Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Con Bigot Party and the Shame of Kellie Leitch

You might think that Kellie Leitch had embarrassed herself enough. Done what was left of her reputation enough damage.

During the last election, her cultural barbarism show bombed so bad, the stench alone helped bring down the Harper regime.

And the way her campaign for the Con leadership race went down in flames, after all that effort, and all that money, couldn't have been more humiliating.

But it seems that Leitch just can't control herself, and now she's embarrassing herself and her party again.

As only that grotesque Con could.

Conservative MP Kellie Leitch is facing new criticism after she issued a tweet portraying the legacy of the Liberals’ Syrian refugee program as a lone domestic violence case involving a Syrian refugee in Fredericton.

Trying to smear 40,000 Syrian refugees for the actions of one.

Social media erupted after Ms. Leitch tweeted Sunday: “A battered wife and a bloodied hockey stick. That’s the legacy of Trudeau’s Syrian refugee program,” quoting and including a link to a Toronto Sun column about a Syrian refugee in Fredericton who beat his wife with a hockey stick.

And of course trying to blame it all on Justin Trudeau...

For welcoming them with open arms. And making us look decent in the eyes of the world.

Which explains why Twitter was not impressed...

While Leitch ran for cover like a ratty coward.

When contacted by The Globe Monday, Ms. Leitch’s phone line went dead. Follow-up calls were not answered.

Which is a pity, because I know I'd like to ask her these questions:

If that ugly incident in Fredericton is Trudeau's legacy, is this Leitch's legacy? 

A Mississauga, Ont., man is stunned after witnessing and filming a woman make several demands for a "white doctor" who "doesn't have brown teeth" and "speaks English" at his local walk-in clinic on Sunday.

Can we hold her and her fellow bigots who are poisoning this country responsible for this grim statistic? 

The number of police-reported hate crimes against Muslims jumped by 60 per cent in 2015 compared to the previous year, according to Statistics Canada. New data released Tuesday show there were 159 anti-Muslim incidents reported to police that year, up from 99 the year before.

And which Con bigots will claim that hideous massacre in a Quebec City mosque as their bloody legacy?

But what makes all of this even more disturbing is that the Silence of the Leech is matched by the silence of Andrew Scheer.

Even though he needs to explain why he is doing nothing to stop her from whipping up hatred against some of Canada's most vulnerable people...

Why is Chucky still smiling, and why is Leitch still in his caucus?

We know she is shameless, but has Scheer no shame either?

And who is really running the Cons, Scheer, Ezra Levant, or Stephen Harper?

Yup. The more things change, the more they don't.

The Cons are still the Bigot Party.

And we will use that to destroy them...


  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    We need to call out these Rebel connected bigots

    1. Anonymous9:15 PM

      Here's one way of doing so. A picture says a thousand words.


      GOP North has no agenda of their own besides the hate platform that they're copying off Trump's Russian-made Xerox machine (which he, in turn, "culturally appropriated" from the Third Reich and the segregationist South).

      So, spread the word. More Sainte-Foy attacks would have been Kellie Leitch's legacy. That and what happened in Portland is already Donald Trump's. #LoveTrumpsHate

    2. Hi anon....I agree and I'm doing my part. I can't believe that hate mongering rag is that popular in Canada, and I will never agree with those who would normalize it. It's not normal, it's disgusting, and it's dangerous....

  2. Anonymous10:38 AM

    "A battered wife and a bloodied hockey stick. That’s the legacy of Trudeau’s Syrian refugee program"

    It's only a matter of time til a refugee here tries to commit a terrorist attack. Please have your candles along with a hashtag ready to go.

    Islam is not a religion of peace, it's a ideology which spreads through violence and domination. Are you completely blind to what has been happening in Europe the past couple years? No go zones, Muslim rape gangs (that the police try and cover-up), deadly terrorist attacks in major European cities practically on a weekly basis now (the ones we know about).

    You progressives want to to play "Imagine" with our enemies, your altruism is going to get us all killed.


    1. Heh, heh, heh,...your alarmism is funny---and hypocritical. Let's just turn it around for the sake of argument:

      Christianity is not a religion of peace, it's a [sic] ideology which spreads through violence and domination. Are you completely blind to what has been happening in Europe the past couple of years? No go zones, Christian rape gangs (that the police try to cover up), deadly terrorists attacks in major European cities practically on a weekly basis now (the ones we know about)."

      Now let's add some qualifiers for the sake of comparison: Christianity spread, through violence and domination, throughout most of the world. It's been obvious for all but the (ideologically) blind for millennia, in fact the past couple of 'em. It set up no-go zones (ghettos, reserves, etc.) in virtually every community and territory in most of the world for not only non-Christans, but also non-white Christians, or by non-white Christians excluding anybody of a different skin colour, religion or Christian denomination. Rape has been commonly perpetrated for millennia upon the same broad spectrum of people, Christian or not (the various churches try to [sic] cover it up, like in Canada with regard abuse of Aboriginal children in Christian-run residential schools, for just one example. The systematic rape of Muslim Bosnian women by Christian Serbs is well documented, despite typical attempts to cover it up. There are many, many more examples), deadly terrorist attacks on major European cities like the Roman Catholic IRA bombings in London, and supposed "collateral damage" against innocent civilians in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan (the ones we know about---there are many, many more we don't know about---"known unknowns. Why?... because there are so many terrorist attacks, perpetrated over so long).

      You fascists want to play "imagine" with your enemies, your hateful racism is going to get a lot of people killed, the vast majority totally innocent, peace-loving Muslims, Christians, and many others.

    2. Anonymous9:07 PM

      @ MC The math is not strong with this one. There's been a grand total of 0 Islamist terror attacks under Trudeau while Harper and his hate regime that jumped aboard the Bush "bomb them all and let God sort it out" bandwagon had the Toronto 18 and the Parliament Hill shootings on his watch.

      100% of incidents under Trudeau have been from Trump-supporting white-supremacist wingnuts like the FLQ wannabe in Qu├ębec (who also supported Le Pen, basically Trump in drag), and a half-dozen people arrested -- mostly in con-dominated provinces -- for death threats against Justin and Sophie (not counting the innumerable lunatics on Rebel/Breitbart comment sections and Justin's own YouTube channel who spout off garbage like "The wrong Trudeau died, someone should fix that" and hoping that he dies of AIDS).

      But the actions of one are not representative of the whole. Did you know that Muslims saved British people in the London tower fire? The inane nontroversy over Trudeau's visit to the Aga Khan (a friend and father-figure of his since childhood, his Obi-Wan if you will) notwithstanding, he presides over an organization that seeks to empower and educate women -- the same cause as Malala Yousafzai. She was shot by other Muslims, but FFS there are white "meninists" on MRA blogs and Reddit who express hopes and threats of violence and death against "uppity" women of all stripes. The problem there is not Islam per se but a patriarchal-supremacist viewpoint. These same idiots hate Trudeau for being a "traitor" and so they call him gay. But what's any of that got to do with Islam?

      Maybe you should get rid of your iPhone since it wouldn't exist if a Syrian Muslim hadn't come to the U.S. as an immigrant and had a child with an American girl in 1955, who his adoptive parents, a Mr. and Mrs. Jobs, gave the name Steven. Don't watch basketball, lest you happen to celebrate a "shooting spree" by the next Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. You a Leafs fan? Don't bother watching them either, lest you witness another "shooting spree" by Nazem Kadri. Oh, and don't tell any of the haters in Calgary that their mayor is, lo and behold, a Muslim -- who went to college with, and is another "enemy" of, the rabid hatemonger Ezra Levant.

      Your hateful racism (and Ezra's) is not only going to get people killed (Trump's already has). It's also not based in logical fact. There are good and bad people, or people who do good and bad things, in all groups and from all backgrounds. Kellie Leitch and Luka Magnotta are by no means representative of all LGBT people. Why should Abu Baghdadi or the Tsarnaev brothers be representative of all Muslims?

    3. Hi MC....There is nothing that suggests that refugees are more dangerous than any other Canadians. On the contrary studies show that their crime rates tend to be lower than the native born. Which makes sense when you think that most are incredibly grateful to have found a safe place after the nightmare they have endured. And no I'm not blind to what has happened in Europe, but Europe is not Canada. We have been very successful integrating immigrants and refugees, even though we could do better. And as a result we have a remarkably peaceful country. However, if these new Canadians are seen as a threat and your kind of attitude prevails that peace could be disturbed. But it would YOUR fault. Did none of the examples I provided make you even consider that Muslims in this country are victims not victimizers. Tolerance will serve us better than bigotry ever will...

    4. Hi Geoffrey...thank you for reminding MC of the historical record. I thought your comment was excellent, and an antidote to all the poisonous bigotry swirling around us. And you're so right, all that hateful racism is only going to get more people killed...

    5. Hi anon 9:07....thank you too for your excellent comment and for trying to convince MC of the error of his ways. And I really loved your examples. I must admit that even though I am an atheist and a die hard Canadiens fan, I did find myself cheering for Nazem Kadri so he could serve as an inspiration for Muslim kids. We are not a perfect country, far from it. But one thing is for sure, hatred will get us nowhere...

    6. Anonymous10:23 PM

      Most of us have it to some extent but Cons seem to have an acute case of irrational fear. Although its not as exciting it would be better for us (and our governments )to address things that probably will kill us. Statistics give the following lifetime odds; 1 in 40 million it will be a refugee terrorist,1 in a million for domestic extremists (75% right wing / 25% Islamic),foreign born terrorists (all forms ) gets us to 1 in 40 thousand probably including foreign travel and military style attacks like 911. In comparison heart disease is 1 in 7, motor vehicles are 1 in 100,falling 1 in 150, assault by gun 1 in 400, fire 1 in 15 hundred, heat waves 1 in 10 thousand, etc.
      Also it does seem odd that the countries that the west invaded seem to be the prime sources of terrorist attacks. I know the standard clairvoyant Con answer is that these countries were going to attack anyway so we just beat them to it. Stupid is as stupid does.

    7. Anonymous7:03 AM

      Looks like your amygdala gland is swollen again MC. Try icing it for 2 hour intervals or until you cant feel your head.

    8. Anonymous9:29 AM

      Tell that to the parents of the children who died in Manchester JD.


    9. Anonymous2:20 AM

      And you MC can tell the parents of dead children in Sarajevo shot by Serbian snipers that Islam isn't a religion of peace and that Christianity is. See what reaction you would get.
      You seem to forget the about ethnic cleansing of Muslims by Christian Serbs in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo which happened well before 911 and terrorism by sects of Islam. Don't ever kid yourself that the atrocities committed on Europeans who had been of Islamic faith for over 400 years by Christians didn't assist Osama Bin Ladin and Al Qaida in their recruitment of persons for their terrorist network. But thinking and rationalization isn't one of your strong suits, is it?
      BTW, recent Rebel employee, suspected hacker of Macron e-mails and disrupter (along with Rebel employee Laura Loomer) of Shakespearian plays Jack Posobiec, is connected to a group suspected of wanting to revive the horrid atrocities in the former Balkans. Are you proud?

      mr perfect

    10. Anonymous9:59 AM

      Ugh you're all the same. "Well Christians did crusades 800 years ago so muslims are kinda justified to blow us up." Fools.


    11. Anonymous2:59 AM

      Sarajevo happened in our lifetime, MC. I was there in April and times haven't healed the wounds. You didn't answer if you are proud of Jack Posobiec's behaviour hand in hand with Rebel staff. Does this make you proud?https://www.buzzfeed.com/josephbernstein/inside-the-alt-rights-campaign-to-smear-trump-protesters-as?utm_term=.xvDBB6Yxb#.bnLWWpxvY
      My neighbour is of the Muslim faith. I've socialized with him and his family many times. He once intervened in a road rage incident, putting himself in harm's way when a knife was produced. You stand against him, you stand against me. I also dealt with Ismaelis in the use of our facilities at my job and once had to find room for them for a memorial of a man killed in the Nairobi Mall terrorist attacks, organized by a caucasian British woman. The looney who attacked Parliament Hill in Oct 2014 had been thrown out of a mosque in Burnaby, BC because they didn't want to have anything to do with his radical ways.
      I'm not afraid of muslims. I'm not a fool and unlike you I'm not a coward.

      mr perfect

  3. And another ISIS Supporter chimes in:


    1. Hi Jay...thank you too for that reminder. Those hate mongers claim they are the scourge of ISIS when in fact they are their most shabby enablers...

  4. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Multiculturalism doesn't work.


    A reader from Brussels

    1. Anonymous6:05 PM

      go away, ghoul

    2. Anonymous9:09 PM

      Exclusionism and keeping people mired in segregated ultra-religious communities where they have little to no awareness of the outside world but what their hate preachers tell them doesn't work.

      Signed, an American.

    3. Hi anon 4.09 pm...you may be surprised but I completely agree with you. Multiculturalism isn't working in Belgium. But I'm sorry to say that's because you didn't integrate immigrants and refugees properly. You jammed them into ghettos, and didn't make many of them feel welcome. And now you are harvesting the inevitable. I don't want to be too harsh, because Belgium has many good things going for it, including my sister-in-law who is a beautiful Walloon and a talented artist. But you shouldn't make such sweeping statements, and Belgium is not Canada... XXX

    4. Hi anon 9:09 ... Thank you neighbour for summarizing Belgium's problem better than I could. You see the same thing in the suburbs of Paris and in certain parts of Britain. And then people wonder why terrorism is a problem...

    5. Anonymous1:49 AM

      Hi Simon. Anon 9:09 here, I was actually (without saying so) describing the very same situation as the isolated religious conservatives -- who happen to be predominantly Christian -- who rushed to the polls en masse to vote for Trump. In our case, it's more of a self-imposed isolation than a government-mandated one. But it's not one that happens in a vacuum or that happened overnight. They've been groomed -- radicalized, you might say -- for decades to be reactionaries to the progressive upheavals of the 1960s, and to "take the country back" to the "good times" when such things as women's, gays', and racial minorities' civil rights were little more than a dream. Reagan wanted to "Make America Great Again" by returning to the 1950s. Trump apparently wants to return to the 1980s -- but if the 1980s was Reagan, then by default, he also wants the 1950s. Women in the kitchen, blacks in the ghettos, and gays hanging themselves in the closet. A national landscape that looks a lot like the Rust Belt and Deep South even today.

      But unlike the radical imams, their hate preachers are mainstreamed into the "respectable" media and culture, and go by the names of (for example) St. Rush and St. Breitbart. For every Anjem Choudary, there's a Fred Phelps. For every Wahabist madrasah, a "charter school" or "home school" in the Bible Belt (now being exported to the mainstream by wingnut Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos). For every call to prayer at the mosque of a radical imam... there's a "Fox News Alert".

      The situations in Europe and in the U.S. are much different, obviously, both in their scale and in who's responsible for the isolation occurring in the first place. But there's some troubling similarities too once you look at it in a certain way. It's not just the Muslims who are stewing in their pens. It's the Christians too. Or at least, those who profess to be Christian, but would probably "stand their ground" against a long-haired hippie Palestinian Jew who wanted to throw the moneyed class out of the temples; demanded that people pay their fair share in taxes; fed the hungry, healed the sick, and tended to the poor; and lo and behold, actually intervened to stop a fatal would-be slut-shaming in progress. I'm pretty irreligious myself, but that doesn't sound like the patron saint of the GOP (or Canada's cons) to me! ;)

  5. John B.2:43 AM

    Canada has generations of experience receiving up to a half million annually and a tradition of reverence for foreign influences. As Lucien Bouchard said, "Canada is not a country." And as Justin added, "We're post-national." We may have to wait for the necessary post-national conditions to present that will enable politicians in Europe to discover and experience fully the joys of ethnopandering. I don't think the slug on the street can do too much to solve the current problem. Meanwhile, what should they do about those ghettos?