Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Con Shuffle and our Beautiful Kate

I suppose I could write about Stephen Harper's ridiculous little cabinet shuffle.

But what more is there to say? Except that a bunch of stinky Cons moved their ugly asses from one chair to another. To try to show that they can shutdown our Parliament ....and still look busy.

I suppose I could talk about the brutish SoCon sheriff Vic Toews who is our new Minister of Public Insecurity. His appalling record on matters of justice. And how him and his Cons are demeaning our Canadian values.

Toews' statement in the Jerusalem Post that Canada has "pledged $20M towards training prosecutors, judges and police and building up the Palestinian judicial sector'' is in keeping with what Canada has been doing elsewhere, notably in Haiti. There, Canada has been building prisons and training police forces as opposed to the usual forms of humanitarian aid.

By building prisons instead of feeding people.

But all I can think about is DADDY !!!!!

I could also say something about his fellow theocon Stockwell "Doris" Day.

But I think this cartoon says it all...

Praise the Lord and pass the chain saw.

Because now these theocons are running the government.

I could tell you about the useless Christian Paradis, the new Minister of Dirty Oil. And what's going to happen to him in Quebec...and Ontario... when people finally realize how the Tar Sands are KILLING CANADA.

A recent study by a University of Ottawa professor and others estimates that 42 per cent of the job loss in Canadian manufacturing over the last few years resulting from the rise in the dollar can be attributed to our rise in oil exports, and identifies the computer and electronics, textile, transportation, machinery, paper and plastics sectors as those most affected. Ontario and Quebec are home to the majority of these industries.

If the Big Oil posse or the Wild Rosehip rednecks don't get him first.

Then there's Rona Ambrose who is no doubt hoping that Canadians have forgotten how she performed the last time she was a big-time minister.

But fortunately I haven't...

I've been saving that one for years.

And lastly and definitely LEASTLY, I could say a few words about today's big loser Lisa Raitt.

But why bother? When mediocrity is her own worst punishment.

And I'd rather talk about a shining, gentle talent who made me proud to be a Canadian, and a Montrealer.

The beautiful Kate McGarrigle who left us too soon.

Today they were singing her praises in English and French. In a country as divided as ours what more can you ask for eh?

This song is about a sad time in American history. But it might as well be about living in Stephen Harper's Canada.

Tis the song, the sigh of the weary,
Hard Times, hard times, come again no more
Many days you have lingered around my cabin door;
Oh hard times come again no more.

I'll remember that on Saturday when I attend this protest.

Remember Kate and how much better we are, when we celebrate our kinder, gentler Canadian values...instead of Stephen Harper's AmeriCon ones.

When we remember that Con times are hard times. And why they must go and never come again no more.

Down with the dictator.

And because too much passion won't kill us eh?

But not enough will.

Long live our beautiful Canada !!!

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