Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stephen Harper and Mr Bubble

I was planning to write a post about this staged porker show.

The 30-year-old student from Winnipeg’s Red River College wanted to talk to the Prime Minister about the environment. She wanted to ask about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and she even censored herself by making her question a little tamer in hopes it would be picked. It didn’t happen.

She wasn’t the only one disappointed, either. Two students interviewed by Le Devoir, who did not want their names used, told the Quebec newspaper the questions they posed to the Prime Minister were re-written by his team.

They pointed in particular to the lone question on maternal health. “The initial question included mention of abortion but it as rewritten to remove the controversial passage,” one of the students indicated, suggesting it was altered by the “people in Stephen Harper’s office.”

Because is it really possible to be more totalitarian and cowardly than that?

But this guy said what I wanted to say first.

Stage-managing events is part of any leader’s political arsenal, but come on – are we really being led by a man too chicken to answer the genuine, spontaneous queries of a few wonky kids. What a coward. Ooooo, our poor wittle Pwime Minister is soooo afwaid of what those mean wittle childwen might ask him. WE MUST PWOTECT HIM!!

How sad it must be as Prime Minister to live in constant fear of being exposed to a query that hasn’t been massaged by Dimitri Soudas or bought a drink and tongue-kissed by Mike Duffy. The last time Harper was exposed to a genuine question, it ended with the words: “…fries with that?” And then Dimitri got out of the limo, berated the drive-thru cashier for his impudence and rewrote the question as, “How great are our Olympians again?”

So now I just want to say that a Prime Minister who is scared of questions from kids, and cowardly enough to attack the women and gay people of this country is capable of ANYTHING...

Oh boy. Does anybody remember what it was like when this country had a Canadian government and a REAL leader? Because I don't. 

How low have we fallen. When did we come to accept these totalitarian pantomimes as normal?

Gawd. Somebody please pwotect him ...and us... before the bwubble BWURSTS...

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