Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Primper

He may be the ugliest, most sinister Prime Minister in Canadian history. 

But isn't it nice to know that he still has a primper to make him feel pretty? And that we're still paying for her.

The Public Accounts of Canada list an M. Muntean travelling among the prime minister's entourage at taxpayer expense for five trips abroad in 2006-07, five in 2007-08 and six in 2008-09. The data for 2009-10 is not yet available online.

A government source confirmed that taxpayers pay for Muntean's hotel and airfare when she travels with Harper, but the party covers all her incidental expenses.

Muntean assists Harper with everything from co-ordinating his suits and ties to picking lint off his jackets and overseeing his makeup and his hair for major speeches and TV appearances.

You know the way I see it... anyone whose job includes picking the dandruff  spittle lint off Harper's jackets deserves all the money she gets.

And a hockey dad does have to look pretty in pink at the rink eh?

Having a full-time personal groomer who travels the globe with the prime minister is a new development in federal politics. Harper is the first leader to employ such a primper on staff, an odd juxtaposition given the guy-next-door, hockey-dad persona the prime minister likes to cultivate.

On the other hand Jason Kenney and John Baird polish his ugly ass at least three times a day for FREE.

So I want my money back !!!!!

Athough I suppose there's a bonus eh? The next time she he performs in public instead of singing "With a Little Help from My Friends."

He can sing "With a Lot of Help from My Michelle."

Or this song...


Anonymous said...

This is the one percent of the time that I don't agree with you.

I work with photographers, videographers, models, non-models, hair and make-up, all those sorts frequently in my job. I have to say, that if the Prime Minister (I'm not defending him, I'm defending the head of Canada) is to look good, dress well, then he needs, at least part -time for media and large audience events, a stylist. Somebody needs to make sure he doesn't show up in the same suit all the time, that his hair looks good. Believe it or not, someone needs to shop for ties and shirts and suits for him. He is The Talent. The same would go for Ignatieff, or for Olivia Chow, or whomever might someday hold that office. The PM doesn't just hide in a back room. He/She is the visual representation of the country some days, and most people have no idea how to dress themselves or do their hair, or choose their colours, the way a professional stylist does.

Anonymous said...

Why do all Conservatives have Lego Like Hair?

Anonymous said...

Why does Harper need a primper?

Nearly everyone else looks fine most of the time before cameras so what makes Harper special?

What's a wife for if she can't make sure her husband's presentable before going out the front door?

Actually, the whole primper thing caters to his narcicissm.
Nothing quite like feeding an ego!
And we know Harper has ego to spare!

Simon said...

hi anonymous...fair enough, but you are being serious and I was just having fun. :)
I'm not putting down stylists, I've acted in a few plays in my life so far, and I know what magic they can create. What amuses me however is that Stephen Harper is always trying to portray himself to the rednecks of this country as some kind of jock, a manly manly man blah blah blah.
So I want them to know how Harpie gets his helmet head and his mascara. Because if I can get one redneck to change his vote I'll consider that a victory... ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...Lordy I don't know, but let me guess. Their brains are so small and so blobby they need all the protection they can get... :)

Simon said...

hi Torontonian...good question...but obviously if he didn't have one he'd be in big trouble. My personal observation during university was that if these con nerds don't have somebody following them around with a vacuum cleaner they'd be wearing their breakfast on their ties, and be followed by a swarm of flies.
However, since John Baird and Jason Kenney are busy taking care of his other end I have no idea why Vic Toews hasn't volunteered to lick his master clean. It's a scandal I tell you !!!! :)