Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Brad Trost and the Shaming of Andrew Scheer

As I'm sure you know, Brad Trost is a religious fanatic who likes to think of himself as a holy warrior battling Muslims, women who need an abortion, and gay people.

Not necessarily in that order.

And like most religious fanatics he likes to think that he is better than we are.

So this must be REALLY embarrassing.

Caught like a deer in the headlights.

And accused by his own party of leaking membership lists to the gun lobby.

Brad Trost's Conservative leadership campaign said Monday it's been hit with a $50,000 fine over unauthorized use of the party's membership list.

So soon after the Con leadership voting scandal, where thousands of votes miraculously appeared out of nowhere, and helped make Andrew Scheer leader.

Which no doubt explains why Scheer is in such a hurry to bury the story.

Andrew Scheer said today his caucus is ready to move on from questions about the accuracy of the ballot count in the election that made him leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Reports of ballot discrepancies after he was elected gave his leadership a rocky start, raising questions about the legitimacy of the win.

And also explains why he has yet to denounce Brad Trost's campaign for allegedly handing out membership lists to the gun lobby.

I mean how could he? When it was Trost's religious fanatics who made Scheer Con leader.

And Scheer doesn't even want to talk about his close ties to Ezra Levant's Rebel Media. 

In addition to winning leadership with the support of anti-abortion organizers, the campaign manager of Scheer's leadership campaign happens to be Hamish Marshall, the co-founder and director of Rebel Media.

Or his ties to people like Hamish Marshall who ran his campaign, or bigot scum like Faith Goldy who can't praise him enough.

After praising Scheer's opposition to transgender rights and a motion condemning systemic racism and Islamophobia, Goldy suggested his voting record is proof he's even further to the right of leadership runner-up Maxime Bernier.

"He is our people."

While consorting with neo-nazis, as only she could.

But all those questions, and that stench of corruption, won't go away.

We'll make sure of that.

Andrew Scheer is at the centre of a theocon conspiracy...

Religious extremists and other bigots have secretly seized control of the Cons.

And we will use that to destroy them...


  1. Who elects these morons?

  2. The usual Reformatories.

  3. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Faith Goldy is awesome. You just dont like her cuz she stands for everything you hate. A straight white Christian who is conservative.

    1. Anonymous3:02 PM


    2. hi anon 20:14...I had no idea I hated straight people, please don't tell my friends or I'll be in big trouble or really lonely. And I don't hate Faith Goldy, I just think she is a no-talent bigot, masquerading as a journalist. As are all the people who work for Levant's hate mongering Rebel. Also, although I am an atheist, I think you calling Goldy a Christian is practically blasphemy. So stop it immediately before I die laughing...

  4. John B.1:14 PM

    I'm not suggesting that it isn't effective, but the fixation by libertarian-theocon-hayseed coalition builders on lists of the possibly like-mined is disturbingly thorough and obsessive. Over thirty years ago I found myself together with several other of my acquaintances on one such mailing list - one that had been put together by the remnants of the old Libertarian Party of Canada to fundraise for the project to remove Joe Clark from the leadership of the PCs - through membership in a shooting association.

    These freedom fighters were moving into the most suitable mainstream party for their purposes at about the same time that Charles Koch decided to distance the effort from the old label and focus instead on joining in with the moral crusaders in taking charge of the Repugs. In Canada the moralists began to dribble into the puddle a little later and the stream has generally been a little more sporadic due both to periodic interruptions by spin-offs of the crazier and, less frequently, to the rare outburst of something approaching sanity. The envy that her North American colleagues no doubt have suffered in consideration of the relative ease of Mrs. Thatcher's accomplishments, in that she never faced the requirement to consort at length with the most severe among the lunatics, must be overwhelming. I think Andrew Sheer and Brad Trost will take this as far as it can go.

    1. Lulymay11:23 PM

      Hopefully into never-ending backbenchers that no one in their right mind listens to, except perhaps those evangelical faith-basters that cannot see past the end of their nose and insist that the whole world should just shut up and fall into their lunatic line.

    2. hi John...That's an interesting comment. I must say I find it hard to believe that the SoCons are such a big part of the Cons, even though we are this far in the 21st Century. But then I suppose the Canadian Cons have never been so Americanized.
      All those batshit preachers in the U.S. are clearly influencing many of them. Harper might have kept them under control with one hand, but the other hidden hand was always busy pandering to them furiously. What I do know is that it's no way to build a solid future. The Cons do not reflect the new Canada and they will pay for that over and over again....

    3. hi Lulymay...I hope you're right. As I told John I think part of the problem is that the Cons have become more Americanized than ever. Scheer uses a lot of phrases right out of the religious right's handbook, as well as Trump's idiot book. However, like you I can't see them appealing to many Canadians, and if they can't expand beyond their base, they're going nowhere....

  5. Anonymous6:38 PM

    There they go again--hi-jacking in name ONLY--our Lord. Purposely. To give ALL of us a bad name. Please, don't be fooled by it...I'll stack my list of Liberal Christians against their Cons For Christ any day of the week. (LIBERALSLIKECHRIST.ORG) The CONS are being misguided into misreading the Scripture. Period.

    1. a liberal christian is a oxymoron

    2. I dunno, but there have certainly been some socialist and social-democratic Christians, to wit Tommy Douglas and Michel Chartrand. And I say that as an atheist.

    3. hi liberalandlovingit...yes I agree, they are hijacking Christianity for their own sinister purposes. I'm an atheist, but I was raised in the Christian tradition, and none of the Christians I've ever known were as bad as those who support the Cons....

  6. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Guns and religious fundamentalists, a match made in heaven or hell?

    1. Anonymous10:54 PM

      Let's see...Martin Luther AND Martin Luther King would know.
      As would dozens of other well-known peace-makers.

    2. hi RT/liberalandlovingit...a religious discussion on my blog? My Mum will be VERY impressed. But then her Christianity is a kind one, and along with other members of her church, she spends a lot of time helping the poor, the old, and the lonely.
      Guns and Cons on the other hand couldn't be a more deadly mix....

  7. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Somewhere out on the wide, wide prairie they breed these people who had years of Garner Ted Armstrong on country radio, preaching of The Wonderful World Tomorrow in honour of his Dad, the equally nutball Herbert W Awrmstrawng and his Ambassador College team. There was a pair of hucksters for you, proclaiming that wonderful time when true Christians would amass in the middle east on some plain and as Jesus descended from heaven, would destroy all non-Christians in pitched battle.

    By comparison, Tommy Douglas preaching for medicare and a break for the common man must have seemed like a boring lecture. Kids have imagination and the warbling tones of evangelists speaking of Armageddon invisibly from the radio was a whole lot more exciting than sermons. Douglas was born of the Depression era, when people had to look out for each other.

    Conservatism by contrast is a disease of the prosperous man. Jealous of his personal well-being and property and suspicious that there exists shadowy forces out to rob him, well, we cannot have that, so we must have rules, says he. Let's see, religion has dogma and rules, so let's promote that, Christian of course, that undubitable fount of goodness and randy clerics, and dun all those who disagree. Unions? Obviously unhealthy. And on and on it goes.

    Until we end up with blatherwicks like Trost and Scheer thoroughly infected and intrinsically believing the web of intrigue built up by paranoid rich people over the years, and completely devoid of social imagination other than to reflexively say "No!" to any new proposal. The past was better when everyone knew their damn place and could be scorned into toeing the established line! Using up Earh's resources faster than they can be replaced? "My son, the Lord will provide" and thus the problem is solved and elevated CO2 levels don't exist.

    You cannot halt pigheadedness such as this. It's part of the human condition when once you own a thousand times more than your fair share. to elevate yourself onto a perch and make disparaging remarks about those who don't fit your proscribed set of rules and regulations designed to keep you rich. If you disagree, dear peon, you will be punished for looking enviously on those who have far more, because the Bible says YOU are a sinner. Don't know about you, but my siblings and I watched like hawks to see whether Mum or Dad favoured one of us more than the other, and complained like hell if they thought they saw any sign of it. Down to beans on the plate. Religion and conservatism see that attitude as wrong. Why, we must accept the unevenhandedness of the world as a given, when it actually goes against human nature. Accept that people shall rule over you, you mothbitten piece of protoplasm! And turn that everlovin' cheek!

    And thus human history endlessly repeats the cycle of wealth accumulation and revolution against it. Today, with Trost and Scheer, we merely have unthinking disciples of a system even they haven't spent five minutes musing over. On faith, they accept it as the truth. And prosyletize to make the rest of us agree.

    Ain't life grand?

    1. Anonymous10:50 PM

      Aces. How very well said, friend.

    2. Lulymay11:32 PM

      So true, so true. Well done! and well said! My grandmother was an evangelical: narrow minded, judgmental, arrogant in her belief in HER Lord, knew exactly what day she was "saved" etc. etc. I learned very early in life that these so-called christians were the most judgmental of anyone I came into contact as a child. Thank goodness my parents gifted me with a brain that was able to separate fact from created fiction.

    3. hi anon 8:40...nice comment. As I mentioned above, I'm an atheist, mostly because I believe that our little blue planet is our heaven and our hell, and none of us are ever leaving it. And of course the fact that so many so-called religious people believe I should be murdered just for who I am, doesn't exactly make me want to be their friends. But I have been very lucky to know some very good religious people who work with the poor and the sick, and them I admire.
      In the United States the religious right perverts the message of Jesus, and preached hate instead of love. They are as you say nothing but candle holders for the rich and the mean. And the fact that so many of them could support a hideous human being like Donald Trump is for me the last nail in their cross or their coffin....

  8. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Now I know what my father meant when he sang "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition".

    1. hi JD...yes, I don't know about praising the Lord, but before this Con Trumpling nightmare is over we may need some ammunition. Although I'd prefer to bombard them with some rock hard hot cross buns... ;)

  9. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Found a video for you Simon, is this progressive enough for you?