Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Con Bullies and My Kind of Heroes

I wanted to write about so many things tonight. I wanted to write about Rémy Beauregard, the decent human rights campaigner who died after being bullied by some Con appointees.

And how the theocons in the PMO are conducting a secret war against humanitarian organizations to please their rabid base.

I wanted to write about Kevin Page, who despite being bullied by the Con thugs, keeps exposing them as incompetent ideologues and liars.

And how Stephen Harper knew all along that there would be a big deficit because he's planning to use that deficit to achieve his dream of cutting government to the bloody bone.

But in the end I had to write about Haiti.

Not just because I feel so sorry for those poorest of people. Three hurricanes in 2008, a tropical storm, and now this horror.

But also because the tragedy has gutted my companion Sébastien who has done several stints in a clinic near Port-au-Prince. He loves those humble Haitians with all his heart. And the terrible images of horribly injured people lying in the street are making him feel so helpless and crushed.

And then there's additional worry of wondering whether some of his friends and colleagues are lying in the rubble next to the people they were trying to help.

Oh well. Four different stories with something in common. All of the above are my kind of heroes.

The people who fight for human rights. The decent servants of the people who defy the bullies to tell the truth. The doctors, nurses and other medical personnel who believe that health care is a right not a privilege. The men and women who risk their lives to feed the hungry and provide clean drinking water.

And at the other end of the human scale, the foul bully Cons. The rabid ideologues who would rape our values, degrade our Parliament, drag us into the gutter, and devastate our future.

The good news? Now we're fighting back.

The Cons are running SCARED.

We WILL defeat them, because we are better than them.

And for the poor suffering people of Haiti tonight. And my beautiful companion who is suffering with them.

Help is on the way. Out of the darkness comes the light.

One world. One love...

P.S. I don't usually ask people to support any particular organization, because there are so many good ones. But if you can contribute please consider this one.


  1. Bravo, Simon. Excellent post.

  2. Anonymous2:36 AM

    I'm not doing well with Haiti at the moment. I've been frustrated/in tears/frustrated over and over again.I want to be feet on the ground, yet that isn't possible. It's infuriating. The children.

  3. Right on Simon. Alleviating human suffering should always come first. The unprecedented degradation of our institutions and Democracy will have to be answered to...sooner or later. Good soldiers know how to 'keep their powder dry'. Take care. LK Taylor (no relation).

  4. hi Dylan... thank you, I'm glad you liked it. I did wonder whether I should have just focused on Haiti, but the other things bothered me too. And since I spend so much time attacking the Cons I feel the need every now and then to explain my vision of a gentler, kinder, better Canada. And who are my real heroes...

  5. hi Toe...I know how you feel. And my buddy feels that helplessness and despair even more keenly. It's so awful that such a poor people could be hit by yet another natural disaster. But to see them forced to attack the rubble with their bare hands to try to save their loved ones is just heartbreaking. My consolation is that a lot of good people are working really hard to get help to them.I just hope it won't be too late...

  6. hi LK Taylor...yes the humanitarian effort must come first, and hopefully we can put aside our differences and concentrate on that. Although I see the Cons are trying to score cheap brownie points, so it's going to be really hard to keep my powder dry... :)

  7. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Keep up the good work.
    As long as we know that faggots like you hate Harper we know that are in good hands.

  8. hi anonymous...golly what a coincidence that's just what I wanted to say to you. Keep up the good work eh? Because every time Cons like you open their yappers you only prove my point. We really can't allow such scum to keep on running our country...