Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Jason Kenney and the Ghastly Cheerleader Margaret Wente

He's the shiny bigot balloon of Alberta, the new leader of that province's United Conservative Party.

And although he is widely despised by most decent Canadians, Jason Kenney does have one big supporter, or cheerleader in the east.

The ghastly Margaret Wente.

Who seems to have fallen for him hard, as only that reactionary Trudeau-hating dotard could.

Folks laughed when Jason Kenney launched his unite-the right campaign in Alberta 15 months ago.

A hundred thousand kilometres and 850 events later, no one is laughing anymore. He has achieved the near impossible: engineered a brand-new party from scratch, steamrollered his opponents and won the leadership by a decisive margin. Next stop: premier. Justin Trudeau isn't going to like it.

And while I would hate to get between the two of them...

Love is sacred, and Con love is hog love.

I'm not prepared to let that scummy plagiarizer get away with this:

The NDP's best bet is to paint Mr. Kenney as a raving so-con who wants to hurt gay schoolchildren and generally drag Alberta back to its redneck past. As the legislature reconvenes this week, its first order of business is to make it illegal for schools to "out" students who join gay-straight alliances by telling their parents.

(Mr. Kenney argues that teachers are in the best position to decide what and what not to tell parents about what their kids are up to in school.)

Not when the perfumed homophobe Kenney is a mortal threat to LGBT children...

For if their parents must be informed before they can join a Gay Straight Alliance club (a haven for them and other bullied children) will result many kids being thrown out of their homes, beaten, and even murdered.

And is just another episode in Kenney's war on the LGBT community, that deeply repressed self loathing closet queen has been waging all of his political career. 

From the days when he used to tell gay people there was no reason they couldn't get married, as long as they married somebody of the opposite sex.

To the time he tried to exclude gay rights from a citizenship guide.

And if this makes the withered Wente moist:

Mr. Kenney loves a fight. And the way he'll fight the NDP is by promising to take back Alberta for Albertans. That means waging war against Ottawa, Quebec, B.C. or anyone else who gets in the way. Albertans have a long history of bitter feelings – sometimes well-founded – against the eastern bastards, especially ones named Trudeau.

She should treat her advanced dementia promptly, or go back to the United States where she belongs, for that is nothing less than a prescription for civil war. Or the end of Canada as we know it.

For who knows what might happen if Kenney decides to blockade B.C. to try to force a pipeline up its ass. But I can guarantee if he threatens the eastern bastards they will end up telling those redneck bastards to take a hike. 

And if Wente believes this:

If hard work makes a difference, he's a shoo-in. Mr. Kenney has the stamina of an ox and the tenacity of a bulldog. He is the hardest-working person anyone has ever met.

In the eyes of many, Mr. Kenney is a brilliant politician. Like Ralph Klein, he has a populist's ability to connect with ordinary people and articulate what they're thinking.

As immigration minister, he pushed through sweeping reforms that other politicians thought were too hot to handle.

She really should put her clothes back on, and take a cold shower.

For Kenney has the common touch of a limp noodle...

Or a 49-year-old virgin with a life long chastity vow.

He's a pathetic coward, and everything he ever touched turned to shite before his piggy eyes.

And as for this nonsense:

So why do so many people loathe him? Mostly it's because he is a middle-aged, slightly pudgy white man who is also a devout (Catholic) Christian with deeply held personal beliefs.

He's vilified on social media, where his quite reasonable position that parents should generally know what's going on with their kids at school gets boiled down to "Jason wants to out little kids."

Wente should shove that one where the sun don't shine. Or feel free to plagiarize this...

Or better still join that grotesque bigot on the street...

For this is the bottom line:

If Albertans don't want to be the laughing stock of the country, they should defeat Kenney and end his foul political career.

And if the Globe wants to be taken seriously it should fire the ghastly Wente as soon as is humanly possible...


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Alberta is throwing out the NDP trash next election. You know as well as I do that Kenney will win.

    1. Anonymous10:50 AM

      I agree. The rubes, racists, and mouthbreathers, along with the large conservative base will bring him to power. God help us if he uses a strong Alberta to hold Ottawa hostage or worse, tries to separate.

    2. Anonymous10:55 AM

      Maybe Simon should swap Jason’s head for Rachel’s on that hooker’s body. After all that will be her employment prospects after the next election.

    3. Anonymous11:02 AM

      The only trash running in the next election is the greasy hair ball Kenney.

    4. And he will still be a slimy slug bottomfeeder!

    5. Anonymous1:41 PM

      Nice that you think a party which wants to protect children from sick bigots is trash. Enjoying your job as a kapo guard in the Chechen concentration camps, Boris? Is Putin paying you well so that you can hang out on the Internet and pretend to work?

    6. first past the post means anything can win if it has enough money

    7. Hi anon 9:24....There is no trash like Con trash, and no province as backward or less Canadian. The decent Rachel Notley has been doing a great job trying to drag Alberta into the 21st Century, and I strongly suggest that Albertans re-elect her and reject the perfumed bigot Jason Kenney. For they won't get another chance, and if they do elect Kenney most Canadians will never take that province seriously again. Her haw, hee haw, ha ha ha ha ha...

    8. Hi anon 10:55 am...no I couldn't do that. Rachel Notley is a decent person, while Kenney and Wente have been selling themselves for years. And if you think Kenney looks desperate now, wait until he's selling himself for $10 a barrel...

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Closet Queen? I thought so too. Consider this. Opus Dei.

    1. Anonymous7:39 PM

      So the Antonin Scalia of Canada.

      Mr. Jiggery-Pokery hates Mr. Fuddle-Duddle because reasons.


  3. Anonymous10:59 AM

    The Liberals are back up in the polls.

    1. Anonymous3:09 PM

      In Alberta? To what? 5%.

    2. Anonymous7:38 PM

      Justin is Superman, that's why! :) And Clark Kent was a far better reporter than any of the hacks in the MSM. I look forward to the cons and their enablers getting sent to the Phantom Zone like Zod and his minions. Not to mention, Bob Mueller and the Justice League are going to send a strong message to Donald Luthor in the swamp below!

    3. Anonymous11:36 AM

      Good one!

  4. Can't they simply put her out to pasture on a pension?

    1. Hi lagatta....they could put her out to pasture tomorrow, like they have done to so many other people who worked at the Globe. But the ultra-right wing management at the Globe, loves Wente. She's as reactionary as they are, and she's since she has no principles she's as good at click bait, as road kill is good at attracting flies...

  5. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Even if he "will", he shouldn't... He is bigger trash than that which you claim will be thrown out.

  6. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Anti-Racist Canada is another blog that I check in on. They keep tabs on the growing threat of hate groups in Canada, and the politicians who embolden them. They have numerous articles tracking Citizen Kenney's disturbing rise in politics. But of recent interest is a leaked video of a Kenney event in Strathmore, Alberta where he not only doubles down on his anti-LGBT hatred and threats against British Columbia, but even tries to pit the province against all of Québec by conflating it with the hated Trudeau.


    What a foul bigot, who is likely to start a constitutional crisis and an outright civil war. Shame on Albertans if they elect him premier, sacrificing their fellow Canadians including the most vulnerable for selfish interests and an obsession with hard-right religious imposition and "traditional values." Jason Voorhees Kenney, the swamp-dwelling, hockey-masked demon from the murky depths of the tar sands. He's a theofascist from the Republican district of Chechnya who by all means is invited to chow down on a maple-flavored bag of d!cks.

    1. Anonymous3:10 PM

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Hi anon 1:39 pm...Anti-Racist Canada is an excellent blog that keeps track of some of the worst human trash in this country. And of course many of those bigots are the kind of trash Kenney likes hanging out with. Unfortunately the MSM makes no effort to take a closer look at who exactly is in bed with Jasonella, or for that matter Andrew Scheer. In a time of Trump that couldn't be more irresponsible or more criminal...

  7. We should be ruled by our sophomoric betters

  8. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Jason Kenney was Stephen Harper's go to Goebbels. He spent his time in power playing to the worst elements of the Con's religious base, and trying to pit Canadians against each other. But his assault on LGBT kids is the lowest he has ever gone. To think that Albertans might elect him Premier says all you need to know about that backward province. Have they no decency?

    1. Hi anon 5:28...you're right, Jason Kenney was Stephen Harper's faithful flunky from the beginning to the end of the filthy Con regime. Which is why it's so disgusting to see him get another chance to practice his bigotry, attack LGBT people, and screw up everything he touches. Only in Alberta I guess....

  9. e.a.f.6:12 PM

    Wente ought to be going shortly. surely she is retirement age by now. who knows perhaps they keep her on to keep some of the "base" happy.

    hard work can get you elected and Kenny most likely did a lot of hard work. We don't have to like him to admit that. However, that hard work was done amongst "his own". All he had to do was get rid of the leader of the Wild Rose Party to be the new leader.

    Alberta may have a reputation for red necks, but it has changed, a lot and a lot of them aren't "red necks". Kenny's conservative social view points may help him in some areas, but in others not so much. Old Albertans are dying and the new millenials have different view points.

    In a bad economy Notley has been able to keep the ship afloat and oil prices are rising. If she delivers the pipeline to B.C. with Trudeau's help, she maybe re elected. yes, there are a great many in B.C. who don't want that pipeline coming to Burnaby, but in the end, it will come.

    A well run campaign by the NDP may see Notley re elected. It isn't like the roof fell in while she was in office. Kenny may bring back things which aren't that appealing to younger Albertans.