Thursday, October 26, 2006

Peter MacKay and his Dumbo Soap Opera

Wow! What a gorilla of a thriller! I'm not usually into soap operas. But I don't want to miss a single episode of Dumbo Street. This King Kong drama of love gone horribly wrong, just keeps getting better and better!

And it's not just the bad acting that's so great. It's the plot!! First Peter and Belinda hit it off. Then she dumps him.Then he sulks a lot. Then he calls her a dog. Then he runs from reporters and blames it on the Liberals. Now he's lying to Parliament. Just like he lied about his dog!

“I made no such gesture. I made no derogatory or discriminatory remarks toward any member of the House.”

It doesn't get better than that! I can't wait for the next episode. I must say it doesn't look good for Dumbo. Not when they've got about a dozen eye witnesses willing to swear out affidavits. And an incriminating tape.

But he was a crown prosecutor. He should know that. How much more evidence do you need to convict someone? I mean how many criminals did Dumbo let off because he thought he didn't have enough proof? Talk about a dangerous lout.

Surely he must know that if you've got a filthy tongue, and you don't cop a plea in time, you can end up having to muzzle yourself the hard way...

Hey I wish.... But of course it's not really funny. And neither is Dumbo Street. And I don't care about the plot either. I just want this soap opera to go on and on and on. Until the next election.

Stephen Harper's neo/theocon government has launched the most disgraceful attack on the rights of Canadian women in the history of this country. They have slaughtered the Status of Women and the Court Challenge programs. Even though they're floating in money.

It's all about their reactionary daddy knows best ideology. The Theocons want women back in the home barefoot and pregnant. The neocons want them docile and dumb. The Blogging Whories are full of ugly posts comparing women to dogs. Read the comments. Are these people sicko losers or what?

But their support among women voters is already plummeting. And Peter Mackay's little doggy act will just drive another nail into their coffin.

By constantly reminding Canadians of the loutish attitudes responsible for the ReformCon War on Women. In the age of television and celebrity gossip, there's nothing like a little soap opera to put a human face on sexism and bigotry.

So the boys and I have decided to do our part to keep the soap opera in the news. And boost its tv ratings. By greeting MacKay wherever he goes wearing doggy masks and barking.

Oh wait ....sorry....that one's for Dumbo. So he can't threaten female MPs in the House of Commons. Just glower at them but not bite.
This one's more our style...

So we can join our beautiful sisters on the frontline. And of course, bark and howl really loudly!!

Or maybe we can come up with a Kennel Contest to find MacKay a new home. Although I'm afraid the way things are going. And the way they can analyze tapes these days...... Dumbo Dog may soon have to be sent to the pound. Until he's eventually put down. Along with his filthy sexist and homophobic government.

Won't that be a tailwagging day! It can't come soon enough. But right now I've got to run. Here comes MacKay. Masks on boys! Brush your teeth again Dumbo And thanks for helping to bring down the "New" Conservative Party just like you stuck a knife in the back of the old one...

Good work!

Woof. Woof. Woof.

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