Monday, May 22, 2017

Is the Donald Trump Story Making People Sick?

Oh boy. I thought I was going to be able to completely ignore Donald Trump's Magical Mystery Tour of the Middle East this week end.

Which would have been good, because quite frankly I've got to break my Trump Show addiction, before I end up like him. Bellowing incoherently, feeling sorry for myself. And making no sense.

But then I saw that photo of Lord Blobby with the Egyptian dictator, and the senile King of Saudi Arabia, and the glowing orb.

And I was hooked again....

But sadly after that, the desert drama went rapidly down hill.

The hypocrisy was nauseating.

What won't Trump do for even more golden bling?

How low will he go?

And have you ever seen an American president in an all-male chorus line like this one?

One so bizarre, and so distinctly un-American. 

Every American president has met with his Saudi counterparts, and of course the stability of Saudi Arabia, as well as its oil, is an important U.S. security concern. But until now American presidents made it clear that, while we have to deal with Saudi leaders, we don’t endorse their culture. Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and others in the delegation did exactly that, by participating in this sinister all-male dance.

It's a shocking spectacle, so it's not surprising that many progressives in the U.S, and probably quite a few in Canada as well, are suffering from what has been dubbed Trump-Induced Anxiety Disorder.(TIAD)

It can turn offices into battlefields. 

A new survey by the American Psychological Association found that a significantly higher percentage of workers are feeling burdened or strained because of political discussions in the workplace than during the political campaign.

More than 30 percent said they had witnessed co-workers arguing about politics, and about a quarter said they avoided some co-workers because of their political views. Nearly 1 in 5 (18 percent) reported an increase in workplace hostility and 17 percent said team cohesiveness had suffered.

And for those who suffer from TIAD the effects can be devastating. 

“The current political climate has had an impact on almost all of my clients,” says Sarah Hays Coomer, a Nashville-based personal trainer and author of Lightness of Body and Mind: A Radical Approach to Weight and Wellness. “They are losing sleep, fighting depression and anxiety, pain symptoms have increased, and stress eating is sky high. Several of them put on as much as 17 pounds in a month.”

Donald Trump really is a threat to everything decent in America.

"I worry about the fall of democracy, the violation of the Constitution, and the rise of hate crimes. I am anxious that I don’t identify with the America that sees all of this as OK.”

And it's not as if Canadians can relax either...

Not when he's getting ready to take a big bite out of our economy.

But the good news is that there are all kinds of ways you can shake off TIAD. And help save Canada, America, the planet, and yourself. 

Reduce your exposure to the news and social media. Live in the moment. Organize, unite, support the Resistance.

“I was invited to a Resistance group on Facebook,” she says, “and that has been my real lifesaver. It is great because you can vent. You know you aren’t alone. It gives me hope that maybe it will be OK. There are a lot of smart people that still care.”

If you're a Canadian give thanks that you live here. Never lose your optimism, or surrender your sense of humour.

And if everything else fails, do as I do, and take some Impeachara...

It is a nightmare, but progressives will survive it, and learn from this experience..

They are going to win in the end. 

It's Mueller time in America.

And one way or the other, the monster Trump is going down....


  1. Anonymous7:18 AM

    How obscene it was to hear him lecture the muslim countries about how to bring peace to their citizens while at the same time selling Saudi Arabia billions of dollars worth of arms. All the US wants to do in this world is sell arms and make money.

    1. hi anon...I agree, it couldn't have been more obscene or hypocritical. I suppose we should be relieved that he didn't sell the Saudis nuclear weapons. But all he is doing is preparing the ground for a war with Iran....

  2. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Sucking up to the Saudis and now off to Israel to that God forsaken wall. Not impressed with Trump ever since he attacked that Syrian airbase.

    1. hi anon...yes it's quite a trip so far. None of it makes sense, Trump just keeps on showing how ignorant he is. I remember how his supporters claimed that he would bring peace to the world. But I have always believed that we'll be lucky to survive him....

  3. As others have said Trump of Arabia is a victory for peak hypocrisy. The Taliban, Al Queda, ISIS are all devotes of Wahhabism. The preferred and well financed official religion of Saudi Arabia.

    Iran the great evil are Shite. Their terrorism is sponsoring Hamas. Think what you will of Hamas, but compared to ISIS they are boy scouts.

    1. hi Steve...yes you're right. I'm no fan of Hamas, but at least they and Hezbollah are helping to fight ISIS. And yes, the ISIS beasts are genocidal maniacs and no boy scouts....

  4. Anonymous11:06 AM

    YESSS!!! Sickmaking. The line-dancing with The Evil Princes and Kings, Who by their Crimes, Come Into PriestHoods........I saw 3 minutes of news this dreary wknd........................................................

    I'm helped muchly by Paolo Nutini... Or a certain guy called Nathniel.
    & His Night~Sweats..................................................

    1. hi liberalandlovingit...I'm glad you're a fan of Paolo Nutini, the pride of Paisley. I haven't played ne of his songs for a while. But since I'm going back to Scotland soon, I'll have to make up for that....

    2. Anonymous8:01 AM

      I play a few, at least once a day- man's a' man, pencil in my pocket......................................................

      stay strong scotland!
      how soon, and will you keep us updated, may i ask?

    3. Anonymous8:14 AM

      oops. pencil full a, coffee. onward................

      paolo & the 'vipers'...Lol'ing.

  5. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Simon, do not worry about NAFTA, for we will plunder their country.

    1. hi anon....are you suggesting we declare war on the U.S.? I don't think that would be a good idea. But you're right, we do have a lot going for us, and Trump will find many states are on our side....

  6. Protesting Notre Dame students walk out of Pence’s commencement speech

  7. Trump is stupider than stupid! Today in Israel Trump confirmed at a press conference that he a) gave intel to the Russians, and b) confirmed in a back-handed way that the source of the intel was Israel!



    President Trump today denied that he revealed that Israel was the source of intelligence about a terrorist threat to commercial airliners during his meeting with Russian diplomats earlier this month.

    Just arrived in Israel on Monday and speaking here alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Trump insisted "I never mentioned the word or the name Israel." "They're all saying I did," he said pointing to reporters. "So you have another story wrong. Never mentioned the word Israel."

  8. Trump news of the future...

    May 29, 2017

    President Trump today denied that he revealed the U.S. military was the source of intelligence for the U.S. nuclear codes during his meeting with Russian diplomats earlier this month.

    Just arrived in Canada on Monday and speaking here alongside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Trump insisted "I never mentioned the words or the name U.S. military."
    "They're all saying I did," he said pointing to reporters. "So you have another story wrong. Never mentioned the words U.S. military."

    Pentagon to house 'nuclear football' in leased Trump Tower apartment – letter

    Trump and the nuclear codes

    Spike Lee Is Worried Trump Will Start a Nuclear War
    “...But we live in a very strange and dangerous time. I always tell the story — I’ve heard this rumor, this myth of the “football” [a briefcase carrying the codes to authorize a nuclear attack if the president is not at the White House]. Do you know what I’m talking about? I saw it. My wife Tonya and I, we gave a benefit for Obama before the election for the first term. And the house was packed, I went outside and there was a vehicle outside and I looked in the window and I saw it. That is not a myth. The football briefcase cannot be more than a 100 feet away from the president. It’s not a myth, it’s not a fairy tale. That shit’s real. And the fact that Agent Orange — there’s two theories. Either he has the real one or they gave him the fake code! [Laughs.] So hopefully, he has the fake one! Because, knowing him, he could just go off on a second. And you wanna have somebody who has some composure, in moments of strife, who’s not going to just overreact and just say, “F--k it, let me press these buttons."

    Technically, the president can "declassify" anything he wants so he did not violate any laws. But as Lawfare notes if the president tweeted out the nuclear codes he also wouldn't violate the law—but he would rightly be considered unfit for office.

  9. Anonymous11:18 PM

    I know the feeling Simon; its like watching a slow motion train wreck,wanting to look away before the compartments rupture but spell bound at the same time.
    At first glance the Saudi antics reminded me of a slightly darker version of American Gigolo with lines such as "play for pay" and "how far down do I need to go". But unfortunately that mildly entertaining vision gave way to a more disturbing reality. The script reads more like a deadly serious gangster movie with a global setting. In the first installment the boys from the west meet the middle east gang with lines like. "we all have problems, I help fix yours you help fix mine,deal?" "I am not here to judge how you fix them, just make sure there is no spill over into my territory", "now lets celebrate the imminent destruction of your enemies and a long and profitable future", "Together we rule,I will be sure to convey your support and allegiance to other syndicate members in Europe and Asia". "Now don't take this as a threat but just make sure that you never, ever cross me"
    New hope for peace in the world brought to you by a gang of thugs and serial liars, what could go wrong with this capitalistically inspired initiative.

    1. Anonymous7:23 AM

      Seeing Bibi's cues...I'm only left to wonder, but not really care about, how much payola he's absconding with,in this whole-
      'Tin-Pot-Armz-Dealership'- race to fucking nowhere, fast??
      Isn't he, himself the subject of 3 or 4 corruption cases?
      May he end up like Olmert. Put'em all in a 9 X 6, Your Honour...
      Would it be cruel of me to suggest you leave them with their belts? (...for a girl named Sandra--somewhere in Texxuss).......

    2. hi RT...I know what you mean. I have always liked to mock leaders like Trump but I have to admit that these days my sense of humour has deserted me. I find the man so ignorant and dangerous, laughter does not come easy. But of course I'll keep on trying because I know no other way...

  10. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Now the US will have an infrastructure fund filled with Saudi and Chinese money just like the one being set up to cannabalize Canada.

    1. Anonymous1:08 PM

      Ok. 'cept he chose not to make a deal with the TPP.
      We did. (armz dealerz goon deal~world's full of them, grasshopper)

    2. Anonymous2:20 PM

      Go away, idiot.

  11. Islamic terrorist have killed children in Manchester to beat their chests. This attack will not do nothing, it was totally nihilistic. Terror is a tool. It works when applied. Who going to do the recall on the terror defect?

  12. Anonymous7:56 PM


    I was operating on the principle that, we as commenters,
    should behave like the guests we are, in our host's abode...
    when I replied to Boa-Bot.
    I was also operating under the assumption that people on these pages should mind their manners; here, there & everywhere.
    I'm almost certain that people are taught better, by their mums and grammas, than that which was earlier displayed here, and just how this lady was spoken to, by a common,random 'bot...
    I mean, really?
    I was also trying to correct the false notion that Mr. Mouse was trying to plant here.(He could comment, with a bit of a moniker, maybe a slight profile, nothing too complicated for him, of course.) Is he related to Igor? Or to Steve, who plants faux news that I'll never click on again?
    Now I, heartily, as a liberal woman, reserve my 1st Amendment Right to fully express myself exactly as I so choose. As well as my Charter Rights.
    All of them. I also reserve my fundamental right to speak- and/or roar.........only dim mob folk plead the 5th, right?
    Also please suggest to the mousey guy, that he should pick up a clue, a couple of books- preferably The Idiot, or any one of Dostoyevsky's works, for that matter, and not get back to me. kk?
    I have a very small, very select readership, and we don't, ah, like our waters...muddied.

    Thanks, Simon!

    1. fake news? Like the Russians influenced the 2016 election for Trump. Like the US is fighting not funding ISIS?

    2. Anonymous10:17 AM

      Lay off the drugs.


    Honest Trump Speak