Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti and the Prorogation Protest

I was really happy and proud to see Canadian soldiers and doctors helping people in Haiti today.

It's so great to see our troops acting as peacekeepers and humanitarians again. Instead of killing and getting killed in a place like Afghanistan.

But I can't understand why Stephen Harper is getting so much credit for doing what any Canadian Prime Minister would have done.

And I have to admit this story makes me shudder.

In the space of a few days, Parliament Hill has morphed from being a symbol of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's high-handed contempt for democracy into an emblem of his compassion and concern for the people of Haiti.

"To show solidarity with the people of Haiti, in a small yet special way, starting tonight the Parliament buildings will be illuminated in Haitian colours."

These would be the same Parliament buildings that Harper summarily shut down on Dec. 30, decreeing that they would not reopen for business until March 3. The same buildings that were featured in Liberal attack ads earlier in the week - surrounded by a chain link fence plastered with a sign proclaiming the Hill "closed out of self-interest" by Harper.

Because it suggests that we can't help the poor people of Haiti, and help keep our democracy alive at the same time.

And that we should just shut up, and accept that this protest has been buried.

Which is absolute nonsense. Because our democracy belongs to the Canadian people. And to surrender our right to protest is to agree with Stephen Harper that our Parliament is worthless.

Not just broken by Harper and his thugs.

Especially since Great Ugly Leader is trying to turn this humanitarian mission into a public relations exercise to make Canadians forget about his assault on Parliament, and boost his sagging popularity.

Like he did at this news conference on Haiti the other day.

He had six ministers with him. But every time one of those ministers was asked a question Harper answered it FIRST. And then the minister repeated what he said.

Does that sound like leadership or SELF PROMOTION?

Yup. Our sinister would be dictator hasn't changed his stripes. He's mugged our Parliament, dressed it up like a Christmas tree, and is using a human tragedy to shield him from questions about torture, while he drives off in the getaway car.

All the way to Haiti. Because you just KNOW he'll be there soon. Posing with the troops and telling them I just can't believe the opposition would accuse YOU of torturing people.

Oh boy. I'm sure the boys in the Con war room are already planning that one.

Once it was was Operation Recalibrate.

Now it's Operation Rehabilitate...

But I'm also sure these war room operatives are spooked by this protest.

And so they should be. For what these Cons have done to our beautiful Canada is simply unforgivable.

Next Saturday join the rallies for democracy. Get organized. Follow his example.

Send a message to those crass political thugs: Canadians are not sheep. We want our country back.

And on January 23, wherever you are in Canada eh?

Just be there...

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