Monday, May 17, 2010

When Homophobia is Everybody's Problem

Today is International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. A day that began four years ago in Quebec.

And is now marked all over the world. From the European Parliament to the homophobic hell of Jamaica.

Where gay people are routinely murdered.

It's a day to remember the youngest victims of this murderous hatred.

What do you do with a little boy who likes cross-dressing and playing with dolls? If you're George Alan Rekers, you "extinguish" the boy's feminine behavior with a sometimes violent Pavlovian regimen while your scientific team observes through a one-way mirror.

A day to remember those all over the world who suffer for who they love.

"If people or the world cannot give me the chance and freedom to continue living with him as my lover, then I am better off to die here in prison," the message said. "Freedom without him is useless and meaningless."

And sadly it's also a day to remember that right here in Canada Stephen Harper's foul Cons are openly discriminating against gay people. Waging a culture war against them.

In a country where gay kids are still terrorized in our schools, other gay Canadians are still being  brutally assaulted just for who they are.

And a lot of Canadians, including some progressives, still earnestly debate whether Stephen Harper is good or evil. And whether we could trust him with a majority. Huh?

Which is why I was so happy to see  what big tough Brian Burke had to say today.

"I hate bullies," Burke said Monday."We need to get to a point where bullying is eradicated, not punished, not a situation where tools are put in to deal with it — but to where it doesn't happen."

Isn't that great? If his son Brendan was alive he'd be so proud of his dad.

So what am I doing to mark the day? Nothing special really, just doing what I have done since I was thirteen when I first started fighting the homophobic bullies, with almost tragic results for me...and them.

Just spitting in the faces of homophobes...and all the other kinds of I will until the day I die. Because for me the day against homophobia and transphobia is every day of the year.

So I think I'll just leave you tonight with this video narrated by the great gay actor Sir Ian McKellen. To remind those who still don't get it, that homophobia isn't only a monstrous evil.

It's anywhere, it's everywhere, it's everybody's problem...

And enough really is ENOUGH...


  1. ... I can never call him Sir Ian McKellen... I don't dislike him for accepting it, but I will never recognize any honour bestowed by a monarch -- too much of a small-r republican. And *especially* if it's an honour bestowed on a Celt by a monarch of an occupying, colonizing bunch of wankers, to get all "Trainspotting" on ya... :P

    Other than that, Simon, great column! Hail brother, well met -- to the battlements; there's evil powers to overthrow! :D

  2. hi prin...thanks I needed that. :) I'm a pretty cheerful person but it is a depressing world...

  3. hi 'berto...thnks I'm glad you liked it. I thought the story of the little kid and the two lovers in Malawi were both so sad.
    As for Gandalf...I mean Sir Ian... yeah I agree with you his older name was better.
    But as for a Celt receiving an honour from the German Queen... I'm sorry to say my Dad got an O.B.E. (Order of the British Empire) from the hands of the kraut herself.
    I was of course horrified, but my English mum was overwhelmed, so what can you do? :)