Sunday, May 21, 2017

Why Justin Trudeau Has The Wind In His Sails

It's getting pretty close to my favourite time of the year. Time to think about harnessing the wind out on the lake, and getting away from it all.

Now that I have almost recovered from my motorcycle accident.

Or just taking to my hammock, reading some real books, and making a list of the many reasons I love living in Canada.

And this would would be one of them.

The sight of a Prime Minister jogging past a group of prom kids in Vancouver, without apparently being noticed by them.

And although that turned out not to be true. 

They had noticed him, the young really do love him.

And I thought these commenters captured the spirit of the occasion...

But what that scene also reminded me about, is Trudeau's enduring popularity. And in that regard I have to make a correction.

Yesterday while looking at the way the Con media has been praising Rona Ambrose as a great leader, despite the lamentable state of the Harper Party.

I cited this Nanos poll.

Which I thought said it all.

But as it turns out Ambrose looks even worse, if you look at this new Nanos poll...

Which seems to suggest that both the Cons and the NDP are going down, or going nowhere, while the Trudeau Liberals are more popular than ever.

And this other poll seems to reinforce that result.

In the fourth wave of the Campaign Research Poll, an online omnibus opinion survey conducted among 1,969 adult Canadians, more than 4 in 10 voters will support the federal Liberals if an election were held tomorrow (43%), and this represents an increase in vote share from last month (April 15 - 38%). In the meantime, the federal Conservatives have seen their vote share decline slightly (from 29% in April to 27% now). This has led to a 16 point Liberal lead, up from a 9 point lead last month. The NDP are stable at one fifth of the vote (19%).

And it's hard to argue with this conclusion.

“The Liberals appear to have conquered whatever demons afflicted them in the past few months, and may be seeing a resurrection of the permanent honeymoon they have had with voters until recently.”

Which doesn't surprise me in the least. Not because the Liberals are perfect, they're not.

But because both the Cons and the NDP seem to think that the only way they can become more popular is by trying to smear Justin Trudeau.

As do some of the grubby old Trudeau haters who infest our own ranks...

Who hate him because he supports women's and gay rights. (More on that in my next post.)

And also seem to forget that Stephen Harper and his filthy Cons tried that for years and it didn't work...

And for a very simple reason: Justin Trudeau is too much of a nice guy, for that approach to succeed...

So the more you attack him in a disgusting manner, the more popular he becomes.

And this is the bottom line: 

Until his opponents learn that in Canada we do things differently.

And a positive message is more powerful than a hateful one.

Justin Trudeau is going to be Prime Minister for a long long time...


  1. Actually, PM Trudeau is a (young) middle-aged man. My MP Alexandre Boulerice, a year and a half younger than his "neighbour to the north", is as well. If Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois is elected in my Québec riding, Gouin, he will be a very young MNA, though his fellow student leader Léo Bureau-Blouin was younger still.

    1. hi lagatta....yes well I encourage all of them to run. I see Nadeau-Dubois has already doubled QS' numbers. I don't want to sound pushy or impatient, but it's time for the new generation to make their presence felt...

    2. Anonymous11:01 AM

      QS is a joke.

  2. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Too bad he can't answer the one question he was asked over a dozen times in question period last week. Howe many times did he meet with the ethics commissioner? So much for transparency. I was also disappointed you didn't post my last comment which was more or less the same as this. Perhaps I am guilty of wrongthink for criticizing our dear leader.


    1. Anonymous8:30 PM

      Big hair is watching you......

    2. Anonymous10:58 PM

      Just wasting time blowing smoke. If there was a conflict of interest the opposition would be shouting for an inquiry into the federal funding amount given to the Khan's charity. PM security requires travel on government aircraft which he did to Nassau. According to protocol it likely should have been a government supplied helicopter to the island but the taxpayers got a minor break from the Khan. No one mentions how the RCMP security detail got to the island, perhaps they swam, surely they did not condone acceptance of a bribe. The shame of it all!

    3. hi MC...I only delete comments if they are wildly off topic or contain vulgar language. I seem to recall your comment violated both rules. But never mind, I'm glad you brought up the way your Cons bombarded Trudeau with the same question in the House of Commons. As even Rona Ambrose admitted the question made no sense since it didn't matter how many times Trudeau had met with the ethics commissioner. It is a fake scandal, and asking the Prime Minister the same question EIGHTEEN times is both petty and disrespectful. And I should add makes no sense. For the idea of a Prime Ministers Question Period is used in the British Parliament and it works quite well. It also gives backbenchers a chance to question the Prime Minister which they don't get under the present arrangement. So what's wrong with that? And all that sorry episode shows is that the Cons (and the NDP) are just playing silly games, and they should grow up in a hurry....

    4. hi RT....there is nothing to that "scandal." It's just another example of how petty some Canadians can be. And let's not forget how while Rona Ambrose was denouncing Trudeau, she was gliding through the Caribbean on a millionaire's yacht.
      It's total nonsense and hypocritical beyond belief.Big country little people....

  3. John B.4:28 PM

    I don't think it's wise to be overly impressed, or especially to be influenced, by the superficial attitudes of other people just because a lot of them may seem to be in agreement. The image that a politician projects is part of the sales pitch and celebrating the success of the pitch can be an exercise in self-delusion. That success signifies nothing more than that a good marketing plan is being implemented effectively. Trust me; this is all that's ever discussed by the strategists. That's the task that Justin has been assigned by this particular syndicate and he shouldn't be disparaged for that he's good at it. But notwithstanding that he may well be sincere, that's all he is. I doubt that his input, if he would have any, gets any closer to the policy files than yours or mine. If he actually does have input, and accepting that he's basically a good guy, then he has a lot to answer for.

    As targets of the presentation, voters need to realize what they are. The people who supported the CRAP Party but don't anymore haven't stopped being stupid just because they like this guy. The young are another matter; most are so anxious for answers that no trust should be placed in any of their conclusions.

    1. hi John...look my basic position is that everything is relative. we are in a life and death struggle with the most dangerous right-wing forces since the end of the Second World War. They are threatening Britain, they are threatening Europe, they have taken over America. So I will support the progressive politician who can best defeat the Cons. I find it absurd that progressives should fight themselves at a time like this one, when we should all be uniting to fight the common enemy. And you should underestimate the young either. We need their idealism and their energy if
      we are going to bury the Cons. I don't know about you but I'm feeling kind of exhausted after the long Harper nightmare, I welcome any help, and I want see those Cons buried once and for all...

  4. Anonymous9:14 PM

    When you look at those polls and all the others since the election it should be clear what choice we progressives face. Or we unite behind the strongest progressive candidate or we will be back in another Con nightmare. At this time Justin Trudeau is the only leader who can defeat the Cons, and it remains to be seen whether the NDP will ever produce a winning candidate. So the choice should be obvious.

    1. hi anon...excellent, I agree with everything you say. It seems obvious to me. Either we unite to defeat the right, or they could defeat us. Ten long years of Con rule was enough, and I don't ever want to live through a nightmare like that again....

  5. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Justin Trudeau has been far from perfect but we must acknowledge that when it came time to meet and handle the orange beast, he performed admirably and is doing a fine job in dealing with Trump's many flip flops, with many more to come I'm sure until he's finally impeached or institutionalized.
    That, and his ability to connect with everyday Canadians, will keep him in power for at least another six years and possibly more.
    There will be bumps along the way but as you said Simon, when the Cons only offence is to attack and disparage him without any viable alternatives to offer us, they will remain where they are, mired in their shit slinging attacks, attracting only their equally hateful base.

  6. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister has implemented the single biggest drop in child poverty with the child benefit cheques, dialed backed the CPP to age 65 and expanded it for future generations, is pumping billions into affordable housing, and has created a quarter of a million jobs in the last year. He is far from perfect, but anyone who says that he is the same as Harper lives in a miles deep impenetrable bubble. Probably on Vancouver Island, probably in Birkenstocks and has a grey balding ponytail.

    1. Anonymous8:37 PM

      Thanks for a timely reminder of accomplishments in a social environment with a self defeating focus on the negatives.