Saturday, November 18, 2017

Andrew Scheer and the Fatal Rebel Connection

As we now know, Hamish Marshall, the Con's new campaign manager who used to work at The Rebel, has been desperately trying to change Andrew Scheer's image.

From Dr Schmear and Mr Schmeagol, depending on the phase of the moon, to Mr Nice Guy, or Mr Average Canadian.

But it's not easy, and it's not working.

Not when that low budget YouTube reminded many Canadians of a scary David Lynch movie.

The one that begins with a severed human ear lying in the grass.

Which needless to say made Scheer look even scarier, and even more like Schmeagol than ever.

And now as he tries to win the hearts and minds of millennials, that same despair is making him look totally ridiculous.

But then of course Scheer is only following Hamish Marshall's orders.

And if the MSM in this country wanted to do something useful for a change, they could dig a little deeper into Marshall and Scheer's past, because they go back a long way. 

And Canadians need to know more about the shadowy right-wing movements that made them who they are.

As well as what exactly did Marshall do at The Rebel?

Because although Ezra Levant claimed he was just the "IT Boss" at the time he left The Rebel.

And Marshall always claimed he was just the money man. 

Hamish Marshall told the National Observer in 2015 that he was "not involved at all in the content production and editorial side of things. My involvement is on the business side." However, a simple search reveals that he wrote a few articles for them. (His title is listed as "Rebel contributor.) 

While he was running Scheer's campaign, Marshall, according to the Globe and Mail, for a time worked out of the same office as the far-right organization.

That's not entirely accurate.

This is more evidence of that:

And if Marshall had an editorial role, he must have had a very good idea of the kind of bigoted, hate mongering rag he was producing:

The Rebel has ran stories several stories regarding "white genocide," one of the far-right's biggest rallying points, and runs, seemingly non-stop, stories with strong anti-Muslim biases. 

During the Rebel's collapse in August, one former employee (on the condition of anonymity) told VICE News that if facts got in the way, "they were ignored." "As long as they're willing to say things about Muslims, he'll put money into it."

Didn't he see the racism, the misogyny, the homophobia, and all those death threats aimed at Justin Trudeau?

And the questions Canadians should be asking themselves are these:

How could someone who helped run The Rebel, run the Con's election campaign? 

Where would that ruthless alt-right activist take the Cons?

Did this old campaign ad...

Influence this one?

Remind me, who are the people denigrating this country?

And where would Andrew Scheer take our Canada if he should ever become Prime Minister?

And the good news? That's not going to happen.

Ezra Levant is going to haunt him all the way to the next election.

The Rebel connection will be a fatal one.

And nothing Hamish Marshall can do will save Mr Nice Guy from squealing like Mr Monster... 


  1. First of all, his taste in shirts would be more appropriate for a gentleman in his 80s, in a remote town...

    1. Hi lagatta...thanks for the fashion statement. I toyed with the idea of dressing him up to look like the sinister commander in the Handmaid's Tale, but then I though I'd leave him as is to better portray the banality of evil. I always thought Harper was sinister, but Scheer is twice as creepy....

  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    The only people denigrating the country are loser right wingers who are so entitled that they spend their days in a rage thinking that they are royally ripped off because their grade 9 education did not land them riches.

    1. Hi anon...well said. Since I wrote this post the Cons have put out another version of that nativist poster, and just as I predicted, it's becoming more and more Nazi. I will include it in another post, but Already I can see that the next election campaign is going to be the dirtiest in Canadian history...

  3. Anonymous2:42 PM

    They should all be in prison for aiding and abetting threats of violence against the Prime Minister of Canada. As should anyone posting those threats. At the very least, criminal harassment charges should be brought against Rebel Media for facilitating off-limits attacks against not only the Prime Minister but everyone in his family. Ezra and his orcs don't like the guy? Fine, but they don't get to demean a whole group of people by calling him homophobic slurs, let alone say that "he'd look better with a bullet in his head" or spew venom at his wife, mother, brother and even his children. The U.S. has total anarchy in terms of "free speech," which for the good of social cohesion needs to have responsible limits. You can call Obama a spendthrift or a wishy-washy centrist sellout all you like. But you shouldn't be permitted to call him (that word) or send out "Rope and Hang" memes depicting him being lynched. Yet because of the sacrosanct First Amendment -- which is proving to be as much of an anything-goes, laissez-faire error as the Second -- yes, you can. That kind of Wild West madness should never be allowed to thrive in Canada.

    The RCMP should raid Rebel's headquarters. The government should shut that filthy website down, and interrogate anyone involved with it for involvement with a terrorist recruitment site. That goes for Scheer, Leitch, and anyone else in the CPC who ever gave them an interview. If Bob Mueller can investigate the GOP, then Canada's fascist conservatives shouldn't be above the law either. The queen didn't fight Nazis just to have them come back with a vengeance seven decades later to set up a YouTube channel in the Maple Dominion.

    The Québec mosque shooter practically binge-watched the whole channel before going off on Canada's equivalent of the Charleston A.M.E. church massacre. Treat these reichwing outlets like ISIS propaganda or the Daily Stormer, and Levant as the "torchbearer" for Ernst Zündel. Just because he's Jewish doesn't mean he's not a Nazi. After all, "Gypsygate" was all the way back in, what, 2012? This unhinged maniac has made a career of inciting hatred against minorities of all stripes, and against the Prime Minister of his country and everyone in the Trudeau family including the PM's deceased father and brother. He further demeans his own people by pulling out the "I'm Jewish, therefore I can't be a bigot" card. Ezra Levant is a dangerously deranged cyberstalker and a menace to society. He will not rest until some nutcase in his viewing audience, taking his marching orders from the "Rebel Commander," goes full Oswald on Justin Fitzgerald Trudeau.

    He is the founder of the Rebel Alliance and therefore a traitor. Take him away. Lock them up, lock them up, lock them up...

    1. Hi anon make many good points, and if Ezra Levant lived in Britain he would have been heavily fined and maybe even jailed long ago. The scummy Cons can't recognize the difference between free speech and hate speech, and far too many Canadians let them get away with it. The problem is that hate speech doesn't just lead to violence against minorities, it can poison an entire society. Scheer's Cons are an alien cult and unless they are totally crushed they could very well kill this country...

  4. Anonymous4:54 PM

    I never believed the line that Hamish Marshall didn't know what was going on at The Rebel, so his appointment as Conservative campaign manager is an abomination. If we normalize The Rebel we're finished as a country.

    1. Hi anon 6:54 PM....I have no idea how anyone could think that Marshall didn't know what was going on. But the Cons call him the King of the Nerds, and the Con media in Ottawa refuses to believe that he is dangerous. They will be proved wrong, and I will never t them forget that...

  5. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Yeah sure, Hamish was the IT guy and Sheila Skank-Reid is the cleaning lady right?
    I'm comforted in knowing we still have 2 more years before the next election to dig up more dirt on the sordid past ties Hamish has to the rebel and taking a cue from the Cons, we can throw the guilt by association card at them.
    As well, the CRA better damn well be doing a complete audit of the rebel's taxation history which I'm sure stinks the high heaven.
    And Simon, can you please advise us of any company that advertises on the rebel so we can take appropriate action by either voicing our displeasure or by simply boycotting their products or services.
    The rebel is an abhorrent blight on this country. It caters solely to enrage the mouth breathing knuckle draggers in our society and as Anon. 2:42 disturbingly reminds us, "goes full Oswald on Justin Fitzgerald Trudeau."

    1. Hi and others can monitor the fight to stop companies from advertising on The Rebel by googling Sleeping Giants CA that takes your tip and advises the companies involved. They have been very successful, and by getting companies like Porter Airlines to pull their advertising they have put a big hole in Ezra Levant's wallet...

  6. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I knew Scheer's strange video reminded me of some director's work, but you nailed it Simon it is David Lynch. All that needs to be done to make that even more obvious is slow it down a bit, and change the colour to black and white.

    1. Hi anon ...I'm sure somebody who is more film literate that I am can suggest a better comparison. But when I watched the video with no sound Lynch's work came to mind. And when I make my video I will use your suggestion, use black and white, and we will meet in Cannes...😎

    2. John B.4:44 AM

      "Blue Velvet" was in colour. Decolourization is suggestive of homage to film noir. To retain the essential banality avoid using that device. Slowing it down should suffice.