Monday, May 17, 2010

The Canadiens and the Sovereignty Curse

Like every other Canadiens fan I was stunned by tonight's result.

How could this happen I wondered. For the first time in the playoffs we outshoot a team and we LOSE?

And the brilliant Halak turns into a sieve. And I put the lucky wooden chicken I bought in Mexico on top of the TV and it doesn't WORK?

Monkey God what's HAPPENING ??????

And then I realized what was behind this shocking result. It was obviously the sovereignty curse.

In her closing speech to a Parti Québécois meeting Sunday, PQ leader Pauline Marois drew a parallel between her party’s goal of making Quebec a sovereign country and the Montreal Canadiens’ quest for the Stanley Cup.

“The whole nation is vibrating in tune with a team of players who were called too small, not talented enough, not proud enough to win” Marois said.

“Today, like Quebecers, it is because they played as a team, that they sacrificed themselves for the team, that they can aspire to the highest honour,” Marois said.

“When we have solidarity, determination, pride we can succeed at everything, starting with the sovereignty of Quebec.”

Or the curse of Pauline Marois. What an idiot. And trust her to forget to mention this:

Two hockey-history researchers from Sweden have unearthed the first seemingly unassailable evidence that Canada's national winter sport -- the subject of a long-running debate over its true birthplace -- originated not in Nova Scotia or the Northwest Territories in the early 1800s, but in the British Isles decades earlier.

Because that would have been a real blow to the federalist side eh?

Oh boy. Will somebody please confine that bourgeois hussy to the grounds of her extravagant chateau until the playoffs are over? And tell her to stop her unseemly vibrating. 

Because if she mentions the sovereignty option and the Montreal Canadiens in the same sentence again, not even the wooden chicken will help us.

And I fear we may actually LOSE...

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ck said...

I'm afraid there are bigger problems this summer. As you must be aware, Premier Charest is mired in scandal and he just keeps on getting himself in deeper and deeper.

Remember, his majority was a slim one in the fall of 2008. He's already booted one MNA out of cabinet and from everything we've heard and read, with good reason. However, he can ill afford to throw anymore out.

Then there are those who really don't want to go down with the sinking ship and I imagine they'll either leave or cross the floor.

Polls reveal that if an election were held today, she and the PQ would win a majority, despite her own lack popularity (she's an extremis).

Who knows? I will probably be blogging about this sometime today.