Thursday, June 08, 2017

How You Can Help Put The Squeeze On The Rebel

As you know, Ezra Levant likes to call himself a "Rebel Commander" and portray himself and The Rebel as a champions of free speech.

Even though The Rebel is just a tacky hate mongering rag, which should have been closed down long ago by the vice squad.

And Levant is only in it for the money. 

But I guess he needs the dough.

He does need to pay for all those court cases he keeps losing.

All that chump change from his legion of slobbering suckers obviously isn't enough to satisfy him, or keep him in the style to which he has become accustomed.

So he needs to attract advertising to his ratty Rebel.

Which is why this must be so devastating. 

An American group that aims to stop online sites that publish racist, sexist and hate-fuelled content by starving them of ad dollars now says it is taking on The Rebel.

In a tweet posted Thursday, Sleeping Giants announced it is turning its sights north of the border in an attempt to staunch the flow of advertising dollars to the right-wing Canadian website, which has become closely associated with the alt-right rhetoric being espoused in the United States since the election of President Donald Trump.

And since so many companies have pulled their ads in such a short time.

And so many tips just keep flooding into this site.

No wonder Levant is sounding so desperate these days...

Claiming that companies are boycotting his site because they're anti-semitic.

It feels weird to be blacklisted. It’s even weirder for someone to brag about blacklisting you. Normally that sort of thing is done secretly. But the bigots at Porter are out in the open.

I’ve heard of BDS before: “boycott, divestment and sanctions”. But that usually just targets Jews in Israel. 

Now Porter Airlines is targeting Jewish businesses in Canada.

Which of course couldn't be more ridiculous or more pathetic...

When that is the kind of filthy stuff The Rebel publishes, along with all their other bigoted garbage.

You know, in the United States a similar boycott of Breitbart, the alt-right rag once headed by Steve Bannon, is having a devastating effect. 

The clarion of the far right seems to be having second thoughts about how far right it wants to go. Faced with an advertiser boycott and plummeting readership, Breitbart News has lately been trimming back some of its more extreme elements in what may be a bid for more mainstream respectability.

And there's no reason we can't do the same to the Rebel.

So you know what to do...

Now I'm not suggesting that Levant could ever be respectable, or ever stop begging.

But if we work hard we could stick a big fork in the side of The Rebel, and help make Canada a more decent place.

And if Levant must beg, let him do it out of sight.

And in the place where he truly belongs....


  1. And Levant is only in it for the money.
    I disagree. I mean, of course he's in it for the money, but he really hates just about anyone and anything in the world.

    He would go out of his way to steal candy from a baby.

    1. hi jrkrideau...I don't know, once he might have had some ideology, but now just resembles a giant vacuum cleaner hoovering up money. He's said to have a Hummer and he is reportedly building a massive mansion in Forest Hill. So yes, for Ezra these days I think it's all about the bottom line....

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Good work everybody!!

    1. hi anon...yes we are doing a good job. I see all kinds of people sending in sightings and there is no doubt that it is driving Levant crazy. Especially since he lost his Supreme Court appeal yesterday and will have to pay some guy $80,000 for libelling him....

  3. Unreal. What part of "No Ezra, People don't hate you because you're Jewish. They hate you because what you say is bloody asinine" does this tool not understand?

    1. Anonymous7:38 PM

      Like the "bombshell" headline on his stupid website that some sleazebag friend of Trump's offered up Margaret Trudeau at a hotel in NYC around the same time he was giving the Family of Man award to Pierre. (What I wouldn't give to know exactly what Papa was thinking in that photo as the idiot droned on and on from the podium.) But is there nothing that Libel Suit Larry won't stoop to just to get his jollies out of trolling Justin? Harassing his MOTHER?!?

      My own opinion: I think it's a hate-crush, and wonder if he doesn't sleep with a copy of "Common Ground" tucked under his pillow, with the pages all stuck together and little hearts drawn in the margins. You just know he wanted to get in that boxing ring and pin Justin to the mat. ;)

    2. hi Way Way know it's may sound funny, but it's his criminal mind. I once worked with a group of real criminals and that's how they think. They think they can will you into believing anything. It's so cynical it's outrageous. But I must say I'm enjoying the show... ;)

    3. hi anon 7:38...I skim through the Rebel about once a week, and only to see what new and disgusting thing levant is up to. If the guy was just a bigot I might be able to ignore him, but professional bigots enrage me, and I can't wait until the day that all that hate catches up to him...

  4. Anonymous3:05 PM

    According to Frank magazine, he hasn't been paying his contractors on his 4 million dollar home.

    1. hi anon...yes, I saw an outline of the story, and I have a picture of the alleged house. I just want to make sure it's legit before I run it. But it's massive, and Levant has certainly found a way to make hate pay....

  5. John B.4:37 PM

    "The Rebel"

    Yuk, yuk, yuk.

    1. hi's OK to make fun of The Rebel, but don't you dare make fun of the "Rebel Commander" or else... ;)

  6. Anonymous7:23 PM

    I don't use twitter, but apparently a lot of other people do. So if anyone who has an account there wants to participate, let me pass along a tip to point out to Rebel advertisers about the toxic caliber of their crew. Raw Story is reporting that their She-Wolf of the SS, the aptly named Lauren Southern, has been joining "Identitarian" hard-rightists in Europe on boats to target refugees with harassment and violence. She was arrested in Italy for this activity just this past week.

    She claims to be merely "reporting" on it. But we've seen what kind of "reporting" she's done at women's rights rallies and Pride events, trolling rape victims and transgender people with that pedo-defending scumbag Milo Hitlerpotamus. Remember when she made fun of transgender people by walking into a DMV in Toronto and changing her gender on her driver's license to point out the "ludicrousness" of the "trans agenda"?

    This is the kind of hate that Ezra has spawned. Hey Ezra, if you don't like Nazis so much, why do you act like one? Maybe because you've become that which you claim to despise? The bullied becoming the bully?
    Anyone else recall the noxious screed he leveled against Romani people -- who were also victimized in the Holocaust -- back when he helmed that garbage Fox News wannabe Sun TV?

    1. hi anon...yes I'm aware of all of that, and it horrifies me. Levant's gang was bad enough, but now that they are flirting with the alt-right maniacs they are really disgusting. And the idea of the professional bully Levant playing a victim is simply nauseating...

  7. Anonymous2:53 PM

    The Hate Racket- certainly pays. I'm not going to list them, but it's a thriving business in the US of A. It feeds the hateful, fearful ones.