Monday, January 11, 2010

Me and The Great Canadian Rebellion

Well there is nothing like riding this rust bucket to work in the middle of winter, to remind you that you're living in Canada.

Because if it sinks you can always jump on to the ice and crawl on your belly like a seal.

Which would be great eh?

But unfortunately there's also this.

NDP insiders said that while they agree with the Liberals that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's decision to prorogue was a major mistake, they are leery about the Liberal strategy. They said they're not sure the hearings will accomplish much, and believe the protest could easily appear hyper-partisan and poorly organized.

To remind me that I live in a big beautiful country full of people with small ideas.

Jack. Jack. I LOVE you. But why aren't you running for Mayor of Toronto? And I can hardly wait to hear what M.P....has to say about this. After she hears from me...if the phone doesn't MELT.

I'm not going to dump on the NDP, just like I don't attack the Liberals, because I want them to work TOGETHER. But as the only good standing... of the Anyone But Harper Party I have to admit I'm disappointed.

Oh well, at least there was this.

A bunch of decent professors to cheer me up and the Con idiot Tony Clement to make me laugh.

"I know it's a big issue with the Ottawa media elite and some of the elites in our country, but I got to tell you if reaction in my constituency is any indication, I've had maybe three dozen emails."

"It may not be what the chattering classes want, but we're not here to govern on behalf of the chattering classes."

Tony.Tony. Ride my pony baloney. Can't you even count?

Almost 160,000 as of this evening.... and growing by the hour.

And of COURSE you're not there to govern on behalf of the chattering classes. You Con budgie. You're there to govern on behalf of Big Oil, Big Business, and your screeching religious base.

Which reminds me.... I really like the way the Liberals are using the word HIDE in their new ads.

Because after accusing the Cons of taking a paid vacation, accusing them of hiding something is the BEST way to attack them. The best way to make even the most disengaged Canadians wonder what dirty secrets The Great Dictator is trying to conceal.

I mean even the dumb are curious eh?

Which is why I made this video today...

To try to motivate more people to join this Great Canadian Rebellion.

Because no matter what they say, the Cons are running SCARED.

We're just getting started.

And they ain't seen nothing yet...

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ck said...

Hi Simon,
I wish I knew how to make videos like yOu and Pale.

I have an idea for a slide show with clips; even have an appropriate song for the backdrop.

I don't like the NDP's reaction to the Liberals; 'hyper Partisan'? Weird, considering the Liberals are going back to work come Jan 25 largely in part due to Canadians wanting them (all parties) back to work. We wrote our MPs expressing this wish.

It is vital that they (liberals and NDP stop their squabbling over whose more partisan &/or who props up the dictator, King Steve more. I think the left absolutely must take a page from the con handbook and put aside their differences and merge.

In an interview with Con Newscaster, Brian Lilley, Steve is indeed planning a cabinet shuffle; Maxime Bernier is going to be resurrected (he's not with his Quebec answer to Monica Lewinsky anymore).

Peter MacKay more than likely being taken out of defense and a promotion for Agluquack.

Just a head's up.

Oh Simon, I hope you & Sebastien do plan on attending the rally come Jan 23, either in TO or whereever you both may be?

We're still organizing our's in Montreal