Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stephen Harper: Dictator or Con Klown?

I can't say I disagree with Michael Ignatieff's decision to mock Stephen Harper's dictatorial tendencies.

"That was the biggest laugh I had yesterday — the whole idea that democracy creates instability," the Liberal leader said in Montreal.

Because I've been known to do that myself. And I've always believed that ridicule is a great weapon to use against neo-Con nerds with delusions of grandeur. They just HATE it.

But let's never forget that we're dealing with a twisted, angry, would-be despot who just a few months ago was flirting with a MAJORITY. After most of our pathetic MSM swooned over his phony piano act. Play it again mein despot.

That's the really scary part eh?

Because can you imagine what this crazed alien Con could do to Canada and its values if he ever had absolute power ? If democracy was no longer an obstacle to his wild fantasies of total domination. And NOBODY could stop him.

When although he only has a minority now, he shows no respect for the Parliament of the Canadian people, and treats the media with this kind of contempt.

THIRTEEN miserable seconds and NO AUDIO? Gawd. He must think they're idiots.

And maybe they are. Because Harper sure fooled most of them for a long long time. And they sure polished his ass... with their NOSES.

Although to be fair they weren't the only ones.

But of course this tin pot despot never fooled me. So when I see that ridiculous video.

I see this...

Or this less staged version...

I just can't help myself. I believe in a better Canada.

And as for Harperion's phony piano act...I think it's safe to say.

I wasn't fooled either...

Yup. Stephen Harper is a Con KLOWN...a ridiculous bitter nerd with delusions of grandeur.

But he is also a monstrous authoritarian, who'll do or say ANYTHING to get his precious majority.

So while we laugh at him.

Let's remember that he's DANGEROUS...


  1. Ah, I wish I had the techie know how to make videos. I've got the ideas and even some stills I created and even songs in mind, but...Maybe I'll find someone to give me lessons.

    It's too bad these politicians (mainly Liberals & NDP don't seem to follow us Progressive Bloggers; I wonder if we're better strategists at times?

    I am seeing that some of with know how make better attack Stevie ads!!

    Wouldn't be cool if they would actually use one of 'em?

    Oh, we're organizing our Montreal Rally for Jan 23. I hope you & Sebastien are going to attend in TO or wherever you may be on Jan 23.

  2. hi CK...Trust me. If you can handle HTML like you did on your blog, you can learn digital editing. Because I did and I'm a poet not a technician. ;)
    If you have windows try their movie maker program. It's basic but when you get the hang of it you can buy yourself a better program pretty cheaply.
    I've been pretty lazy recycling some of my old ones, while I work on some new look ones that I shot with my new HD camera.
    So you can call me Simon for now, but soon you may have to address me as Monsieur Artiste... :)

    P.S. I'm not sure where we'll be on the 23rd. But wherever we are we'll be THERE...