Friday, January 29, 2010

Omar Khadr and Mr. Torture

Like many Canadians my first reaction to today's Supreme Court decision was disappointment.

Because Omar Khadr, Canadian child soldier, has suffered enough, and he should have been brought home long ago.

But I bet I'm not as disappointed as Stephen Harper. I'm quite sure he was hoping the Court would order him to bring Khadr home. So he could turn to his rabid base, say I did my best. And then use the decision to whip up anger against the Supreme Court...that he hates more than Khadr.

But instead the Court refused to play his game. Ruled that Khadr's Charter rights have and are being violated. And dumped the whole stinking mess back into Harper's lap.

"We … leave it to the government to decide how best to respond to this judgment in light of current information, its responsibility for foreign affairs and in conformity with the charter...

Leaving it up to Harper to decide whether he is going to be Mr Charter or Mr Torture.

Just as he's trying to soften his image, and trying to make us believe that he's Great Mother Leader...a born again humanitarian, and a friend of women and children.

Good luck eh?

It's hard enough trying to pose as a humanitarian...or a nun... after shutting down Parliament to try to avoid questions about torture. While declaring war on young offenders, and attacking human rights organizations.

And this picture of Omar, is not going to help that phony new/nouveau image...

Goodbye Great Mother Leader, hello Mr Torture.

You know I've written a lot of posts about Omar Khadr. About the horror, the injustice, and the shame.

But what I find even more shameful is that in a beautiful country like this one we have a Prime Minister like Stephen Harper. A political thug who continues to rape our values, and thinks that torture isn't important. Or that Omar Khadr, Canadian child soldier, hasn't suffered ENOUGH.

He really is a monster. We really do deserve better.

Organize, unite, defeat him.

Before he corrupts our country...


  1. Simon, You're the first blogger I've read since the Supreme's decision that understands that they did not fail to do something. In my opinion, they do not have the power, under Constitutional Law, TO do anything. And your framing of the situation is spot on. We need to use this to highlight Harper's inhumanity.
    You last couple of sentences are so important. We DO deserve so much better. And so does Omar. Thanks for this today.

  2. hi CanNurse...yes I was a bit surprised by the negativity about the Supreme Court decision. As I said I can understand the disappointment. But from a political point of view I think the decision was BRILLIANT. They could see what Harper was trying to do, play the old courts versus government thing, and blame it all on them. So they neatly sidestepped the issue of ordering him brought home. While reserving the option to do that later.
    And left Harper hoisted on his own petard, forced to defy the Charter, or incur the wrath of his supporters by bringing him home himself.
    And this at a time when a lot of Canadians think he's acting like a fascist bastard.
    Golly. What an excellent move. I LOVE our Supreme Court... :)

  3. I agree with CN, this is one one most succinct posts I have read on the decision. Well Done!

  4. I get the feeling that the real reason Harpo is leaving this kid to twist in the wind is because there's nothing on him that would get him a guilty verdict in a real criminal trial. Sure, his family is full of bat-shit crazy wingnuts...and yes, he went to Afghanistan because of that fanaticism. But it's not why he went there that's at issue, it's whether he killed the man he's accused of killing, and all the evidence I've seen says no. Heaven forfend Harpo should have to take flak for repatriating and fairly trying a kid who will be acquitted, bat-shit crazy family and all...

    (Watch him not take credit for whatever happens when Omar Khadr loses his mind in the can, if he hasn't already--and turns murderous for real. Or gets "suicided" at Gitmo by his guards, as at least three other prisoners have been. Maybe that's just what Harpo wants? I wouldn't put it past him...)

  5. hi FFIB NAMOL... Thank you. These Cons maintain a massive War Room. They do more polls and focus groups than Karl Rove. But because they're such authoritarians they're really quite predictable.
    I mean it's horrible having to think like them, but I'll do anything for my country... :)

  6. hi Bina...I'm absolutely convinced that Omar Khadr could not have done what he is accused of doing. In fact with the way the Pentagon has hidden the facts I wouldn't be surprised if it's some kind of special forces cover-up. In addition to the other Taliban fighter whose presence they only revealed years after the fact, another possible explanation is that the soldier was killed by a grenade thrown by his own side.
    As for Harper...the only reason I can see for his abominable behaviour is that he is trying to appease his rabid racist base.
    But I tell you one thing, thanks to Harper,after the SCOC finding,
    when Omar Khadr sues their asses,
    he's going to be richer than you and I... :)

  7. Anonymous11:24 PM

    We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.

    University of Toronto