Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Bev Oda and the Con Stooges

When I see John "Screamer" Baird carrying on like a clown in the House of Commons I can't help wincing with disgust.

At the sight of a gay man in a homophobic government, pleasing his master, and betraying his community.

So I can only imagine how women feel about that other miserable Con stooge, Bev "Limousine" Oda.

Who is trying to please her misogynist master, by claiming that poor women in developing countries don't need safe abortions.

"What I want to ensure is that that side of the House has done its homework,” she said under questioning from the Bloc’s Nicole Demers. “If they go to the USAID website, they will find that the USAID does not support the funding of equipment, the training of people who perform abortions, neither does it support research into abortion. They should do their homework. We know the facts and we know how to really make a difference for the lives of mothers and children."

By tap dancing all over those facts.

Or just lying.

The first step for avoiding maternal deaths is to ensure that women have access to family planning and safe abortion. This will reduce unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions.

But then why should we be surprised eh?

Because that hideous old Con has been betraying her gender for a long long time. 

Yup. Bev Oda and John Baird... two pathetic Con stooges.

Trying to please their ugly master.

Woof. Woof.

By tap dancing for their dinner...

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Tom said...

The major loss of life in developing nations re children is early post natal. This is because the mother doesn't usually have ready access to hospital facilities. More hospitals is the answer.
See Chile where abortion was illegal and Costa Rica where they are strictly restricted. In both countries, early post natal deaths have gone down steadily as hospitals have become more readily available.