Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Crazy Homophobes and Hero Doggies

Ok ok so I have to admit that my brilliant plan to stop the homophobe wingnuts from storming Parliament was a complete failure. Although so was their itsy bitsy teeny weeny pathetic nutbar rally. Just look at them. If they prayed for my destruction any harder than that they'd shit themselves.

Imagine. Driving all the way from Alabama to Ottawa.

Only to make jackasses out of themselves.

“Nature creates children, a marriage between a man and a woman. If you allow same-sex marriage, you take away this right,”

And make our side look good.

“To reopen the debate and deny the right to equal marriage would be a violation of the religious freedom of faith communities, such as ours, who wish to recognize same-sex marriage as part of their religious practice,”

So it all ended well. Chalk up another victory in our long war against these crazies.

Although I was disappointed. With all those preachy homophobes in town...where were all the prostitutes?

Then of course it hit me....probably in Afghanistan...

Probably sent there by DND to bolster the spirits and the defences of our beleaguered troops. What a brilliant move! Never mind those Leopard tanks. Don't bother signing up all those cooks.
With the Sparks Street Hooker's Brigade behind us we can probably blow the Taliban all the way to Pakistan.

Anyway ....all the boys in the bunker think it's a great idea....

What we can't agree on though is whether this dog....

Deserves a statue.

Kerouac and I say he does. I mean what the fuck happened on that boat? Who was that knifeman anyway? But the others agree with this gloomy guy.

"......the emphasis given to animals' suffering in war highlights a failure to acknowledge the suffering of human beings. The tableau in Park Lane carries the justifying motto: "They had no choice." Nor did the civilians killed in Iraq, the millions of women raped over the centuries by soldiers, or the colonial subjects who died of famine or disease in British concentration camps. You would scour this country in vain for a monument to any of them."

Hmmm...heavy....good point...zzzzzz.....but nah...no doggie... Didn't Great Leader say that in the Glorious War on Terror everyone counts?

And let's not kid ourselves. The way the war in Afghanistan is going. After the cooks and the hookers and the student athletes. the next ones to go will be our beautiful Canadian dogs.(sob) (sob)

So enjoy them while you can...


Anonymous said...


Or worse. Right?

Simon said...

Hmmm...maybe. But only as worse as I have to be to be free...