Monday, June 12, 2017

Donald Trump and the True Meaning of Idiot

He's desperately trying to restrain himself. His lawyers have warned him that his tweets could be used against him one day.

And could be the difference between the White House and the Big House.

But ever since James Comey called him a liar, in front of a television audience of about 19 million people, Donald Trump has been slowly going crazy, or crazier.

First he declared Comey's devastating testimony to be a big, or a yuuuuuuuge victory for HIMSELF.

And now it seems he actually believes that he can get away with portraying himself as the victim, and Comey as a criminal.

Or as a liar and a mass leaker. 

President Trump again took aim at former FBI director James B. Comey on Sunday morning, suggesting in a tweet that Comey might have secretly released even more information to the public than he has already admitted to doing.

Which of course is ridiculous, considering how most Americans see Comey and Trump...

Or the fact that what he's accusing Comey of doing isn't illegal.

Legal experts say that what Comey did does not appear to be illegal, as prosecutors can press charges only against those who share information that's classified or related to national security.

Or the fact that EVERYBODY knows that Donald Trump is the Liar-in-Chief...

And is nothing more than a bloated Con artist.

A man too cowardly to go to Britain lest he be given a hot reception.

President Trump is considering scrapping or postponing a planned visit to Britain this year amid a billowing backlash over comments he made after the recent terrorist attack in London, two administration officials said.

Or whatever...

And a man so out of it, he would use the word "leaker" over and over again.

Even though it can only remind people of that horrible story about him and those Russian hookers, urinating in a bed the Obamas had once slept in.

Which when you think about it, also makes him a real IDIOT. 

In a recent Quinnipiac University poll, respondents were asked what word immediately came to mind when they thought of Donald Trump: The No. 1 response was “idiot.” This was followed by “incompetent,” “liar,” “leader,” “unqualified,” and finally, in sixth place, “president.”

And even more dangerous than most sane people might have imagined...

Humans evolved for the most part by putting community first and the individual second. Despite many of the political narratives that posit a mythological “state of nature,” in which selfish, violent, atomistic individuals must forgo their natural liberties and make compromises and contracts to secure their own existence, scientific evidence simply does not support this. For creatures like us, self-preservation was always also social preservation. The “I” is in its very existence also a “we.” 

The idiot does not understand this, and thus does not understand how he came to be, how he is sustained and how he is part of a larger ecology. The idiot cares nothing about public life, much less public service. The idiot cares only about his own name. The idiot, by way of his actions, can destroy the social body. Eventually, the idiot destroys himself, but in so doing, potentially annihilates everyone along with him. He is a ticking time bomb in the middle of the public square.

And the good news?

He really is destroying himself.

He needs to be weakened before he can be impeached.

So the more idiot he behaves. 

The sooner he'll be gone...


  1. Anonymous8:25 AM

    You gotta love the alt-rightists and other assorted tiny penises and man-babies calling Comey weak and whiney after his testimony. Take note losers, Comey is a real man and you will never understand his quiet strength. Take note of what a real man acts like if you ever want the opposite sex to look on you with anything other than revulsion and pity.

    1. hi anon....yes, whatever one might think of Comey, he is not weak or whiney. And he has served his country better than Trump ever did or will...

  2. How do you know a politician is lying. Their lips are moving. Trump is just the worst liar ever. Nevertheless this witchhunt for Russians, and obstruction of Justice has all the integrity of the Warren and 911 commissions.

    1. Anonymous1:46 PM

      I agree, the true scope of the treason will be revealed by the Mueller special council and the Schneiderman RICO case.

    2. Anonymous12:30 PM

      Yes the Russian thing is nothing.

      Keep embarrassing yourself, Steve.

      mr perfect

  3. Speaking of idiot....

    No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump's Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need (June 13, 2017)
    By Naomi Klein

    Naomi Klein: ‘Trump is an idiot, but don’t underestimate how good he is at that’


    Speaking at her home in Toronto last week, Klein suggested to me that Trump’s novelty was to take the shock doctrine and make it a personal superpower. “He keeps everyone all the time in a reactive state ” she said. “It is not like he is taking advantage of an external shock he is the shock. And every 10 minutes he creates a new one. It is like he has these lasers coming out of his belt.” She wrote the book very fast much faster than is her usual habit because she feared that the further into a Trump administration America travels the less scope there might be for resistance for building an alternative. In this she believes that there are important precedents for people to understand.

    Beyond that he has, "presumably wittingly“ surrounded himself with some of the world’s most expert crisis profiteers”. Men who have made billions out of meltdown and financial crisis such as Wilbur Ross the “king of bankruptcy” who is now secretary of commerce, or the various crash-plutocrats recruited from Goldman Sachs and elsewhere.“In any other moment,” Klein says with a laugh, “the very fact that the CEO of Exxon Mobil is now the secretary of state would be the central scandal. Here we have a situation where there is so much else to concern us it is barely a footnote.”)

    Klein’s book on Trump comes garlanded with quotes from just about every notable leftwing intellectual celebrity you can think of. Noam Chomsky calls it “urgent timely and necessary”. Yanis Varoufakis describes it as “a manual for emancipation by means of the only weapon we have against orchestrated misanthropy: constructive disobedience”. Michael Stipe meanwhile asks: “Who better than Naomi to make sense of this madness and help us find a way out?”


    1. Hi David...I've read some excerpts from Klein's book, and she makes some good points. How on earth did we normalize Trump making Mobile's Rex Tillerson the Secretary of State? And later think we were lucky because he seems to be one of the few Trumplings who knows what he is doing. But I still think the Art of the Deal tells us all we need to know about him....

  4. That "Liar in Chief" is a fake TIME magazine cover, but the real cover is pretty good:

    TIME: The Swamp Hotel

    1. hi David... I did know the cover was fake, unlike a lot of others on Twitter who went for it hook line and sinker. But while I still like it better than the real cover, that real story looks REALLY interesting...

  5. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Trump isn't going anywhere. You are starting to sound desperate and delusional.


    1. Anonymous1:47 PM

      He won't make the end of his term. Your tears shall be delicious.

    2. hi MC...I don't have a crystal ball so I can't be sure how Trump will end up. But I assure you I'm neither desperate nor delusional. What I am merely reflecting is that Trump is the worst president in American history, and whether he is impeached or suffers a fatal heart attack, like many others I very much doubt he will serve his full four years....

      P.S. And please if you think he'll serve eight, you are the one who is desperate and delusional...

  6. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Dinky Donnie is a real estate developer/scam artist that for whatever reason decided to apply his hard learned tricks of the trade to America rather than a new Tower. So far its been the same M.O.,first set up the marks by telling them what they want to hear in a language they relate to, blame others for their problems and promise them good fortune in exchange for their loyalty, distribute some early tokens as an example of good faith, next comes the lawyering/stalling phase while he fleeces the marks (and others) through an elaborate dog and pony show. The money isn't actually stolen its just moved through contractors, shell companies, consultants, trade mark agreements etc. In the end its bankruptcy leaving the chumps with no money and no fraudsters go to jail. Donnie has been so successful that after six bankruptcies and 3000 lawsuits he is now ready to pull off the biggest scam of them all.

    I am hopeful that this is the case and not something far more sinister. The best outcome he can deliver is a somewhat poorer but slightly wiser America that is finally motivated to shrug off the cloak of negativity and seek leadership that will embark on a more enlightened journey. We are rapidly approaching an age where the technology is there to greatly benefit or destroy/enslave mankind and we desperately need visionary/unselfish/trustworthy leaders to help guide us through it.

    1. hi RT...I think you're right. I too believe that he is just a grubby hustler rather than some sinister James Bond villain or whatever. His election was a fluke, nobody was more surprised that he won than he was. And since he's lived all his life in a golden bubble, I'm not sure he even wants to be president. But yesterday on his Twitter feed he was boasting about the opening of a new coal plant, so he is a threat to all of us and our poor planet. The Democrats need to get their act together, and quickly...

  7. Anonymous9:54 PM

    With any luck, he'll be "fired" through impeachment before next year's G7 in Montréal. El Jefe Covfefe's obsession with Justin Trudeau is creepy. He seems to think that by cozying up to the nice, popular Disney prince from Canada (while at the same time threatening to crush Canada's economy with tariffs), some of the glow will rub off on him and make his Sleepy Hollow pumpkin head glow all sunny, instead of like a grotesque, haunted Jack(A$$) O'Lantern. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Standing next to Justin, or even being mentioned in the same breath as Justin, only makes the obnoxious, aggressive idiot look 100x more like the obnoxious, aggressive idiot he is.

    The Cheezit-in-chief has no one to blame but himself for the Chevy Chase European Vacation disaster that was this year's G7. Shoving leaders out of the way, falling asleep at a meeting, and generally being an annoyance to Merkel, who in one picture that speaks a thousand words can be seen standing between a smiling Justin and a sour-faced Dump, and scowling at the latter:

    What speaks volumes even louder is the absence of Sophie in the photo of the G7 spouses. (Obviously, she did go to Italy with Justin, having met with the Pope and later touring an earthquake site. But she was nowhere to be found at G7 and I'm not surprised.) No way is J.T. going to let her or Ella (or Maggie!) anywhere near the narcissistic, predatory Orange Julius, and I doubt any of them wants to be in the general vicinity of him either.

    He is the celebrity stalker to end all celebrity stalkers: a stalker of celebrities, who happens to be a celebrity himself. Look up Salma Hayek's horror story that she told to Trevor Noah and the numerous accounts of how he unsettled poor Princess Diana. The latter is most likely why he's really despised in Britain. William and Harry hate his fat, sloppy guts because of his insistence on bedding their mother.


    1. hi anon....I totally agree with you. Trump is the most disgusting president and human being I have ever seen. But I am actually glad that he has such a crush on Justin Trudeau, because it might stop the monster from going out of control and wrecking our economy. I know that having Trump breathing down his neck can't be pleasant for Justin. But him and his government have been playing the orange maniac just right, and that's what you get for being prime minister... ;)

  8. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Ashley MacIssac has a great song..."What An Idiot He Is".
    Very apt for Trump- and sadly, too many Americans.

  9. Simon, your post brings this song ("American Idiot") to mind. (Green Day). As I know you would never use that term in its antiquated meaning, disparaging of people with intellectual disabilities.