Saturday, June 03, 2017

Should Andrew Scheer Resign as Con Leader?

It was such a moving photo. Maxime "Mad Max" Bernier raising the arm of Andrew "Smiley" Scheer, at the end of the Con leadership convention.

And for a moment it looked like that long running Con mob story would have a happy ending.

But sadly for them, and the Harper Party, that good feeling didn't last.

Because now Bernier and his gang are coming after Scheer !!!!

Screaming we wuz robbed!! 

A substantial discrepancy in the final ballot count at the Conservative leadership convention is threatening to spill into open revolt and undermine the electoral legitimacy of new leader Andrew Scheer. 

Followers of Maxime Bernier are raising alarm bells about the gap between the votes cast and the final number announced at last weekend’s convention, where Mr. Scheer won a razor-thin victory over Mr. Bernier.

And who can blame them for feeling that something funny might be going on?

The Bernier camp wants to know why party director Dustin van Vugt ordered that all the ballots be destroyed immediately after the vote and why scrutineers were also not informed that there was a 7,466 vote discrepancy. Only 7,049 votes separated the two candidates on the final ballot.

Or that Scheer and his religious fanatics might have invoked a higher power...

When the ballots were destroyed so quickly, and the Con spokesman Cory Hann's claim that it was just "human error" just doesn't wash. 

(Hann) told Maher that the lists provided to leadership campaigns included only the mail-in ballots and those that were cast in-person at the Toronto Congress Centre. The source of the discrepancy, he indicated, was the votes from 13 other physical voting locations from across Canada. 

That doesn’t explain all of the “mystery ballots” that were counted, however. What we know from the Conservative party website is that these 13 locations did not include any locations in British Columbia, for example — yet the ballot discrepancy in B.C. amounts to 660 votes.

And this after 1,350 memberships were found to be fraudulent. Can you believe it?

But then why should we be surprised when the Cons have a long record of electoral corruption? 

From the so-called In and Out Scandal, to the Robocall attempt to steal an election, to the clanking adventures of Dean Del Mastro...

They just can't help themselves.

Meanwhile, the National Firearms Association obtained the Conservative Party membership list and sent out flyers selling memberships to the gun lobby group.

The Conservative Party plans to issue a cease and desist letter to the organization and demand it destroy the list. The membership list is traceable, so the party already knows which leadership candidate leaked the list.

And a man with a foul record like this one...

Shouldn't even dream of being a Canadian prime minister.

Not when his chances of defeating Justin Trudeau are almost laughable.

In a poll conducted less than two weeks before Saturday's vote, Léger found the Liberals leading in national voting intentions with 46 per cent support against 25 per cent for a Rona Ambrose-led Conservative Party. The Liberals enjoyed a lead over the Conservatives worth 16 points in Ontario, 23 points in British Columbia and 41 points in Quebec.

With Scheer as leader of the party, however, Conservative support dropped two points to 23 per cent nationwide. The Liberal lead widened by one point in Ontario, three in Quebec and seven points in B.C. Only in the Prairies did Scheer's leadership put the Conservatives in a better position.

And this is the bottom line:

The Con leadership race was a stinky farce... 

A cesspool of corruption.

Scheer's victory has been tainted beyond recognition.

And if he wishes to avoid further damage.

He should resign as soon as possible... 


  1. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Yeah, because you totally have the best interest of the party at heart.....hell should we even have elections anymore or just declare the Little Prince PM for life?

    1. Hi anon....oh but I do. Do you want to see your Cons portrayed as the Corruption Party as well as the Bigot Party? I obviously don't want the Cons to win the next election, but since there is no danger of that happening, I'd like to see them at least get more votes than the Bloc Québécois....

    2. Anonymous11:53 PM

      They will win. Trudeau will piss-off so many progressives that they will rush back to the NDP, hence splitting the vote. You know that is what is going to happen. The right is united, the left is not.

    3. hi anon...I disagree. I doubt that Trudeau will piss-off so many progressives that they'll rush to the NDP and split the vote. He has history and the polls on his side. The NDP isn't going anywhere. And we learned how to avoid vote splitting in the last election, and the same thing will happen in the next one...

    4. Anonymous4:04 PM

      Sure you have. Sure you have.

  2. Ah, popcorn time.

    Don't forget he wants to send fighter planes back to the Middle East. Given that our aging CF-18s seem hardly able to fly here sending them to that environmentally hostile area to contribute basically nothing in terms of force application seems like a grand continuation of Harper foreign policy and I cannot think of one instance where Harper did not screw-up.

  3. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Resign as soon as possible? Then if Bernier became leader you'd suggest he resign too. Or Kellie Leitch. Or O'Leary. Or any of the contenders for that matter. Sounds like someone should just take their ball and go home.


    1. Hi MC....maybe I should have been clearer. What I mean is that Scheer should resign so that a new vote can be held. But I can't see how he can remain leader when the election was so tainted. Unless that happens the Liberals should question his leadership every day all the way to the next election....

  4. Come to think of it Simon, the last thing we probably want is to have Scheer resign.

    Scheer won, IIRC, with 51% of the vote on the 13th ballot? This is hardly a sign of overwhelming support. It seems to me that it well be better to let the Cons fight it out and splinter the party and alienate anyone outside the hard-core base of right-wing loons.

    Cons generally seem pretty good at backstabbing, and dirty tricks that later get spread across the front pages of national newspapers or lands you in court. We should encourage their natural skills and talents.

    And being the leader of a party where, perhaps, fifty percent of your members hate just about everything you stand for (i.e the fiscal conservatives as opposed to the social cons) probably does not make for an easy life.

    Like I said, popcorn time. Maybe with extra butter?

    1. hi jrkrideau...well that's a good point. I just want to annoy the Cons by demanding that Scheer resign. But he could probably do us more good by staying and dividing the Cons. They are split between the economic extremists and the religious extremists, and when they get going they could probably make Game of Thrones look like Bambi. Hmmm...make that six bags of popcorn... ;)

  5. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I hope he stays on and Bernier's people are as destructive as Bernie's were.

    1. hi anon...yes, as I just told jrkrideau, a good Con civil war might be just what the doctor ordered. And Bernier and some of his powerful backers could cause Scheer quite a few problems, and even eventually split the party. The Cons had their time and it's not coming back....

  6. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Luckily, in this continuing news cycle, Scheer's name has totally dropped off the face of the earth. I have not seen him mentioned in 3-4 days.

    He will have a huge uphill climb to keep his name top of mind over the next 2 years.

    But this voting scandal, should it come to public light, will be the gift that keeps on giving.


    1. hi Anonymous-A...well that's a good point. The man has no policies, and he is as boring as hell. And with his social conservative credentials, and his Harper with a smile moniker, I can't see him ever becoming popular enough to become the prime minister or the Pope of Canada....

  7. My dad is a classic liberal (pretty libertarian, not too leftist, kinda like Bill Maher) and he already likes Scheer, and he isn't a soc con, believe me, we disagree on stuff, such as him detesting Trump, but he as a classic liberal supports Scheer. Libs rn are overplaying the fact that he is a soc con so much.. end of the world, the libertarian sector (very big) will keep it in check. You act like allowing free speech for people you disagree with is a bad thing in his record.