Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mother Harper Goes to Davos

Oh no. As if he hasn't humiliated us enough. The new/nouveau, kinder, gentler version of Stephen Harper flies off to some snooty economic forum, and makes an absolute fool of himself.

Posing as Great Mother Leader who cares about the women and children of the world. Posing as an economist...from Bible School. Or just talking gibberish.

The PM goes back to his theme of "enlightened sovereignty," and squaring the national interest with the global interest -- on all these issues -- climate change, the economy -- if you don't take the global interest into account, you find yourself making bad decisions, even if they may be politically beneficial in the short term. Wait, this *is* still the prime minister, right? Not a body double? Because this is becoming surreal. Now all we need is someone to pop up and ask about prorogation, and the Yes Men-ification of reality will become complete.

And wait. What's this?

As a politician, you know, you're told over and over by your advisors and by your pollsters that, you know, "do x and x, it's good communications." But my experience is if you do bad policy in the name of good communications, that's going to catch up with you pretty quickly.

Right. Because Stephen Harper doesn't do bad policy. He doesn't believe in cheap photo-ops. And he would never do ANYTHING just to boost his sagging numbers.

Like sentencing kids to adult sentences.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson released proposals Thursday that would require courts to consider adult sentences for young offenders who commit serious crimes like murder or aggravated sexual assault. The plan would also allow courts to lift publication bans in certain cases.

Because Great Mother Leader loves children you know.

Gawd. I can't believe the thugs in the Con War Room think they are going to get away with this absurd makeover. Think that they can make Canadians love Great Ugly they did when he played the piano.

Because he sure can't fool us.

We know a monster ...or a Con wolf in sheep's nun's clothing when we see one..

And hey hey, ho ho, he's really GOTTA go !!!

Oh more thing. For those hosers out there who might be fooled by Stephen Harper's drag nun act, and think that maybe just maybe he's really a.... um....nice guy?

I just want to say pull your tuques down over your noses eh?

And repeat after me:


Because we live in Con Canada eh?

So we got more than enough of them...


  1. Hi Simon, Don't you mean wolf in blue sweater vest?

    Savior to children? I must have missed something when I read that child poverty in Canada is actually up. Shameful, really? What does he plan to do to help Canada's impoverished children? I, for one, would like to know.

  2. Ah, yes. Mother Harper. Saviour of womankind. AND of course, the children. It just does my heart good to see that Steve has been trying to please the proletariat by taking song&dance lessons. Hypocritical nasty piece of work that he is!
    FANTASTIC column, Simon!

  3. hi CK...yes I do mean the blue wolf, and poor little us dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. :)
    As for his new found love for women and makes me want to vomit. If he really wanted to save the children he could declare war on child poverty in this country. As I said in the post he really must think we're IDIOTS...

  4. hi know I still can't believe it. He could morph into a lot of things I suppose (horrible things) but humanitarian who cares about women and children NOT. I feel he is as sincere about that as when he tells us he likes hockey...and is writing a book about it.
    As you say...he really is a hypocritical and nasty piece of work. But the good news is that he must be DESPERATE. So I think I'm going to enjoy this... :)

  5. Repost: …as one Conservative Christian said recently "we cannot foodbank our way out of poverty."

    We need government intervention to protect all citizens, because it's the right thing to do.

    The neoconservative principle of everyone being free to make as much money as possible and then everyone will be taken care of through the trickling down effect may be the biggest fraud since the pyramid scheme.

    Canadian and American society has had it's classes, and most of the wealthy got that way through hard work, or inheritance from someone else, who worked hard to get rich. There were exceptions, but for the most part you could trace names back to an invention or the improvement of an invention.