Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tom Lukiwski and the Carnival of Hate

On a day like this one I wish I could just write about Spring...and lovers...and how great it feels to have survived Winter in Canada.

Or write about the things that I really LOVE to do in Summer, like flying, sailing, camping, or just riding my bike.

But instead because I was born gay I'm forced to deal with shite like this.

Yikes. What a GREASER. Once it was a John Travolta Syphilis Night Fever. Now it's a Con M.P. I don't know what's SCARIER.

Or what to say except that I'm not surprised. Stephen Harper's mean and miserable government is crawling with piggy homophobes like Tom Lukiwski. They can't fire his ass because they ALL think like him.

As for his apology.... it rings hollow to me. The tape may be sixteen years old. But three years ago he was still spewing his anti-gay garbage.

At 8 p.m., Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski makes a final speech. So raucous is the chamber, so loud the press gallery that I can barely hear him declare that the bill represents “a very slippery slope” that could lead to polygamy.

So much for the passage of time.

So much for the Carnival of Hate.

You know I never will understand why so many straight people seem to get a kick out of attacking us for who we are. Or who we love.

Personally it doesn't bother me a bit. It says more about them than it says about me. It's like shite off a duck's back.

But as I sit here staring at S├ębastien who has fallen asleep on the couch after another long day at work. Helping and healing people gay and straight. And I think that these bastards are also insulting HIM ... and the love that binds us together. And I think how good he is, and how rotten they are.

And what they are doing to my beautiful gay brothers and sisters all over the world. Even though like them they have only one life to live.

Then I get so mad I feel like hunting down a homophobe and punching its fucking lights out.

Then I remember what the sleeping one would say. In French....and in a slightly ruder way.

"No Simon blockhead @%#& ...remember we're better than them."

And I guess we really are. I've never heard gay people insult straights like they insult us. If anybody is diseased THEY are.

That's why no matter what vile stuff they throw at us we will never give up.

That's why the greatest freedom cause in the world can't be stopped.

Oops. The sleeping beauty has woken up.

Eat your cold, dark, dirty hearts out you fucking homophobes.

It's the Carnival of Love !!!!


JJ said...

Woot! Awesome post, Simon!!! You rock, baby!

Scott in Montreal said...

Take heart, Simon. Hopefully, this will be our best chance to shake a few homophobes out of the CPC woodwork before the dust settles.

Or help Canadians understand how rampant intolerance runs through so many of these imitation Tories.

But if you're truly wondering what underlies the homophobic mentality, I like to chock it up mostly to fear and personal insecurity. But that's probably too general; every jackass has his own reasons in the end. Be strong.

Anonymous said...

Simon, I love you man!

Anonymous said...

they make fun of us because it makes them macho.

it is a sad sad tale. will the violence ever stop?

not in my lifetime. and probably not the next. but maybe i can help the transition along, by teaching love. not hate.

something i am starting to learn.

great post as always mate


sassy said...

Simon - I came across this and thought it might put a smile on your face, it did for me.

When did you choose to be straight?

Simon said...

Hi JJ!!! I'm glad you liked it. As I said I'd rather not write about this kind of stuff. But it's impossible to avoid it. Summer where are you? :)

Simon said...

Hi Scott!!

Yeah you're right. This is an EXCELLENT way to remind Canadians about the true face of the Harper Cons... and what might happen if they ever get a majority.

This whole control freak thing has been just a way to make sure those old Reform roots don't show.

So that more than makes up for having to listen to that kind of shite :)

Simon said...

Hi Bruce!!! Thanks. I'm blushing. What have I done to deserve that?

But of course the feeling is mutual :)

Simon said...

Hi Rashid!!

If this homophobia problem isn't fixed in your lifetime then we're all in trouble.

But don't worry it will be.I'm a very impatient person

But every step in the right direction is one step closer to the day when homophobia will meet a hopefully bad end.

But of course you can hurry it up a bit by teaching people to love not hate... :)

Simon said...

Hi sassy!! Thanks for the link. And it did give me a smile
It's really encouraging to see more people finally get it.
Wait a minute. What are you trying to do to me? Turn me into an optimist? :)