Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Hate Book and the Vampires

Flew up north with Sebastien on a little Thanksgiving expedition. Checked into a cute lakeside motel. But the leaves weren't that great. The weather was gloomy and grey. We didn't feel like turkey or cranberry sauce or disgusting pumpkin pie. So instead of celebrating Thanksgiving. We spent most of our time in the motel ......um........celebrating ourselves!

But not before I had hauled out the Bible from the drawer next to the bed, as I always do in a hotel or motel, and cleaned it up a bit. By ripping pages out of the Old Testament, and flushing them down the toilet.

Of course, I can't clean it all up, short of using it as a fire log. There are too many calls for mass murder, too much slavery, too many camels and fifteen-wife families, too much incest, too many desert patriarchs, Hairy Daddy dicks and little girls. So sometimes I just rip the pages out at random. But this passage ALWAYS goes:

"If a man lies with a man as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination.

" They shall be put to death, their blood is upon them."

Leviticus 20:13

Can you blame me? How would you like to make love or sleep with a creepy death threat like that only inches away from your head? I don't. So down the toilet it goes.

Although I realize that if Stephen Harper and his sinister fellow theocons get their way I'll soon be seeing that crazy kill me and smear my blood on me shit on billboards all over Canada.

As Linda McQuaig pointed out in The Star this weekend, that's what the Defence of Bigotry Act aka The Defence of Religions Act, or just DORA (as in kiss my aura Dora) is all about:

Hard as it is to believe, Canadian law currently provides not a whit of protection for those who hate gays so much they might want to take out an ad quoting a scripture passage calling for gays to be killed.

It seems the Harper government wants to remedy this oversight...."

As if we were attacking them, instead of the other way round. As if they needed protection from murderous bigotry, instead of us. As John Moore pointed out this weekend in a column called the endangered homophobe.

DORA as described in news reports mirrors all too well the kind of Orwellian, populist nonsense that once guided the Reform Party.....

it offers government sanction and protection to those who don't like gay people to say and do whatever they want....

If you don't believe that, read this religious wingnut declaration of war carefully. Now it's not Battleground Same Sex Marriage. It's Battleground Homosexuality. Or Battleground us.

Now it's personal. These crazy hatemongers are coming after our lives. They want the right to put up billboards encouraging people to kill us. Saint Judy protect us! These creepy vampires want to drink our blood!!!!!

Or put it on us...And please don't tell me what that means, I'd rather not know....

What I do know is that no matter what they say or what they do, or how many times they threaten us with death, in the end we will win because our cause is noble and beautiful, and their demented cause is ugly and horrible.

We'll win because we're young and full of life and love, and they're old, full of hatred, crazy superstition and death. And because slowly but surely most Canadians are finally understanding the full horror of Harper's hidden agenda. As Linda McQuaig wrote:

"...That this new law is even being considered points to the influence the Christian evangelical right has on Harper — an influence he has tried to conceal from the tolerant Canadian public..."

But never could conceal from me. I'm not one of the tolerant ones. I've been tracking these wingnuts for the last five years. If you want to know what these religious groups are really after with the Defence of Bigotry Act just read this article.

"......In recent years, many politicians and commentators have cited what they consider a nationwide “war on religion” that exposes religious organizations to hostility and discrimination. But such organizations — from mainline Presbyterian and Methodist churches to mosques to synagogues to Hindu temples — enjoy an abundance of exemptions from regulations and taxes. And the number is multiplying rapidly......

That's the kind of faith-based criminalocracy Harper and his fellow religious extremists are plotting to turn Canada into.

Making sure that never happens is now my mission in life. I'm looking forward to taking these theocons on. And really messing them up. If it's going to be Battleground Billboards then give me an axe or a spray gun !!!!After this long weekend of life and love I feel like I could take on an army of the undead. With one arm tied behind my back!

And no, in case you wondered, I didn't ask you know who to marry me. AIthough I must admit I was tempted a few times.....mmmmm....... But freedom is a precious commodity these days. So I am going to save that one for the day we win. Unless it takes too long....

In the meantime I'll just keep chipping away at all that crazy religion and hate.

One page and one flush at a time...


Anonymous said...

I think the MSM really needs to get on this story. Whether these thugs realize it or not, it could really backfire when someone goes after, say, Charles McVety or Gwen Landolt and asks them if they follow ALL scripture and if not, why not. Afterall, we are told that the bible is the infalliable word of god, but all these people can squawk about is gays being recognized as their equals (which we are, and there's not a damn thing they can do about it). We'll see how infalliable the bible is if they were actually expected to follow the whole thing, which is humanly impossible.
The other part of your post strikes me as the heart of this matter, this is not the conservative party that has been elected, it is the reform party:
DORA as described in news reports mirrors all too well the kind of Orwellian, populist nonsense that once guided the Reform Party.....

Calling these nitwits conservatives is doing the conservative cause a diservice, these guys are the reformers.

Simon said...

Don't count on the dumbo media.They blew it big time during the last election, when they gave Harpo's hidden agenda a pass, and all but elected him. You and I and all the others are going to have to help get the message out. The good news I think is that Canadians seem to be waking up.They'll eventually see this ReformCon party for what it really is. The biggest threat Canada as we know it has ever faced.Won't it be a great day when they're finally brought down? Picked up with a pair of tongs. And deposited in the garbage can where they belong....