Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How The Cons Became The Levant Party of Canada

As you know, Andrew Scheer shocked a lot of people the other day, by abruptly ending a newser and running away from reporters.

After one of them asked him a question about his campaign manager, Hamish Marshall, and his ties to Ezra Levant's hate mongering Rebel. 

But while most people assumed that Scheer was just trying to cover up his long and sweaty affair with the grotesque bigot Levant.

It turns out there was a much bigger reason, and it couldn't be more horrifying.

For believe it or not, Marshall is going to run the Con's next election campaign.

Hamish Marshall is by all accounts bright and experienced. He has helped Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party win before. But the man the federal Conservatives have hired to run their next election campaign comes with baggage that Scheer himself now wants to avoid — a connection to media outlet The Rebel. 

And while Scheer and his flunkies are desperately trying to put a positive spin on this ghastly appointment.

Marshall helped him run a positivity-themed campaign during the leadership, focusing largely on party unity. Scheer's opponents, though, will undoubtedly point to Marshall's past in an attempt to link Scheer to the anger expressed by the so-called alt-right.

It makes only too clear that the Conservative Party is now an alt-right front, or the Trump Party of Canada.

As I have been warning for months...

For don't be fooled by Marshall's baby babyish face... 

He is a ruthless political operator. 

One who likes to claim that he is just keeping Stephen Harper's legacy alive.

Scheer’s campaign manager, Hamish Marshall, told HuffPost Canada the race had become a contest between “people who basically think that Stephen Harper did a really good job and people who are disappointed that Stephen Harper didn’t go far enough.”

Bernier did a good job of speaking for people who felt Harper was “insufficiently conservative,” Marshall added, “while Andrew led the path amongst people who think broadly that the last government was a very good government.”

When in fact he has been hanging out with Scheer for more than 16 years in the shadowy fringes of the Conservative Party.

He designed Scheer's leadership campaign to appeal to the Con's rabid religious base.

The campaign made a series of targeted pitches, like tax relief for families who homeschool their children. In another pledge, he said he would "prioritize real refugees" by standing up for persecuted Christian minorities in a way the campaign said the Liberals had failed to do.

To whom as Michael Coren points out, Scheer is now heavily indebted.

Since Andrew Scheer won the leadership of the federal Conservative Party, columns have described him as “Harper Light” or "Harper with a Smile." Yet, to a very large extent the 38-year-old is to the right of Harper, who might have been a committed conservative but was also a pragmatist. 

Scheer is far more theologically motivated and is now heavily in electoral debt to social conservatives.

He has been a fellow traveller of Ezra Levant since the days of so-called ethical oil. 

Viewers of Ethical Oil’s disingenuous new ad campaign aren’t being told about the intricate web of industry influence peddlers behind the effort and their connections to the Harper government and oil interests. In the middle of this web is Hamish Marshall, a Conservative strategist deeply connected to oil interests as well as both the Conservatives and ultra-right wing Wildrose Alliance Party.

Like Levant he registers websites like a chicken lays eggs.

Hamish Marshall, through strategicimperativesonline, has registered 32 websites. Nearly all are connected to, the Conservative Party of Canada, and the right wing Alberta Wildrose Alliance Party.

And what Scheer was trying to cover up when he fled that newser the other day is the extent of Levant's influence...

And the fact that the Cons are now not only the Trump Party, but also the Levant Party of Canada.

Which needless to say makes them unfit to even think of forming a Canadian government.

Unfortunately we can't count on the Con media to expose this vast right-wing conspiracy.

And some of the dotards in our own blogosphere are to dumb or too senile to understand what's happening.

But take it from me, Andrew Scheer is a stealthy right-wing extremist.

And if he is not stopped he WILL destroy this country...


Anonymous said...

So I clicked on your link to the CBC article on the Con campaign chair, and in the accompanying photo noticed another noteworthy member of Team Scheer: Stephen Taylor. Yes, that's the guy behind Blogging Tories and HarperPAC!

Anonymous said...

Kady O'Malley is already saying that Hamish is a nice and polite kid so please move along back to demonizing Morneau for being successful!

Anonymous said...

I knew it. Levant is Bannon of the North. A combination of Bannon and Alex Jones. Marshall is the junior Hitlerjugend director, the equivalent of 31-year-old Stephen Miller who is another of Dotard's PR goons and has openly and unapologetically trafficked in neo-Nazi propaganda and organizations. (Another self-loathing kapo like Levant.)

As you pointed out, Simon, the majority of Canadian millennials want nothing to do with the Cons any more than our American young folks want anything to do with the G.O.P. Neither, for that matter, do women or minorities. The brand is forever tarnished by #TrumpStank and the only way they're able to win at this point is through political trickery, dishonesty, and even outright foreign collaboration and theft. They can't win on ideology because their ideas are as stale and unwanted as moldy bread and have no place in a modern civilized country. America is not modern or civilized. But as for Canada, Justin made it perfectly clear: It's 2015 (plus 2).

I think the kids are going to be the ones to carry this next election and maybe even some of their slightly-older '80s-era counterparts, who are just about as tech-savvy as the Tumblr generation and will see the Infowars North party for what it really is: deplorable. You'll not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Steve said...

Canadians are not going to vote for Harper lite and creepier.
You love to use the pig face, well no amount of lipstick is going to
change this history. These are privilaged people who never worked a day
in their lives trying to tell us be like us and the economy will be better.

Anonymous said...

The Con media seems to be more interested in going after the Liberals for trying to make our tax system fairer, than they are in going after the hate mongering Cons. It's hard to believe. Like you Simon, I fear for the future of this country.

Anonymous said...

It's not hard to believe at all. Tax cuts for gazillionaires is what the hedge funds that own Postmedia are most interested in. Controversy and hate draw readers and page clicks, which means money. I expect all that. What I don't accept is that the CBC is complicit in this too.

e.a.f. said...

Ah, yes the early reformers, you know the ones from the Heritage Front are now back and front and center of the party.

The Con ads have started with the attack on the proposed tax legislation. They have followed up with attacks on the Finance Minister. My guess is the Cons with their little turd is going to mount campaigns over the next couple of years against most prominent cabinet ministers. They may not attack Trudeau himself at this time. that will be saved for the next election, but they will lay the ground work by attacking the Cabinet Ministers.

expect the Cons to also take several runs at the new NDP leader. Expect them to support the new legislation which has just passed in Quebec, the anti Muslim female legislation.

Scheer and his Christian Taliban won't get too far in Canada. We're much too diverse. We also have a large politically active Indigenous population which won't be attracted to Scheer and his ilk