Saturday, October 21, 2006

King Kong, Belinda and the War on Women

I wasn't planning to blog tonight. Certainly not about this gorilla. And his pathetic King Kong story of love or lust gone horribly wrong. But something about the way Peter Mackay was acting today really pissed me off.

I didn't like the way he brushed past reporters telling them to "ask the Liberals." As if it was some kind of conspiracy. Instead of his fucking fault. I didn't like the stories about how he's been giving Belinda the evil eye. And trying to creep her out. I didn't like the way he didn't apologize to her as he should have. And of course, I hated the way he lied.

"They can check the record of Hansard. It's not there. It's not there. I said nothing about a dog."

I mean who's he kidding? Wasn't he a crown prosecutor for years? Doesn't he know that when they've got you on tape.

And they've got about ten eyewitnesses willing to testify against you. It's time to cop a plea. And admit the game is up....

But then this dumbo gorilla selfstyled fratboy stud has quite a record in that regard. Not only was he responsible for sticking the knife into the back of the old Conservative party. After promising he wouldn't. Not only has he trashtalked female politicians before. He's also the one who lied about his dog.

Tried to make us feel sorry for him after Belinda dumped him, by claiming his dog was still loyal. When it didn't even belong to him!!!!!

Look I'm willing to forgive a lot of things. And even neocons are human, albeit very primitive ones. But lying about your dog is simply unforgivable. It's either your pooch or your buddy or it isn't. Who could ever trust a human like that?

Stephen Harper should force this potato patch dumbo to apologize for lying about Belinda AND the dog. And if he doesn't, he should fire him. But of course he won't. Because Great Leader has just unleashed the most savage assault on women's rights in the history of Canada. An absolute Nazi blitzkrieg on the Status of Women, the Court Challenges Program, and all kinds of other programs aimed at helping women and minorities assume their rightful place in this country.

He's allowed wingnut homophobes and theocons like these freaks of nature, to dictate ReformCon policy. And thrown them one bloody bone after the other. If you want to know what these neocons think of women you just have to read their blogs.

"Peter MacKay should be ashamed: dogs deserve better .....MacKay should apologize . . to his dog....."

People who call women dogs shouldn't be anywhere near a Canadian government.

But you know what? At this rate they won't be the government for long. Their crazy positions on the environment, the war in Afghanistan, law and order, and women's rights are killing them in Quebec and Ontario. The Peter Mackay incident will only make the damage worse. Just like the Garth Turner one will. They're already stumbling around like punchdrunk palookas. Bleeding from every orifice. The war and the same sex marriage Festival of Hate should all but finish them off.

Everything is turning to shit for Canada's New Nazi Government. Just like their precious war in Iraq. In fact, while looking for a video today to illustrate why the Americans lost that war, I came across the following video. Which I think can also serve as a metaphor for the fate of our toilet government.

OK so it's a dum video.....and I would probably shoot anyone who did that to me.... But think of it this way. It's one way to explain the situation to these fratboy cons. They've been caught stinking out the joint. They've been sitting on the throne long enough. They've been exposed as monstrous assholes. Now all we've got to do is topple them from power as quickly and as painfully as possible.

And send them limping off into Canada's Book of Forgotten History, moaning and clutching their balls.

Now isn't that a warm thought for a chilly weekend?

Have a good one everyone!


scout said...

haha, the big men on campus ain't so big afterall. never gave a shit about them in school, don't care now. leave 'em alone they hang themselves.....these golden boys are too spoiled by their mammas and pappas to know how to handle life. there's something vaguely sad about that but then again, these same people have had opportunity in their adults lives to learn, but refused to do so.

they picked on us in school, they pick on us in government (women, gays, the disenfranchised etc.). i'm not impressed and never will be. and mackay beware....dogs bite the hands of those who don't feed them.

gay person of character said...

It really is shocking how much Peter MacKay has gotten away with. HE is the dog (and not a nice one like Snoopy). I just hope Belinda didn't get any fleas.