Friday, June 30, 2017

The Day Donald Trump Went Over the Deep End

It was only a matter of time before Donald Trump started to fall apart, or was driven over the edge by the pressures of being president. 

He never thought he'd win, so he wasn't ready. He never thought that running a country could be so difficult. 

And all things considered he'd rather play golf.

So as I'm sure you know, when a couple of morning TV hosts mocked him yesterday, for the fake Time magazine covers he hangs in his golf clubs, he went ballistic.

Firing off two smelly tweets.

And stinking out the nation.

I particularly enjoyed what Ana Navarro had to say, calling him a " lunatic man baby" and a "mean girl."

But I also liked how the former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm called him a fragile "snowflake."

And reminded us that he's never far from the nuclear launch codes. Because that's not just ugly, that's scary.

I also thought that Charles Blow was right to tell Trump and his faithful flunky Sarah Hucklebee Sanders to stop lying like thieves.

And of course I loved how Mika Brzezinski answered Trump...

By hitting him where it hurts.

You know, in his parts.

Finally, I thought Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough are right to claim that Donald Trump is not well.

President Trump launched personal attacks against us Thursday, but our concerns about his unmoored behavior go far beyond the personal. America’s leaders and allies are asking themselves yet again whether this man is fit to be president.

But my favourite video  is one Scarborough made shortly before the election.

Because it still says all you need to know about Trump...

He is a crass misogynist, a liar, a coward, and a Con artist.

But his approval rate is hovering just above 30%, and he is slowly killing himself and his party.

So while progressives need to fight hard, they can afford to be patient.

Give the Don enough rope and he will hang himself.

For you never ever can put lipstick, on a hog like this one...


Anonymous said...

I can feel it comeying in the air tonight. Oh Lordy!

Anonymous said...

Trump continues to embarass himself and the U.S. for all the world to see with his petulant, immature behaviour. Is this how he spends his every waking second? Settling scores and lashing out at all criticisms or slights he perceives to be real?
I'm Trumped out Simon and will try to avoid anything Trump until this pitiful excuse of a child president is finally given a permanent time out.

e.a.f. said...

The U.S.A. has dropped to 38th as most reliable country in the world, right behind Mexico. Canada is rated as Number 1.

Watching Stephen Corbert, Trevor Noah, and Seth Myers every night I surprised Trump hasn't gone after them because they are much more "vicious/funny". It maybe that Trump simply can't stand women and thus the attacks on the couple.

Whatever Trump's problems who cares. These tweets are so frequent and so nasty, they have become irrelevant. The big news would be if he said anything meaningful.

What is truly concerning is the barring of cameras at press briefings at the W.H. the censorship show has begun. you can see the ugly hands of Bannon on that one.

The American president is a joke and the majority of world leaders consider him one also. He is fodder for late nigh t.v. hosts and not much else. yes he can and does do a lot of damage, but as soon as the Republican senators see he is starting to tank, they will start looking at their own survival. the best way to push this idiot over the edge is to vote against his health care bill.

Anonymous said...

Mama Trudeau called it in October. In a Huffpost interview, she said that Trump comes across as someone with serious mental health issues -- particularly his temper tantrums and constant need to satisfy his ego -- that really do need to be addressed, and that in such a stressful job it wouldn't be good either for him, his family or the country (let alone the world) to neglect this. America didn't listen to Maggie when casting their votes, and Trump didn't either about getting himself checked out. He thinks it's make him appear "weak," "low energy," "failing," "crazy," etc. He is the textbook definition of toxic masculinity.

I suspect he was probably the one who pursued Maggie and got his fuddle-duddle handed to him, instead of the other way around like the equally unhinged moron Levant wanted people to think. We know how he stalked Diana, Salma Hayek, undoubtedly others, and said what he said to Billy Bush about what he felt he was entitled to do to women, particularly married ones as he felt it was a more significant conquest. Justin is smart not to bring Sophie along on diplomatic trips where the U.S. is also involved. Like the fake Ivanka meeting about "women-owned businesses" or the G7. Not that she wants to be anywhere near the crass pig anyway.

Boy, do I ever look forward to the sequel to Common Ground where Justin finally has a chance to unload on this guy. The split-second snapshot of that reluctant handshake in February speaks volumes about how I'm sure he, his whole family, most of Canada (except for the nutter Tories) and pretty much the majority of the world feels about this disgusting man-child. The Tangerine Nightmare.

Anonymous said...

The American justice system is a slow moving steam roller and Trump is an agile clown merrily running along in front picking up gold coins. He is not overly worried as he knows somewhere over the next hill is a muddy washout that he can jump but will bring the steam roller to a halt. Its goodbye suckers, till next time.
Perhaps it will be different this time but his strategist seems to be operating a few months down the road. For example during the election he was crying about how it was rigged, in retrospect it was likely to keep Obama from publicly exposing the Russian hacking which would have been viewed as extreme Fake News interference by his base. Now he turns it around and accuses Obama of being weak by not exposing the hacking. Does the latest round of crazy tweets have a purpose? I expect so! Meanwhile the base gets bolder ... the latest is a video produced by the NRA, depicting the left as a violent lot about to overrun the police leaving the NRA members as the sole remaining defenders of Freedom. Just crazy!

David said...

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David said...

Donald Trump is not well

David said...

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