Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Day The Cons Became the Reform Party Again

When I saw Rona Ambrose at the Con convention giving her farewell speech, praising herself extravagantly  and bragging about how "she could kick Trudeau in the balls," I knew it was going to be a weird night.

And that I was right, Ambrose has no class.

But who knew the Cons would end up giving themselves, and their chances of winning the next election, a kick in the same place?

After electing as their new leader a religious fanatic described as "Harper with a smile."

And all but bringing back the Reform Party 

Conservative MP Andrew Scheer has scored a major upset in the federal leadership race, beating out front-runner Maxime Bernier to take the helm of the party. Mr. Scheer won on the 13th ballot with 51 per cent of the available points to Mr. Bernier’s 49 per cent.

With the blessing of Stephen Harper as I predicted long ago...

And the help of Brad Trost and his social conservatives.

Mr. Bernier’s team said the Scheer victory was due to the social-Conservative vote and the strong showing of candidate Brad Trost, who expressed his discomfort during the race with “the whole gay thing” and said he would vote for pro-life bills. 

Because while many Cons may have decided that Scheer was a safer choice than Maxime Bernier...

For whatever reason reasons.

As Stephen Maher points out, Scheer will have to listen to those social conservatives.

The social conservatives will be emboldened by their key role in Saturday’s result, though, and even Canadians who are hostile to their aims should see that in a democracy, they must have their due. They signed up tens of thousands of memberships, giving Trost and Lemieux 16 per cent of the votes, stealing the prize that Bernier thought was his and handing it to Scheer. 

So Scheer needs to heed them, and, as Campaign Life Coalition put it, “embrace social conservative voters and reflect their values in policy.”

And will inevitably be caught between them, and those who are the future of the party.

The next election will be decided by millennial voters, who have more socially liberal attitudes than their parents. 

To keep social conservatives happy, Scheer will have to talk about thing that matter to them. To have a chance at winning the election to come, he will have to talk about things that matter to politically moderate young Canadians.

In my opinion I don't think Scheer can satisfy both groups, he just doesn't have what it takes...

He's not very bright, he was a mediocre Speaker who served the Con regime like a robot...

He's an enemy of LGBT people, having voted over again to deny them their human rights. If he could he would criminalize abortion. He likes to scream "radical Islamic terrorism" like you know who. 

He wants to destroy CBC News, and defund universities who don't allow religious fanatics to wander through their buildings and poison the minds of the young.

He has always been a hapless stooge who sought only to please his master Stephen Harper.

And now he wants to be prime minister of Canada?

I don't think so.

The Cons have indeed elected a Harper, with a smile.

But only because they can't break free from his deathly legacy.

Justin Trudeau is going to have a field day.

And neither Scheer nor his Cons will be smiling for very long...


  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Haha these pictures are making me laugh.
    The thing about Harper, to the people who don't follow politics closely, he gave off the vibe that he was a cold but pragmatic and wonkish technocrat (he really wasn't). Scheer on the other hand literally looks like a cabbage patch doll. That smirk and those so-con views just won't fly this time.
    Mad Max was literally rejected for maybe his only good qualities, he isn't really a social conservative.

    1. Mad Max was rejected by the many farming families in his riding because his attacks on the dairy supply system would have destroyed their livelihoods. Many joined the Cons for that specific reason, as did farmers throughout Québec and elsewhere. I'm sure that there must be some horrible homophobic quotes one can ferret out, as well as the misogynist ones.

      Imagine that family's carbon footprint - someone in the 1% in the first world with 5 kids already. Infinitely greater than a family that size in the Third World, or among northern Indigenous people here...

      Oh dear, CBC as cultural Marxists. Antonio Gramsci and Walter Benjamin, (rest their memories, their lives ended by fascists) would certainly not see themselves in the endless lifestyle programmes aimed at selling stuff.

    2. hi anon...I'm glad I'm making somebody laugh, these days that's not easy. And yes, I don't think the smirking cabbage patch doll is going to get anywhere either. Time and his own Cons will soon wipe that smile off his face....

    3. hi lagatta....yes Bernier's attack on the farm supply system really cooked his goose. But then they don't call him the boob from the Beauce for nothing. His whole political career was a gift from his daddy, and hopefully he'll give up now and run for mayor or something...

  2. I don't know how to really say this, but if it is clear that the conservatives are always lying, whoever is new leader. If there is one thing that I have despised is when the Harper Government cuted fundings for Katimavik. And just so you could understand more clearly, as if the conservatives wants Quebec and the rest of Canada to get along, most of the social activities available are only for rich folks and their kids, not for the other classes. As if the mentionned program would've helped people not only in Learning the language and gaining job experiences, but also befriending people from sea to sea. I hope you understand the point of what I'm trying to say. Otherwise, is it really what I perceive with the conservative policies, since its merge with the Reform/Alliance party?

    1. hi Myworld....the Harper cut funding for Katimavik just because it was associated with the word Trudeau. It was a cheap gesture, and as you point out it only hurt young Canadians. Cons have no sympathy for poor people, and are cruel and selfish. The old Progressive Conservative Party would never have stooped so low, but when the Reformers moved in they threw out the baby with the bath water...

  3. The conservatives continue the good fight to return to the 18th century.

    1. hi Steve...yes it's depressing isn't it? I can't imagine what makes the think that they can win elections by pandering to those religious reactionaries. They seemed to be trapped in a rut or a time warp, and they just can't get out of it. Good all the better for us....

  4. Anonymous12:18 PM

    He actually had to work his way to the top, unlike the little know the last name and all.

    1. all that time on his knees with Harper, that is working your way to the top. But unlike Justin has he ever had a real job.

    2. hi anon....Scheer has been a professional politician from age 25. Trudeau at least had several jobs and got to see a bit more of the world before he entered politics...

    3. Anonymous3:04 PM

      Trudeau had 'jobs'....part time this and part time that.

      He's only where he is because of daddy.

  5. Anonymous12:37 PM

    "He's an enemy of LGBT people, having voted over again to deny them their human rights. If he could he would criminalize abortion. He likes to scream "radical Islamic terrorism" like you know who."

    Because radical Islamic terrorism is just a myth right?

    "He wants to destroy CBC News, and defund universities who don't allow religious fanatics to wander through their buildings and poison the minds of the young."

    As opposed to the cultural marxist drivel currently poisoning their minds? The CBC is the propaganda arm of the progressive movement, and it needs to be amputated.


    1. Radical Islamist terrorism isn't a myth, but neither is radical Christianist terrorism, as we've seen again this week.

    2. hi MC....lordy you're sounding like an ISIS terrorist yourself. Threatening to amputate the CBC? Surely that's excessive. All the CBC management needs is a good whipping...

  6. Andrew Scheer: Stephen Harper 2.0 (with a perpetual smile--like Christy Clark!)

    Andrew Scheer is the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada
    Listen: 9:12

  7. Anonymous10:48 PM

    The front runners were Mad Max, a libertarian and Mister Wonderful with no redeeming social values as per Sheer. It says a lot about the dysfunctional state of the Reform-a-Con party. People wanted change and would have gotten it if Max had not shot himself in the foot over supply management and Kevin hadn't bolted for the door... perhaps linguistics perhaps he saw a reflection of himself in the Trump media closet.
    For now its business a usual, polish off the double speak and dog whistles so that when they say things like "religious freedom" the SoCons hear the Reformist version of Christianity put back in schools, government and foreign aid packages whereas when the progressive conservatives hear the same words they just think people should be allowed to freely choose their religion, whats the fuss over. Unfortunately people build up resistance to the overuse of the same medicine and spooning it out with a smiley face is unlikely to improve its efficacy. Time will tell but we really do need a Progressive Conservative party that can help navigate the tremendous technical change that is descending on all aspects of society. Instead of one that is amplifying harm by trying to retreat into the past.

    1. Its never to late to start gearing up for the war on Christmas, war on Marriage, war on unborn children, war on anyone who does not think like me

    2. hi RT....What annoyed me the most during that seemingly endless campaign was the way the Con media failed to accept that the emperor had no clothes. And a party that can only get such mediocre candidates to run is in deep trouble. I expected that an outside candidate might come forward, and try to rescue the party. But that never happened (except for the farcical O'Leary) and that tells you all you need to know about the state of the Harper Party. Harper built it in his image, and the Cons can't escape his legacy...

  8. Anonymous1:44 AM

    Scheer's tenure as the Speaker of the House should provide plenty of fodder for the Libs to show what a useless tool he is.
    Anyone recalling his asinine "it's question period not answer period" response to objections made over Paul Calandra making a mockery of Question Period should be proof enough that he is "just not ready".
    Add to that his creepy smug smile and his love of all things Harper and we have the perfect recipe for a horror movie entitled "The Return of the ReformaCons", steeped in bullshit, relegated to opposition, indefinitely.
    When will they ever learn?

    1. hi JD....I remember what a rotten job Scheer did as Speaker. He always ruled in favour of the government, and he allowed Question Period to deteriorate into a Roman circus. I vividly remember Tom Mulcair complaining about Calandra's asinine answers, only to be punished by Scheer for complaining, while Calandra was allowed to get away with murder. I can only hope that same weakness will make it impossible to control his own party, because I haven't the slightest doubt that they will be at their throats within six months. And when they lose the next election, they'll also lose Scheer...