Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rallying for Democracy in Toronto (Video)

Golly. I sure hope Stephen Harper decided to play the piano last night rather than watch TV. So he couldn't see all those Canadians telling him exactly what they thought of him.

Because I saw Great Strategic Genius Desperate Leader on TV yesterday morning, and he looked awful. Poor tin pot despot. I blame it on those fifteen points he lost in fifteen days. That's enough to make ANYONE look like a drunk or a junkie eh?

So I can only imagine what he'll look like if he sees those pictures or reads this.

In ten years working on Parliament Hill, I’ve had a front-row seat to all kinds of mass gatherings and rarely do you see one this co-ordinated, this large and this unified. It takes a lot to make Canadians take to the streets in numbers worth noting.

Never before has Facebook filled Canada’s streets. It did today. Friends and families reached out to one another to voice their collective disgust at a system that allows the Prime Minister to silence the voice of debate in the House of Commons on a whim.

Not too pretty I imagine.

And with good reason. Because it's not just the number of Canadians who turned out in the middle of winter that was so amazing. It was the extraordinary mix of young and old, and above all the PASSION.

Even in Toronto. I know because I was there.

And the energy was INCREDIBLE...

Gawd it was fun. To march down the street with a Raging Grannie, singing my absolutely favourite song.

Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Stephen Harper has GOT to go !!!

In fact too much fun. I was planning to make a fancy music video eh? But then I made the mistake of mixing revolution and pleasure. So all I could do was splice some clips together. *hic*

Still isn't the sound of raw democracy WONDERFUL? And out of this great start will come even greater things.

Congratulations everybody. You were all magnificent.

Today we march. Tomorrow we organize. Then we vote.

And then we take our country BACK...


  1. Anonymous6:11 AM

    The longer they wait to reconvene parliament, the more they will look like shrinking violets and timorous pansies.

    If they really "man up", they'll be back tomorrow.

    The longer they stall the fewer of them will be back on the hill come the next elections.

    Did you see all those Action Plan commercials in the last couple of days? Diversionary tactic or what?

  2. Good video, Simon. I posted a few over at my place, too. Such an inspiring day!

  3. Beautiful work by the organisers and people of Toronto. The energy was palpable across the country, but that was epic! Thanks for sharing.

  4. hi Torontonian...Harper will never admit he is wrong. He simply can't do it. But yes I have noticed how the Porky Action Plan ads are running again. I think they're so desperate they're firing off everything they have in a desperate effort to stop their dramatic slide. The good news? There will come a time when EVERYTHING Harper does will elicit howls of outrage and I think we're nearly there... :)

  5. hi Jim Bobby...thanks and good for you for posting those videos on your blog. I think I was just ahead of you in the second video. After a narrow escape. The police horses became jumpy when the drums started it as the march began down Yonge. And one of the critters almost squished me.It was scary at the time, but now that I think of it, what a glorious way to go. Marching for democracy in Canada...:)

  6. hi Kim...yes the organizers deserve a lot of credit as do all the people who turned out. It was an amazing fun crowd, the energy was awesome, and I really enjoyed myself. We really must do that more often... :)

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