to help attract tourists, and when you attract a lot of people you need funding to pay for things like security and the clean-up. And yes the Royal Agricultural Fair really doesn't need the money, and all the money in the world isn't going to bring tourists from Japan to the the Burlington Ribfest. Although I would go if I could get there because I LOVE ribs !!! :)
    At the heart of it all is the simple fact that a Canadian government is discriminating against an oppressed group just because of who they are. And that is truly EVIL...

  6. Hi CQ...the Caribana festival is a wonderful festival but it doesn't attract the number of people in the street as the Gay Festival does. Caribana also charges pretty steep (for me) ticket prices to almost all their events.So it's not the same thing. Although I have to say because it is also more than a party, it's a celebration of a culture that is also discriminated against, I think it also should have been funded...

  7. hi Mark...yes that's a good point...it's OUR tax money too. Maybe we can organize a gay teabagger's group, refuse to pay our taxes, and all go to prison together. That would be fun wouldn't it? ;)
    Seriously though, all these arguments the Cons have been putting up are nothing but a farce. If we look at what they have done to the gay community since they have come to power, it's obvious that it's just naked bigotry. And THEY should be in prison. Hopefully not at the same time as us, because having Jason Kenney as my bitch, suprisingly enough, is NOT one of my fantasies... :)

  8. Hi Paul...there's nothing wrong with that position, it sounds just what a fiscal conservative...like my Dad... might say. And after all with my Scottish blood I'm thrifty too. :)
    But the problem here is that the Harperites are handing out our tax dollars, and using ideology to decide who gets them. And that's not fair. And when you do that and other things to an oppressed minority it's not right...