Thursday, September 09, 2021

The Issue That Could Cost the Liberals The Election

I watched the second French debate last night, and although by the end of the two hours I was struggling to stay awake, I'm glad I did.

For although I doubt that it will change many minds, especially in Quebec,

It made clear to me how Justin Trudeau could win the election.

And how he could lose it...

For while Justin Trudeau finally found his fire.

The French language debate thrust the 2021 election into the homestretch, and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s strong performance left him victorious in the Twitter universe at least, perhaps foreshadowing how Thursday’s English debate will land. 

His fiery responses to issues around identity and international issues resonated on social media and could signal the turnaround the Liberals have been seeking in what has been a listless campaign for them thus far.

And he took care of the Con flipper flopper Erin O'Toole.

In a manner that had even the Con fluffer Don Martin singing his praises.

And although I also liked how Trudeau went after the grubby Yves-Francois Blanchet for suggesting that Trudeau was less of a Quebecer than he is...

Which also had some of our big media "stars" clapping like seals.

And although I also liked the way Trudeau dealt with a question from a reporter from the hate mongering Rebel.

Which I personally found very satisfying. 

Unfortunately what I didn't find satisfying, was the ghastly Jagmeet Singh and the other leaders going on and on demanding to know "why are we having an election."

And getting no proper reply.

When as Dale Smith points out the reason should have been only too obvious.  

I can’t believe that they’re still trying to make “why are we having an election?” an issue in week four, and I still can’t believe that Justin Trudeau refuses to point out that Parliament was toxic and dysfunctional and couldn’t pass legislation for five months. And that he hasn’t called out the disingenuous “we need to work together” entreaties when these were the same leaders whose MPs were engaged in procedural warfare. 

For they were responsible.

And this is what their foul procedural warfare looked and sounded like:

And in a time of crisis, it made the country ungovernable.

The Con media never let Canadians know what was going on for obvious reasons.

But I have no idea why Justin Trudeau and his Liberals haven't made a big deal out of that disruption, and used it to explain why they had no choice but to call an election.

But what I do know is that if he doesn't do it, and soon, it could cost him his political career.

And could very well cost us our country....


Anonymous said...

Because everyone knows that Justin thought he could just waltz into a majority without even trying.

Lights out Justin, lights out.

Jackie Blue said...

Simon, the English debate was fucking RIGGED! Justin should have boycotted it when the moderators were announced. I really, really hope that nobody bothered to watch it because of sports being on tonight or that people tuned out because of how aggressive she was.

Mainstreet claimed to see a Liberal comeback this morning, and Frank has been saying the PPC surge could eat into the Cons enough to steal defeat from the jaws of victory. Evan Scrimshaw is sticking to his bold shot call bullish on the Liberals in spite of what others have been saying.

But my hope is fading by the day.

If the worst should happen on September 21 I want you guys to know that I love you all and it's been a good run. As always I love Justin too.

I managed to save every picture from his website and will probably archive/upload them at some point. It's not like he didn't give it his all. It's just that the brightest stars are the ones that burn out the most quickly.

Be strong, Canada. Love to you from the USA.

Martin Woodside said...

Justin Trudeau is a skateboard instructor and a part time elementary school teacher . Never qualified for much else . But he has youth and good looks and the women voted for him in huge numbers .... feel good politics at its best.

Stephen Harper had balanced our budget , lowered our taxes , stopped deficits , paid our federal bills , and Canada became the envy of the G-8 nations after the 2008 downturn . Canada's credit rating zoomed to the top because of the good management .

But Harper was dull and boring ... he was a dedicated leader but did not play feel-good politics and Trudeau blew him away .

Since being elected , Mr Trudeau has systematically ruined all of Canada's successes ... and many people are realizing that and now switching votes .

I dont hate Trudeau , but I expect history will not treat him kindly . He ruined a good thing yet does not realize the effects on his citizens , he has no clue what it takes for people to thrive and prosper .

Feel-good politics does not work ... but we have enough clueless Canadians who will still support Trudeau but I dont think he will win this time . His glaring incompetence as a leader is now clear to everyone and he cant change it.


ottlib said...

Mr Woodside...Mr Harper has done nothing in his life except politics. When he graduated from University he became a Member's Assistant to Preston Manning. Then he ran and won a seat in the House of Commons, then he went to work for the National Citizens Coalition, a political lobby group, then he ran for the leadership of the Conservative Party, eventually leading them to electoral victory. He is now running point on another organization that attempts to influence politics around the world. He has no real world work experience.

Mr. Harper did not balance the budget. He created a deficit. When he became PM he inherited a $13 billion surplus. By the Spring of 2008 he converted that into a $20 billion deficit, without actually doing anything substantial. To squander $33 billion in two years takes talent but it also takes dedication. And before you say he had to deal with a financial crisis, this deficit was reported in the Spring of 2008 and the financial crisis did not strike until the Fall of that year. That deficit was all him and his government.

From 2011 to 2015 he decided to follow an austerity plan when one was not needed. As a result, by the time the election came around in 2015 he had dumped Canada into a mild recession, while the rest of the world saw substantial economic growth.

I could go on to contrast this to Mr. Trudeau but I only have a couple more minutes left on my break. So I will just point out that during the second quarter of 2020 the economic impact of COVID caused inflation to go slightly into the negative before it rebounded to just over 0%, staying there for another six month. That means there were massive deflationary pressures on the economy. In case you are not familiar with what that means the Great Depression was not directly caused by the stock market crash of 1929. It was caused by the deflation that resulted from that crash.

The one and only reason why that did not happen last year was because the Trudeau government spent over $350 billion to prop up the economy. Despite that there were still deflationary pressures on the economy. So without that stimulus we would have experience severe deflation and in all probability a massive recession bordering on a depression.

Judging by your comment none of what I wrote above will have any impact on your opinion but I would suggest that if you still have a house to live in and a job to provide for all of your needs then you should thank the Trudeau government for it because things would be much different today without their efforts in 2020. Not bad for a drama teacher if you ask me.

Simon said...

Hi anon@7:53PM...I don't think anyone thought that winning a majority would be easy. I was hoping for one because I thought that the Con obstructionism had to end so we as a country could do what we need to do to fight climate change. i.e.phase out the petro state. But however hard the battle you can be sure that in the end we will win...

Anonymous said...
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Simon said...

Hi Jackie...Last night's debate was an absolute farce, but I believe it's just one way the Cons are working to rig the entire election. I've seen the same tactics used by the Cons in Britain, and I'll have more to say about that in a future post.
But right now I just want you to cheer up. Now we can dispense with the Con media and concentrate on getting our message across. And no matter what happens, we are are going to win. Justin Trudeau still has a lot of fight in him, so do I, and I haven't the slightest doubt that you too are ready to kick some Con ass....

Simon said...

Hi Martin....Normally, I would delete any comment that begins like yours does. Not only because your comments about Justin Trudeau are contemptible, but also because they are incredibly misogynistic. But you are an old man, and you probably don't understand what I'm talking about. So let me just say that Stephen Harper was the worst Prime Minister this country has ever known. He was a despot, he muzzled the press, he was a misogynist and a homophobe, and he did nothing to fight the massive threat of climate climate. So please jump into you helicopter, and just buzz off...

Simon said...

Hi Ottlib...thank you for educating Mr Woodside with your excellent comment about the sordid record of Stephen Harper. I told him that Harper was the worst Prime Minister in modern Canadian history. But you said it so much better. You're right, what you and I say will have no impact on what Woodside believes. He's a toxic Trudeau hater and will remain one until the day he dies. But he must not be allowed to get away with murdering the truth...

Anonymous said...

As I didn't have the stomach to watch the debate I am now especially happy that I didn't watch it. So much for an unbiased moderator from of all places, Fungus Reid. Does elections Canada make these ridiculous choices? If so, they have some major explaining to do. From the Con media to the effing debates I'd say the fix is firmly in place. This election has been gamed towards the Cons right from the start and only intelligent Canadians can save us from the tool and his merry band of assholes.
I totally agree with you, Simon. JT has done a disastrous job on explaining why he called this election and if he doesn't do so soon, it'll be a self-inflicted wound that just may cost him the election. I mean, FFS, it's not as if there isn't hours of video of a parliament completely turned into a farce by the Cons that could be used as THE MAIN REASON for calling the election. Wake up Justin or wake up your campaign team! They're doing a piss-poor job of getting the message(s) out and time is running out.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Blue said...

Anon 6:00 PM that turnaround of the election metre looks nice, but this is what worries me:

The numbers over next couple of days will show how Canadians reacted to the debates this week. Then it will be a sprint to the finish.

I really, really hope the public's reaction to that shitshow of a debate is no reaction at all. We don't have access to the TV ratings for how many watched and if so, how many stuck around beyond 10 minutes or so. Don the Con Martin seems to think that a lot of people were watching tennis, baseball or football, or doing something else. I guess we won't know until the weekend rolls out.

Mainstreet also shows a recovery in Trudeau's "profile" that now has O'Toole looking duplicitous. Gun control really hurt him. Hopefully the Liberals amp that messaging up over the final week. Stab stab stab

But there's still 10 days left, and the hanging thread of that god-awful rigged debate still has me feeling scared...

Simon said...

Hi JD….I must admit that when I saw that the Con Shachi Kurl was going to moderate the debate I was stunned. I knew the fix was in, and sure enough it took her about 30 seconds before she revealed her colours. And what a horror show it was. I have a theory about how this election is being rigged which I will put forth when I recover from the week and that horror. To properly recognize who is behind this horror show who have to look at the Brexit boys playing mind games on us all. And it isn’t.’t just the Topham Guerin gang, there is also another gang who if anything are even more dangerous. The Cons are really going for it, which is why I don’t understand why the Liberal attack ads are so bland. I get it that progressives are better humans and we can’t crawl through the gutter like the Cons. But we could be just two weeks away
from the return of the filthy Harper regime, so it’s time to hit them where it hurts….