Saturday, October 21, 2017

Andrew Scheer and the Silence of the Rats

Well the rats in our Con media must be feeling really proud of themselves. And so must Andrew Scheer.

Proud and relieved.

For not only did the media's assault on Bill Morneau facilitate his mugging by special interests. 

The kind the Cons exist to pleasure.

But their chorus of phony outrage also allowed Scheer to sneak Hamish Marshall, a director of the hate mongering Rebel, into his depraved party.

Without one single MSM outlet giving the story the treatment it deserves.

Which is absolutely outrageous, for Scheer's ties to Ezra Levant's grotesque Rebel are now impossible to deny.

Marshall’s newest gig, announced this week, is campaign manager for the federal Conservative Party. Andrew Scheer bestowed the honour on Marshall after Marshall helped propel the Saskatchewan MP to the position of leader for the second-place party this summer.

But Scheer is already being dogged with questions about the appropriateness of tapping a man so close to the Rebel’s death star.

And while Scheer was slow to distance himself from that grotesque alt-right website.   

For obvious reasons...

And the silence of the Con media about that was scandalous enough.

The fact that they would try to bury the Marshall story is simply unforgivable.

For Marshall has been part of the Rebel right from the beginning.

When the Rebel was founded, Marshall’s ideas were baked into the site’s DNA. Examine the source code of their website and you’ll see that the back-end design of the website is branded with “Torch Agency” throughout.

He helped develop its business model.

Marshall’s name appears as a director for Rebel News Network ltd.’s corporate filings dating back to the Spring of 2016, listing his address as that of the Rebel HQ, in downtown Toronto.

It's already hard to tell the difference between the Cons and that hate mongering rag.

The Venn diagram of issues important to the Rebel and issues pushed by Scheer’s Conservative Party contains some significant overlap. Over the summer and early fall, the federal government decided to strike a deal with Omar Khadr. Both Levant’s site and Scheer’s party ran aggressive petition and donation campaigns about Khadr. Ditto for fighting the federal price on carbon.

And what the Con media should be asking Scheer, is what on earth is he doing bringing a close collaborator of Ezra Levant into a mainstream Canadian party?

The reality is that the Rebel is helpful to the Conservative cause. It motivates right-of-centre voters to get angry and get active. Levant’s site functions as a sort of political action committee for Scheer’s party, and Hamish Marshall is in the middle of all of it.

And demanding that Hamish Marshall be fired before he helps turns the Cons into the Rebel Party, or the Trump Party.

And if our ratty media can't do that, or better represent the views of most decent Canadians.

Then they should be hammered by one boycott after the other.

And buried as soon as possible...


  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Simon you did not see what Kady O'Malley had to say? Hamish is s polite and sweet boy so this topic is over!

    1. hi anon...I couldn't care less what Kady O'Malley has to say, or any other member of the incestuous and hopelessly biased Con media. Marshall may indeed be polite and personally pleasant, but when you've been inhaling Ezra Levant's farts for years, and putting out a hate mongering rag, how nice can you be?

    2. Anonymous8:03 AM

      I know Simon, just pointing out how awful and stupid the press is. We need to spread the word before they swoop in and normalize this shit.

  2. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Ezra aims to be Bannon of the North. As always, follow the money. Where there's smoke there's fire. Rebel ought to be bleeding cash out of their whatever by now, so the fact that they're still afloat means something is amiss. Breitbart is funded by dark-money operatives connected to the Mercer family and very likely by Russian interests too. Run their financial statements through Google translate, and I bet you'll find Cyrillic characters and loonies currency-exchanged into US Dollars or Rubles. Something's rotten in Ottawa, all right. Something smells fishy, and it's not the latest catch off the Atlantic coastline. More like the rancid swamp of Moscow-on-the-Potomac.

    1. hi anon...I'm sure Levant's Rebel is receiving money from right-wing big wigs, just as I was sure that his absurdly named Ethical Oil operation was being funded by the Koch brothers or others like them. But what concerns me is that when you cross the Rebel with the Cons you can get all the ingredients for a fake news election. And progressives are going to have to be very smart and very aware, if they are going to stop the Cons from stealing another election....

  3. Anonymous4:33 PM

    You'd think it's hardly a fair fight when you got the Con media in your corner Simon.
    However, I believe it's mostly their mindless base of holy rollers and knuckle draggers that chews on the red meat they're served on a daily basis who fall for it. The majority of intelligent Canadians will be able to glean through the Con fog to find the stories that aren't manufactured by the Scheer propaganda machine, or in other words, the truth.
    My main concern is how will they try to cheat this time. We know they will, it's inherent in them. That's what needs to be closely watched for now and not after they steal another election.

    1. hi JD....I hope you're right, and judging from the reactions of some of my least politically involved friends, you may be right. Despite the best efforts of our outrageously biased Con media, most canadians know bullshit when they see it. And they recognize that Bill Morneau may have made some rookie mistakes, but he is not the crook the Cons and the NDP are trying to make him look like. But yes, you're right, the Cons along with their big business backers have managed to turn an attempt to make our tax system fairer, into a giant smear campaign aimed at Morneau and Trudeau. And we will have to watch those Cons closely lest they try to steal the next election...

    2. Anonymous8:08 AM

      I think Morneau is a lot like Paul Martin in that he is a rich man who has very good values and a desire to serve the public. That he is uneasy in the spotlight and reserved should not be held against him. Rather look at his policies, overall I cannot remember a finance minister this progressive other than Goodale who got cut off by the hog ndp getting with Harper in 05.

  4. the real purpose of Rebel and other rags is to give legitimacy to illegitimate attacks. So the Rebels create a rumour and the MSM investigates.

    1. hi may be right, but I see the Rebel as just Levant's cash cow, and I'm more worried by the way the MSM is behaving. For their coverage of the tax reform story has been abominable. Instead of trying to make a complex story clearer, they have added to the confusion, and have magnified that confusion by swimming around like a school of fish. I hope some university or think tank analyses the way the MSM covered that story, because I'm pretty sure that it will serve as an example of how NOT to do it...

  5. Anonymous7:50 PM

    I love your picture of the rat media Simon. It's a great way to portray our biased press. I too want to know why the appointment of the Rebel director Hamish Marshall has attracted so little media coverage. How can that be when the Rebel is a hate site? How far is our alt-right media prepared to go to normalize bigotry in this country?

    1. Anonymous10:33 PM

      Probably because the MSM are antiquated anachronists who still think that the Internet is just a child's plaything that doesn't matter, instead of a highly influential media source in its own right. "Oh, this guy Marshall is some blogger? Nobody's going to pay attention to him anyway. Who cares."

    2. hi anon 7:50 pm...well thank you, the rats were a late addition, after I realized I had left my pigs with fedoras on another computer at a friend's house. But although I'm sure I made some people shudder, I think I might develop the rats, but only if I can give them fedoras with PRESS on them. ;)
      But seriously, I don't know why the Parliamentary Press Gallery has ignored the Hamish Marshall appointment. For the Rebel is a hate site, and his appointment tells you a lot about where Scheer would take the Cons...

    3. hi anon 10:33...there may be some of that snobbery at play, the Rebel isn't considered to be in the same league as the failing MSM. And that accounts for the outrageous things Levant and his gang are able to do and get away with. But also remember that Marshall is seen as a wunderkind who worked with Harper on the 2008 campaign. And like the grinning Scheer he looks like a nice guy. In a small town like Ottawa that's big. But of course that's a mistake, for when you combine the Rebel and the Con Death Machine, you can produce a very effective money raiser and wedge issue creator. This new Con hatchling definitely needs close scrutiny...

  6. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Simon did you see that other ndp hog, con licker Angus pushing conspiracy theories about Morneau on twitter? It's pretty obvious at this point that Canada only has one major progressive party. ndp is responsible for ending national childcare and has tried to block so much progressive legislation.

    1. hi I didn't, just watching Nathan Cullen tap dancing with Pierre Poilievre is enough to make me feel nauseous. Unfortunately it's the legacy of the Mulcair Party. The NDP should be trying a different approach, trying to inspire people and help push the Liberals more to the left. When they look and sound like Cons they only turn people off, and do themselves no favours...

    2. Anonymous8:11 AM

      Simon, it is the legacy of the Layton party, Mulcair merely put a scowl and a beard where Layton had a moustache and a smile. In fact, Mulcair as nasty and petty as he is, attacked Harper way more than Layton ever did.