Monday, November 27, 2017

Has Rex Murphy Finally Left the CBC?

For years I have tried to avoid watching the CBC National on Thursdays so as to avoid the At Issue panel.

For it was always a Con clown show under Big Daddy Mansbridge, and judging from what I've seen so far, will remain that way under the very Con-friendly Rosemary Barton.

A horror show of dead pundits walking, the Rue Morgue of journalism. Hopelessly out of touch with the new generation. And still as Con as they come.

But at least there's one thing apparently gone from the National, that I won't miss at all.

Something small, but also big, and loud, and definitely very annoying.

Yes, believe it or not, Rex Murphy, aka Shmurphy, the grating tea bagger and oil pimp with delusions of grandeur, appears to have disappeared!!

Gone without a word, from either him or CBC management.

He's still working at the National Post, still grinding out the same stuff he used to blabber about when he would end the Thursday night National bashing Neil Young or Justin Trudeau, or David Suzuki etc etc. 

Or blabbing incoherently, or as he would say lubriciously, about Pamela Anderson's breasts. 

Or denying climate change... 

Over and over again, as only that Schmurphy could.

There is a disturbance in the troposphere, much perturbation. The little Gore molecules that do so much to keep everybody in the climate change industry in a sweat are slacking off. The results are—let me coin a word—undeniable.

It isn’t settled. The science is emergent. The conclusions are at best tentative. I leave you with this consolation: All global warming predictions are infallible, but some global warming predictions are less infallible than others.”

Before heading off again to collect more big bucks by flattering Big Oil...

And attacking its enemies.

Like he did for so long, to the great delight of Stephen Harper...

In short, like Harper, Schmurphy was a shameless pimp for Big Oil, a teabagger, and a Con, who should have been fired years ago.

But he wasn't, and sadly for The National the damage has been done.

For when the CBC's flagship news program began giving that old tea bagger a bully pulpit, without even attempting to put anybody up against him, it blew its journalistic credibility right out of the window.

And it's going to take a long time for the National to get that credibility back.

Still, if Murphy is really gone, like a thief in the night, it would be a big small step in the bigger objective of getting our CBC back.

And all I want to know is what happened? Why has the CBC not said anything?

What are they trying to conceal? 

What happened to poor little Rexy? What did they do to him those beasts???

Did he slink away into the night, leave of his own accord?

Or did the hapless CBC managers finally realize they were creating a dangerous right-wing demagogue, more Trumpkin than Canadian, and fire his sorry ass?

And if so what took them so long?

And while we're at it, could somebody please tell us when this Con board will also be terminated?

And most importantly, if or when an official announcement will be made, as to the exact moment Rex Murphy did or will leave the building?

Because I know that after all those ghastly years, I'll need a little organizing time eh?

So I can be properly prepared...


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    On our side of the border, the New York Times is facing immense backlash for normalizing the "Nazi next door" -- a white-supremacist couple from "flyover country" being portrayed as salt-of-the-earth types, who voted for Trump and flocked to Stormfront out of "economic and cultural anxiety." (Dog whistle for "the illegals are takin' are jerbs, and the 'nagging' president says you cain't beat up queers for Jesus or go to the shopping mall and grab girls by the covfefe no more.")

    This used to be the paper of record, and now they're depicting neo-Nazis amid a backdrop that looks like Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. They talk about their upcoming wedding (aw, how romantic and sweet; no word on whether they'll elope in an underground bunker), about their hope of raising kids in a "better country" (that doesn't have any üntermenschen in it), and about how they're sticking with Hair Drümpfsterfire no matter what, because at least he isn't a (his words) "overweight, black dÿke with dyslexia" (intersectional diversity? The horror! Mein Führer, I can walk!)

    So believe me, we Americans can totally empathize with Canadians dealing with the insufferable trash media that everyone seems to be discarding like, well, yesterday's news. About the only thing the overweight orange d!ckhead with dyspepsia ever got right is that the lying press delivers fake news. The problem with that (besides using a phrase common in 1930s Germany to discredit the so-called "Jewish press") is, he only meant that they lie about him -- when actually, all they've done is give him and his deplorable cult free airtime, ink and bandwidth to be the ones doing the lying.

    Sounds like you've got the same situation with a bunch of Harper leftovers turned communicants of the Church of Scheer, like we've been unable to shake the apologists for Bush turned apologists for Trump. That couple in the article fancies themselves a sort of German-brutalist version of the duo from the popular home-remodeling show "Fixer-Upper." They would instead fit perfectly in Scheer's laughable-if-it-wasn't-so-disturbing homage to David Lynch. More like "Foxer-Upper" or F... well, you can see where I'm going here.

    As our new found friends the Russians used to say, there is no truth in the news and there is no news in the truth.

    1. Hi anon... I read that story in the Times, and I didn't know what to think. I understand why so many people were angry, but I just saw it as yet another example of the banality of evil. In a country where so many died to defeat the Hitlerites how anyone could play dress up Nazi is simply beyond my understanding. When I think about it I get so angry I hate to imagine what I might say or do if I ever came face to face with some would be Gauleiter waddling down the road. But that's when I feel so proud to be a progressive, and remember that we are on the side of the Angels, and that we are going to win....

  2. The NYT and all there ilk are proven to be just yellow sheets. If you do not know that ref think Patty Hearst. It appears there is no separation between the press and goverment. The Fifth Estate is a myth promulgated by the King, Queen or a thousand other pronouns.

    1. HI Steve....sorry I don't agree that the New York Times is a yellow sheet, but Breitbart of course does fall in that category. We do have a problem with the MSM in this country and Britain where corporate bosses influence the way stories are covered. But while the U.S. Is also afflicted with the same problem it does have some great newspapers who are still fighting the good fight,..

  3. Да. Зто правда!

    1. HI that Russian for screw Rex Murphy? Please advise...;)

  4. I wonder if "The Four" will split Mansbridge's $1,100,000 salary and his $10,000 PER WEEK pension when they retire?

    1. Hi Ray...I had no idea that Mansbridge had ended up with such an outrageous retirement package. But I can't say I'm surprised. For far too long he was allowed to act as the King of CBC News, and his pernicious influence explains why somebody like Rex Murphy was ever allowed to have a regular slot on The Narional, and why so much of the CBC's coverage is so biased in favour of the Cons. And no I don't think any of those four mouseketeers will collect a similar pension. In fact, if they are successful in electing the Cons, they'll be lucky to collect any pensions at all because there won't be any CBC...

  5. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I hesitate to raise my hopes lest they be dashed, and Murphy is revealed to be hibernating in some hobbit hole, while the CBC prepares to give him his own show. I too wonder where Murphy has gone, and whether he left the CBC quietly or had to be escorted to the exit. The National is going to have to work very hard to win back my loyalty.

    1. Hi anon....I feel the same way, and I hesitated to write this post, unless he suddenly reappeared with his own show, and even more obnoxious than ever, if that's possible. And of course I would be one of the first to know he's back, because unfortunately I live practically across the street from him, and can't help bumping into him in places like supermarkets and drug stores. It's an absolute nightmare and I can't wait until he retires....

  6. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Simon, it really sounds as if you want all the conservative voices removed from the CBC. Do you really think that would be a healthy state of affairs? Not trolling, just genuinely curious...

    1. Hi anon...first of all I don't consider polite questions from right-wingers to be trolling, as opposed to all the vile comments I receive from other Cons. And secondly you're wrong. I don't want all conservative voices removed from the CBC. My problem with Murphy is very specific. I object to a wildly biased teabagger posing as the editorial voice of the National without any attempt at balance. And I am further outraged by the fact that multimillionaire (estimated worth $9 million) has been allowed to push his climate change denial on the air, while being allowed to receive big bucks from Big Oil. It's outrageous and it never should have happened...

  7. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Maybe the prognosticator of manure has finally run out of bullshit.
    Then again, he's no spring chicken either. Maybe he's finally hung up the pitchfork and is now retired.
    Or, given the relative silence surrounding his absence, perhaps it's a health issue.

    1. HI JD....I would like to think he has finally run out of manure, but he's still spreading it more manically than ever over at the National Post. The closely he came to a health problem was the day when I was sitting in our local Starbucks, when a car Smurphy was riding in collided with a streetcar, right in front of my eyes. He wasn't hurt, but just the sight of him wandering around with a dazed expression on his face had me practically howling with laughter...

  8. Lesson #1.....You can't change people.
    Lesson #2.....You can't take your $$$$$ when you go.
    Lesson #3.....Man's Greed will destroy us ALL!
    Lesson #4.....KEEP SMILING!

  9. Two old conservative hacks and Hebert on At Issue is not exactly removing all conservatives and then there is Stockwell Day and Rachel. Perhaps they should look for better kinds of conservatives and not put two of them on a three person panel.

  10. Hi usual I agree with you, but I warn you I'm sending Smurphy back to Atlantic Canada, so let's see if you can keep smiling...;)

  11. Hi Anne....well said, the CBC panels are incredibly unbalanced and at the very least they could try and come up with some strong progressive representatives. As I said in my post, the At Issue panel couldn't be more Con or more tired, and it blows my mind that nobody at the CBC seems to be bothered by that. I am a big supporter of public broadcasting, but we need to take our CBC back...

  12. Very clever...stumbled on your blog as I was trying to find out why Rex disappeared. Definitely food for thought. Thanks for that!

  13. Sorry, why were so many words wasted on cbc "journalism" there is none.
    They are a taxpayers funded propaganda outlet for the privileged elite kebeck trudeau/wynne/liberal UN globalists. Rex was the only blue ray of hope & realism in the red ball of communist dictatorship fire.

  14. Koach Kal12:02 PM

    Short answer is NO. Murphy continues to be the only voice of reason in a sea of Liberal bias ....

    Maybe you can join Rosie Barton on your knees in front of King Justin, sharing wipes ...