Sunday, June 18, 2017

Is Andrew Scheer a Ghastly Con or a Reagan Republican?

We already knew that Andrew Scheer is a sinister religious fanatic, who doesn't believe in women's rights, and believes that gay Canadians are "abhorrent."

We knew that he likes to smile a lot, even when he's talking about child rape and other dirty sex stuff in the House of Commons.

Except when he is in his office working on plans to turn Canada into a theocracy.

But who knew that he was more American than Canadian?

Or judging from this speech a Ronald Reagan Republican. 

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer called the federal Liberals “the ultimate economy busybodies” Thursday morning in his first significant public speech at the Economic Club of Canada in Toronto. 

“Now, we’ve all heard that Ronald Reagan quote about when Liberals see something move they tax it, if it keeps moving they regulate it, and when it finally stops moving they subsidize it. So we ask ourselves the question — why don’t just stay out of the way in the first place?”

Because that speech might as well have been written by a Republican. It does not reflect the views of most Canadians.

And one shudders to think what he might do to social programs in this country. Or what might happen to our precious medicare system if he ever became prime minister.

Why does he want taxpayers to subsidize religious schools instead of supporting our public schools?

And is this his idea of a joke?

In the Q&A portion of the event, moderator Adrienne Batra, the editor in chief of the Toronto Sun, asked how Scheer would reach out to new Canadians. “One of the things Conservatives like to talk about is ‘the lie of the left’ that we’re not a big tent party, it’s a group of angry white guys … with all due respect to the angry white guys in the room,” she said. 

“We have some angry white women too,” Scheer quipped.

Could that be more racist?

Or more Kellie Leitch...

And why is Brad Trost's campaign manager accusing Scheer's party of acting like Communist China? 

When everybody knows that Scheer and Trost are both religious fanatics...

And that Scheer owes that other sleazy anti-gay crusader EVERYTHING.

For he would not be leader if Trost's bigot hordes hadn't supported him.

And the good news?

Scheer may be a mortal threat to women, gays, non-white people, seniors, social programs, and our medicare system.

But he will never be prime minister.

Not when Justin Trudeau is already whupping his ass.  

As parliamentarians prepare for the summer break and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer settles into his new job, polls suggest the Liberals retained a comfortable lead over their rivals in the last quarter, halting a steep decline in support suffered earlier this year. 

In polls conducted between March 1 and May 31, the Liberals averaged 40.7 per cent support among decided voters, a slight increase over where the party stood in the previous quarter.

The Conservatives trailed with 30.3 per cent support as the leadership race was coming to an end, a drop of 1.5 points from the previous quarter.

And when Canadians find out more about Scheer's extremist views, he'll be even less popular. 

While it is too early to know what Scheer's short-term impact on the Conservatives' polling numbers will be, a few surveys have provided some hints.

A Mainstreet/Postmedia poll gave the Conservatives a two-point bump with Scheer as leader. A Forum Research poll showed the Conservatives down one point compared to where they stood in April.

If that's possible. 

Yup. Justin may not be perfect. But he's a really nice guy. The candidate of the new and rising generation.

And a real Canadian....

Unlike Scheer he reflects our precious Canadian values.

And for that alone.

I'm pretty sure he's going to be prime minister for a long long time...


Anonymous said...

They said the same thing about Harper 15 years ago: he would scrap Medicare, outlaw abortion, hidden agenda, will never be PM, and so on. And yet Harper was PM for 10 years, and Medicare is still here (perhaps not for long, but that’s another story), and even the conservatives voted in favour of supporting same-sex unions last year. People evolve and views change. Those scare tactics work to a point but will ultimately fail with Scheer as they did with Harper.
And since you like to talk about Brad Trost, look up Tom Wappel, liberal MP from 1988 to 2008.

The Liberals will win in 2019, but this is only because they will not have p… off enough people yet. And trust me, they will. They already started in a myriad small ways: for example, my two daughters living in Toronto can no longer claim the public transit tax credit (which was part of the ‘Harper legacy’). That’s a loss of 275$ a year for each of them. Both voted enthusiastically for Trudeau in 2015, and are a bit miffed. Not enough to vote for someone else but a good chance they’ll stay home next time.
Yes, Justin Trudeau is a great guy. But this government is really run by a cabal of operatives who first plied their trade at Queens Park, from Gerald Butts on down. With this people at the helm Ontario’s government reached levels of incompetence, corruption and dishonesty not ever seen. Just look at the complete disaster with electricity: throwing hundreds of thousand of families into energy poverty in Canada, of all countries. The country probably blessed with the most abundant energy resources of the whole world.
Butts and Co. will do the same with Canada they did in Ontario. And in 2023 we may well start to say ‘PM Scheer’.
Remember, in this country we vote people out, not in.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the NDP being the helpful idiots they are will split the left vote.


Anonymous said...

I also lost my transit tax credit. 275$ is an incredibly petty reason to vote in a shitty con government

Anonymous said...

Taking people's money to pay for cardboard cutouts is a great way to piss them off.

Anonymous said...

The federal government is similar to the patriarch of a large family. Some 150 years ago when the fledgling family was in its infancy an authoritarian leader was probably justified but years have past. The children have grown, diversified with new DNA and although they are still stronger together basic survival is no longer a major issue. They have matured somewhat but still have inner conflicts, some times confident, pessimistic, egotistical, jealous, adventurous...then there are the outsiders who are willing to woo for their own ends. The patriarch needs a vision the members can rally behind and provide the communication and support to help maximize the potential of all members. A difficult task but old style authoritarian leadership has no chance of success in modern Canada. That is unless they don't care if the family splinters or plan to eventually hold it together with guns. Not exactly very Canadian.
Reform-A-Cons are a product of an authoritarian doctrine who believe its their mission to make their views the norm. They are therefore unfit to serve as a ruling Canadian federalist party. At least the Tories understood and supported the Canadian family and its diversity until a bunch of imposters stole their name.

Anonymous said...

Is Andrew Scheer a Ghastly Con or a Reagan Republican?
I didn't know these were mutually exclusive. Show me a Reagan Republican and I'll show you a ghastly con.

John B. said...

I can't disagree.

But since it was mentioned: I'm aware of what's been reported about Harper's religiosity and of what he said in the Civitas address, but the readiness of his party to use every opportunity over several election cycles to make reference to the "hidden agenda" supposition eventually caused me to suspect a red herring that, for which if it were not the actual source, it spared no effort to exploit.

Simon said...

hi BW...I realize that some people feared that Harper had a hidden agenda, and he turned out to be all talk and no action. But he wasn't a true religious fanatic. while Scheer is definitely the real thing. He also owes his victory to people like Brad Trost, and without power to pacify the SoCons, they will expect to be pandered to at the upcoming policy conference, and that should help to tar Scheer all the way to the next election. Most people don't know much about Scheer, and his role as Speaker helped disguise his Republican tendencies. But once they are exposed I think that the Cons will soon realize they chose the wrong candidate. Finally, Justin Trudeau may not have kept all his provinces, but he hasn't been in power for even two years, and with the numbers he has now I can't see any of the other parties dumping him and his Liberals....

Simon said...

hi MC....that's always a possibility, and it can never be ruled out. But if you notice the NDP isn't going anywhere. It has been stuck in the same place in the polls for almost two years. And its leadership race is dull and uninspiring, so it doesn't look as if the situation will change. Maybe Jagmeet Singh will bring that race to life, and he is a good candidate. But with the Liberals doing so well in Quebec, I wonder if Singh can make a real difference...

Simon said...

hi RT....We had ten years of semi authoritarian rule in Canada, and I doubt we'll see anything like it for a long time if ever. The millennial generation does not take kindly to those kind of leaders, so while the NDP still has a chance to come up with a leader for the times, I honestly believe the Cons will live to regret their choice. As for the national unity question, I believe that if Jason Kenney becomes the premier of Alberta, we will see a crisis that could blow this country apart...

Simon said...

hi anon... Ok I guess I could have been clearer. What I meant when I said Con was a member of the Canadian Conservative party. But you're right if we're using the generic Con word then they do all resemble each other...

John B. said...

Jagmeet Singh has so much flair and so little of anything else that he should be a Liberal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon. The fact that Scheer's got one of Ezra Levant's lackeys pulling the levers for his campaign should give anyone the spooks. The major media outlets in Canada need to report on this a lot more. Any association with Breitbart North is about as toxic as being endorsed by the Daily Stormer. Levant wants to be Bannon North, with the Rebel being a de facto propaganda outlet for a prospective con federal government (just like Harper whipped the CBC into toeing the party line), and nothing good can come of that.

As for the purity ponies and the slightest imperfection being viewed as a calamitous fall from grace, the U.S. is having the same problem. Bernie Sanders is playing spoiler and running interference against much needed Democrat candidates, like Jon Ossoff in Georgia who himself has been referred to as "Dixieland Trudeau" (as both a compliment by his supporters -- and the women who have a crush on him :) -- and a pejorative, implying "childishness" and "inexperience" by the cons).

Ossoff can't run a California Democrat or Jeremy Corbyn platform in the South -- nobody can, it's the South -- so Sanders is marshaling his Twitter-era Yippies to "log on, tune in, and drop out" because Ossoff isn't "good enough" on certain economic issues. Dare I say, now Bernie has decided that he's Just Not Ready™? When will the impatient progressives learn that Rome wasn't built in a day, but can burn down just as quickly? Whether or not Ossoff or Trudeau are "Mr. Right," they're Mr. Right Now, and what we need to keep more Trumps and Harpers away from office. Same with Macron holding off the disastrous Le Pen and Melenchon refusing to give a hearty endorsement, out of bitterness and pure spite.

Sunny ways means steady ways. But the kids want it all, and they want it now. And there are unfortunately enough opportunists willing to promise them the moon and then disappear behind the dark eclipse, once they've gotten the attention or other benefits they want for themselves.

frazerlauria said...

Simon, you said Trudeau hadn't kept all his "provinces" instead of "promises". Shades of that new ouch from Mr. Harris?

I've been wanting to tell you how glad I am you came back from your long and mysterious (mis)adventure in Scotland. My imagination was running wild. Did the meeting of the clan go so terrible?


David said...

Rebel Media praises new Conservative leader Andrew Scheer at 'pro-Trump' rally on Parliament Hill

Here are some strange things new Conservative leader Andrew Scheer deleted from his website

David said...

I can't wait for the "Andrew Scheer 24/Seven videos: This week in the life of the Opposition Dear Leader."

Remember Harper's?

From 2014:

From 2015:

Most of the other 24/Seven videos have disappeared from the Internet.

Stephen Harper's '24 Seven' Show Has North Korean Vibes

Stephen Harper's '24 Seven' videos require up to four staffers to produce

Some parodies:

Stephen Harper 24 Seven Parody

Stephen Harper 24 Seven Parody 2


Simon said...

hi Laurie...I'm not worried about Trudeau not keeping all of his promises after only 18 months in power and after ten years of Stephen Harper. As long as he keeps heading in the right direction, and keeps the Cons out of power. As for my Scottish expedition, the clan meeting went well, and wasn't too noisy or violent. But I skidded off the road on a motorcycle, and almost killed myself. So yes, the visit could have been better.
But I'm going back to Scotland in a few weeks, that visit will be more public, and I'm hoping much less painful... ;)

lagatta à montréal said...

According to your chart, the NDP has made modest progress, unlike the Libs. Why do you say the NDP leadership race is dull and uninspiring? Personally I prefer Niki Ashton, a young woman who is fluent in several languages and strong on Indigenous issues.

Of course Alexandre Boulerice one handily in my riding, but we also vote Québec solidaire and Projet Montréal - actual progressive parties.

lagatta à montréal said...

In a certain sense, despite his aping of US-style rightwing politics, Andrew Scheer is actually WORSE than Reagan, as the latter was not at all a fundamentalist Christianist. He was DIVORCED! Gasp! (still a minor scandal back then, given the importance of "marriage and family" in US political culture).

On the other hand, the US simply has far more military capacity for inflicting great cruelty on people in other countries, supporting military coups and brutal dictatorships and opposing the slightest pushes for reform, such as the Sandinistas in Nicaragua.

And I doubt that even the most knuckle-dragging Cons would support a ban on Canadian investment in Cuba nowadays - it is simply too important for business.

frazerlauria said...

Simon, I was referring to our reply at 9:16am, you typed "... Trudeau may not have kept all his PROVINCES..." Made me chuckle is all.
Knew all about your accident and so glad you are on the mend.
Have a great summer,

lagatta à montréal said...

Yes, I am too. That really upset me.