Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ezra Levant and the Perfect Storm

I'm sure many of you have read the book, or seen the movie Ship of Fools. Well now get ready for Ezra Levant and his Ship of Bigots.

Because the Rebel gang is setting sail again. 

And while the Rebel Commander is probably in desperate need of a sunny vacation. 

Most of all he needs the money.

For he is facing a perfect storm.

He lost a very expensive legal case recently, his Supreme Court appeal was tossed out like a used kleenex.

And the group Sleeping Giants must be giving him a huge pain in his wallet. 

Some of Canada’s biggest telecommunications companies, banks and media organizations are on a long list of companies whose ads have shown up on controversial right-wing website The Rebel — and who have been flagged on Twitter by an anonymous group that is “trying to stop racist websites by stopping their ad dollars.”

Whatever the Rebel Commander says.

Asked whether the account’s social media campaign has hurt The Rebel financially, Levant claimed in an email that the website’s ad revenues, as of Saturday, were up “98 per cent over last month” – but did not explain why. Levant told iPolitics that online ads “have never been an important part” of the website’s business model – adding that he cares more about his subscription metrics, which he said “continue to grow at between 5 per cent and 8 per cent per month.”

Especially since according to Frank magazine, he has been squabbling with some of the contractors who are building his estimated $4 million dollar home...

And so soon after the Rebel assault on that New York City production of Julius Caesar, the one I wrote about here.

Which has now been revealed to be just another carefully planned fundraising event. 

After the video was shared by prominent right-leaning figures like Sean Hannity and far-right publications online, the hashtag #FreeLaura immediately caught fire on Twitter. Some started to link to, which drove to a fundraising site to cover Loomer’s legal fees.

However, eagled-eyed users on Twitter quickly noticed that had been purchased the day of the event—and hours before Loomer rushed the stage—by the owner of the pro-Trump website

Ezra Levant, the founder of Canadian far-right and pro-Trump website, bought the website at 2:07 p.m. ET, six hours before the play began, according to domain records.

Which also tells you how desperate the domain troll Levant must be to try to get cash by whatever means necessary.

And no doubt explains why he is organizing this cruise.  

Even if the only speakers so far are the ghastly Faith Goldy...

And the Rebel Commander himself...

And the thought of being trapped on a ship with both of them must be any normal person's nightmare.

And the good news?

The cruise is setting sail in the hurricane season, so anything could happen...

And with a little bit of luck, Levant and his ghastly crew could find themselves vomiting all over each other.

Or bobbing around in the Caribbean....

You know, Levant is lucky. If he lived in Britain he'd already be in prison...

But his lust for money is his weakness.

And it will be his downfall...


  1. Do you think I'm too late to get tickets?

    You know, if it was not who the protesters were, protesting against the Julius Caesar play casting Trump as Caesar makes sense.

    Julius Caesar was a man of outstanding political and military competence and performance. I can imagine any Classicist protesting the characterization. Even if it was Crassus, there would be room to object.

    1. Anonymous1:37 PM

      Trump puts the "crass" in Crassus. Maybe Richard III would be a better play for him. But only if he played a character known as D _ ck the Turd.

    2. Hi jrkrideau....unfortunately it is too late to get tickets. The Central Park production is over. Although that hasn't stopped the Trumplings from disrupting and threatening other regular productions of Julius Caesar. And you're right, Trump is unfit to be compared to Julius Caesar. Caesar was a great warrior,Trump was a rich kid draft dodger. I do however have a great graphic of him as Orange Julius. I must find an excuse to use it... ;)

    3. John B.2:18 AM

      Crassus? A reference to the murdered Marcus Crassus in Antony & Cleopatra, but Julius Caesar? I'll have to read it again.

  2. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Never forget Andrew Scheer's ties to Rebel Media.

    1. Hi anon...don't worry, I was planning to add that fact to this post, but just ran out of space. I saw an article recently where Scheer admitted being a regular reader of The Rebel. In my book that disqualifies him from being the leader of a Canadian political party, and I will do my very best to help spread that message....

  3. Anonymous11:27 AM

    You're just jealous of Ezra's success. He's going on cruises while you rent a crappy little sailboat by the hour.


    1. Let's see, cruise ship loaded with Ezra and a load of raving nut-cases in the hurricane season in the Caribbean vs a sailboat on Lake Ontario: Right, nothing like a good hurricane.

      Ezra's success may be a bit overstated?

    2. Anonymous1:36 PM

      That you again MC? Ezra's so "successful" that an average of 6,000 people on any given night watched sleazy Sun TV, aka Fox News North. The highest rated broadcast in the history of that failed channel was the Trudeau-Brazeau fight, and Ezra was publicly humiliated when Trudeau fooled everyone who underestimated him -- especially Ezra himself, whose immature "play by play" basically consisted of little more than various euphemisms for calling him a word that rhymes with maggot. "Shiny Pony," "Ballerina," "Twinkletoes," etc.

      He failed to win mayor of Calgary -- to a Muslim, at that. He's lost so many court cases against people whose reputations he's defamed that he may as well earn the nickname of Libel Suit Larry. Now his Internet broadcast is failing, the more he latches onto the sinking Trump Titanic and sensible people grow tired of the tinfoil nutjob media like Infowars, Breitbart, and even Fox itself. He sees attaching himself to Scheer's candidacy as his last chance to get back at the man he blames for all his woes: Justin Trudeau and the entire Trudeau family in general. Including his late father and brother.

      How low can you be as a human being to launch a smear campaign against a man's mother? Especially one who's been publicly and courageously forthcoming about her mental health struggles? But that's exactly what Ezra did when he published a disgusting conspiracy theory suggesting that Maggie tried to seduce -- of all people -- Donald Trump! What kind of abhorrent, attention-grabbing clickbait stunt is he going to pull next? Accuse Sophie of running a child-trafficking ring in the basement of a Tim Horton's? File a request in the courts for Xavier, Ella and Hadrien's birth certificates? Demand that Sacha take a paternity test on whatever Canada's equivalent of the Maury Povich Show is (if they even have such tabloid trash up there)? Team up with Geraldo to go look for Michel?

      The man knows no boundaries and there is no depth that he will not sink to. He fights dirty and wages personal attacks against those he believes are his "enemies." He is seriously unhinged and a menace to polite Canadian society. But not a Phantom Menace, as his impact is very real. He's golden-showering into the wind, though, as this isn't Harper's Bush-influenced con hellhole anymore, and it certainly isn't the genocidal wilderness of MacDonald. At its core, it never really was. Almost nobody in Canada wants to become the basket-case banana republic that is the "elephant" to the south. No, this is Pierre's Just Society now, Justin and Wilfrid's sunny ways. But it must be thoroughly defended against dark forces like Levant, Scheer, Leitch, Manning, Harper, and their ilk (including Trump) -- lest the Empire make any further attempts to strike back.

    3. Anonymous2:50 PM

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. The above comment was deleted because the writer was trying to impersonate another regular commenter. It was the same person who sent in the comment at 11:27 am and also tried to impersonate another regular reader. The IP number has been logged and it will not happen again...

    5. Hi anon 11:27 am...Wrong. My small but definitely not crappy sailboat is mine. My uncle's sailboat is one of the biggest yachts on the island, and I also have a zodiac and two kayaks. So eat your heart out. And BTW when I published your comment I didn't notice that you were trying to impersonate RT, a much better and smarter person than you. I imagine it's you MC, although I hadn't logged your IP number so I can't know for sure. But it's logged now, and whoever you are you will never comment here again...

    6. Hi anon 1:36...thanks for your great comment which I greatly enjoyed even though it was better than my post. So please don't do that again. ;) seriously though it did make clear why Levant deserves the contempt of all decent Canadians. And why we need to fight to preserve all that's good about this country...

  4. Sleeping Giants isn't a progressive organization, it's a authoritarian one, why I can't stand Ezra, he's a massive douche, I stand for progressive ideas like freedom of speech and not trying to bully people into silence. Again I don't like the rebel, I don't defend the rebel, I want nothing to do with the rebel, but I despise Sleeping Giants and the sensorship they stand for. Again Sleeping Giants is NOT a progressive organization, because freedom of speech is a human right, even for douche bags like Ezra.

    1. Hi Gyor...Levant isn't standing up for free speech, he's standing up for hate speech, and there is a difference. I remind you that freedom of speech isn't absolute, or you would be able to scream "fire" in a crowded theatre and get away with it. Also remember that all Sleeping Giants does is alert businesses their ads are appearing on The Rebel, and leaves it up to them to decide what if anything they wish to do about it...

  5. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Hi MC
    How original! Simon will have to start checking IP addresses more closely for high density clones.

    1. Hi RT....I apologize for allowing somebody, probably our late friend MC, to impersonate you. I usually publish comments with my mobile at work, and I somehow missed your initials. If it was MC it only shows how alcohol and The Rebel can turn a human being into an animal. Again I apologize for this, and it won't happen again...

  6. e.a.f.7:58 PM

    omg a cruise with E.L. and all those "free thinkers"? lets see a root cannel or the cruise? family dinner or the cruise? O.K. the cruise with a case of B & B and a recorder. could be fun. just think investigative reporting........

    For one to be so filled with hate, you have to wonder about E.L.

    must agree with Gyor 2:35 p.m. "because freedom of speech is a human right, even for douche bags like Ezra". O.K. simply simply Ezra because comparing him to "douche bags" gives them a bad name. But he does have the right to freedom of speech as long as he doesn't violate hate speech laws or get in the libel and/or slander field.

    For all Ezra's complaining about this and that in this country he is fortunate we are this type of country. He gets to say what he wants and not be tossed in jail by a dictator. he is fortunate he lives in this country where you can say what you want about the P.M. and his family and not be executed. In other countries he would have been arrested and tossed in jail as a min.

  7. Hi I told Gyor, Sleeping Giants only informs businesses that their ads are apoeRing in The Rebel and leaves it up to them to decide what to do about that. They do not call for a boycott or anything like that, so Levant can't claim his "freedom of speech" is being threatened. I on the other hand believe that much of what Levant does is hate speech, and that if we had proper laws like they do in Britain he would be in jail. Hatred incites violence and if not controlled could destroy a country as diverse as this one...

    1. e.a.f.4:09 PM

      I'm a little leary of the British laws given Trump wants them in the U.S.A. so it will be easier for him to sue people who say things about him he doesn't like. There is such a fine line between freedom of speech and hate speech I'm more comfortable leaving it up to judges.